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20. Meek Mill


Lyrics 7

"I never wanted to be like Mike I wanted to be like Mitch, now all the lil ***** wanna be like this..." Not his best quality but more respectable than what his critics give him credit for, the knock on Meek is that he’s got a one track mind no matter if the moment calls for something different. Perhaps it’s because he actually started from the bottom that he feels compelled to always tell you about his cars and jewelry, yet because of his notoriety he’s been asked to tell us more, in which case to this point he’s demonstrated his pen isn’t good for that.

Delivery 9

"Real ***** back in style this shit is lit" One of his best qualities, no matter if his critics say he screams on a track. Meek can flow with the best of em, and honestly if Hip Hop was only about delivery he’d inevitably be one of Hip Hop’s elite. Take his widely panned response record to Drake for example, I Wanna Know may not have had the content that the world was looking for, yet that doesn’t change the fact that low-key he actually snapped on both those instrumentals. Money make a fake ass ***** look real again".... and "Was it Quentin Miller, was it Hush, or was it Detail where you really got your flow", is all spit with undeniable ability on the mic, even if it wasn’t close to what we wanted to hear.

Structure/Songwriting 7

"Look I be riding through my old hood, but I'm in my new whip, same old attitude, but I'm on that new shit, they say they gon rob me, see me never do shit, cause they know that's the reason they gon end up on the news clips." Whether it’s on solo efforts or collaborative records Meek has a few classics with his name on it, most notably Ima Boss that has the power to be run back in night clubs, strip clubs, car radios and more. Other singles that have done well with his name as the headliner are Amen and All Eyes on You, as are the album cuts The Trillest, Cold Hearted, and Tony Story 2 that make his albums decent listens, highlighted by the Intro of his first studio album still widely celebrated to this day.

Content/Meaning 8

"Shoutout my bitches who answered my calls, when I called you collect cause it got me through hell." As stated before he’s undoubtedly one dimensional, yet if you’re looking for that certain vibe then Meek fulfills that as good as anyone. The spirit of a hustler who made it from the ground up and tripled his worth, his unlikely success can be found up and down his music, and as a result he’s an inspiration to anyone from Philly and beyond.

Self Made 9

"And it all lies on me, to say something to your pretty ass some hood shit 'what you looking at', cause i'm good for that" Coming up as a battle MC Meek had to work for everything he has today, yet the majority of his fame is undeniably thanks to his alignment with Maybach Music Group, a supergroup led by Rick Ross who has been himself red hot since the mid 2000s. He also is 1/2 of the 2nd most notable relationship in Hip Hop, as his girlfriend Nicki Minaj has undeniably contributed to the cause as well. With that being said a big reason at to why Ross, Meek, and the rest of MMG have done so well is production by the likes of Boi-1da, Jahil Beatz, Metro Boomin, as well as a host of others.

Image/Brand 8

"I told her meet me in the bathroom, fuck her while the waters running" A dopeboy who stays in the streets with a castle in the hills, Meek is the streets of Philadelphia personified, and no matter where around the world his music takes him his heart is loyal to where it all began. Sometimes that’s to a fault as his lifestyle has garnered him a ton of legal trouble, yet as his lawyer fees rise his authenticity does as well, as for better for worse people could never say Meek doesn’t live what he raps.

Sales 8

"All this paper I been getting, all these models I popped, I done sold a hundred thousand before my album got dropped, and I'm only 23, I'm the shit now look at me" Both of his albums have come close to selling Gold, which makes them rather successful considering today’s climate in the music industry. While he may never be a Platinum artist (real platinum, off sales), with a household name and a megafamous girlfriend he has the potential to sell decent numbers in the near future as well.

Ability To Rock An Instrumental At A Radio Station 7

"When I was 19 I caught my first case, 9 co-defendents and snitching wasn't the worst case, I had a hard time giving my name and my birthdate, but nowadays ***** go to jail and it's an earthquake..." Absolutely, Meek is a natural born spitter who’s made for these moments, and has come through the radio station bangin on more than one occasion. He’s spit his writtens on the spot at every radio station and has done it well, with Funk Flex and Sway in the Morning a few of his best performances.

Ability To Fuck Up A Rewind Button 9

"New World Order, I be goin hard Westbrook 4th Quarter, this is Hip Hop, you ain't write it don't record it, I don't know how they gettin down across the border!!!" Although he doesn’t flex in this category that often, as a better than average lyricist with a slick delivery, Meek from time to time can do damage to that rewind button for sure. Whether it’s for the verse, the vibe, or because the entire record is a certified smash, Meek has a few qualities that can make you run it back.

Longevity 8

"My teacher told me I would never go far... seen him last week he was my chauffeur" Time will tell if Meek will be able to sustain his run, as he’s already a polarizing figure in Hip Hop for not only his style but his well publicized feud with Drake, a battle on wax that 95% of rap fans will tell you was a disparaging loss. Ironically however while it was Meek whose name and reputation was dragged through the mud last summer, in the long run it’s likely Drake’s artistic credibility that will forever be in question. Meek on the other hand at the moment is still standing yet it will be a challenge to regain momentum moving forward, and considering the content of his music the majority of that will depend on production.

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