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August 1-7

Legacy Track of the Week: Rick Ross & Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

"Say my name and I'm coming with the Gun Squad, everybody running homie there's only one God" The video is crazyyyyyyy not that it's particularly original or anything, but anytime you have the concept of the Joker Mobile as a purple Lamborghini then it will be fire every time, even if there's not one Lamborghini (let alone a purple one) in the entire video (apparently it's in the Suicide Squad film however). Nonetheless this will still do it's numbers especially with the collaboration of the Dub Step/Electro House movement that is likely to eat this up more than anyone.

Kat Deluna - Close My Eyes

"I feel when, I close my eyes... I feel my hearts always calling for you... dreams, are filled with love... and I feel my hearts always calling for you." Not to be confused with the artist Kat Dahlia from Florida, Deluna is a native of the BX and Newark by way of the Dominican Republic, who was signed and dropped by Epic almost a decade ago and since then had a song stolen by Jennifer Lopez and was booed out of a Monday Night Football game for her rendition of the national anthem. All the same she's back with a mixtape (or a compilation) of all the songs we missed throughout the years plus some new records, and to be honest it's relatively fire from top to bottom if you're into latin american dance/pop music. This record however is smooooooooth and you can 1,2 step to this with your lady with minimal effort and to great results.

Kat Deluna ft Jeremih - What A Night

"Oh what a night.... got my girl with me, got my girl with me tonight... and tonight we gonna party like it's 1999.... and we can bring love, back to the club..." Jeremih seems to find himself on all these types of records, remember last summer when he was featured with Natalie La Rose for the remake of Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', here he is again on the remake of The Four Season's 'December 1963,' and accompanied by Deluna they have a record that is a nice addition to any summertime mix for any and every demographic.

Kat Deluna - Getaway

"You're my getawayyyy for life... never want to play you no, you keep me highhhh" A deviation from the uptempo dance records, this is a smooth ballad that shows her versatility. A shame that she never has achieved much commercial success, as it's pretty apparent that she's always had the talent for it.

The Lox ft J Doe - What Happens

"2 million strong on the White House lawn, Trayvon shirt no Louis Vuitton" Yonkers finest takes their turn making a political statement with this record, whereas they're obviously in good company as the Black Lives Matter movement has spawned dozens of records across the industry, and right on cue The Lox step to the mic and do what they always do - fire verse after fire verse with substance and good content every single time.

Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft French Montana - Cookin'

"Mami you're like average, I'm in the white palace, I'm out in Dubai everybody looking like Khaled, the match Chinchilla, my pets been killa, I'm cooking like it's the last Thursday in November, that means it's Thanksgiving, I'm making baked chicken..." The follow up to "All The Way Up' is kinda decent (thanks to Remy) but it's very unlikely that it will have the same impact, let alone any impact on the game at all - still glad to see Remy Ma and Fat Joe doing well in 2016 however - and that's more than enough reason to play it in the whip on the strength all the same.

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