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Forever Do Me 8 (8.5/10)

If you thought the end of Rocafella was the end of the Young Gunz then you were wrong, at least where it counts. Yes it’s true that once Jay and Dame split the Roc as we knew it was never the same, yet beneath the drama there was always still music - good music if you looked for it - and in that regard the spirit of State Property never left and is still alive today. Of course what made that Philadelphia supergroup so memorable was the combination of their unique talents and chemistry, where they found a balance of cohesion while each member stood out and had their own respective identity. Take the Young Gunz as a prime example, the duo who was founded by Jay Z when they were still in high school, who both had similar styles to match but were also distinguishable from one another - whereas you knew if it was Chris and you knew if it was Neef - leaving the debate on who’s the nicest from nicetown simply down to preference.

It's true that many thought Chris would be the one to have the successful solo career, aided by the rumors that Jay kept him close and even borrowed his flow (an accusation there may be some truth to but is often times exaggerated), as well as the rumor that even Neef once admitted that Chris had a gift that very few spitters could match. Nonetheless while studio albums never surfaced they both stayed active throughout the years, and most recently Neef put out a project that features Chris as well as the whole State Property… that not only is reminiscent of that timeless sound and that classic feel… but is also evidence that Neef should have never been considered second to nobody.

‘Forever Do Me 8’ is critiqued track by track below, and believe me it’s a good one...

Right Off The Scale -

“Countin this money, nothin less than a 20, residue on it - it don’t fold, duckin and dodgin the po po...” Gritty money makin street raps… nothing more nothing less… so if you into that then this one (and most of the records on this tape) are for you… and Neef is actually snappin on this one and pushin his skills to the max, in fact in regards to pure rapping ability this could be the best I have ever heard from Neef, so if he has more of this in the bag then that Young Gunna reunion needs to happen ASAP.

You Tried It-

“Got a brown bad bitch so Foxy, she give dope head, take Oxys, do Molly, sniff Sally, she let the homies run the train on the trolley” Neef floats on this and Chris absolutely aniiiiiiihilates his verse… honestly both of the Young Gunnas sound as good as they ever did before and Hip Hop fans need to take notice. Considering we all got so much to say about these fake MC’s and their mumble raps, it’s only right we get behind some real spitters - no matter what you remember them by - even though their first two albums go harder than what you probably remember.

I Got It ft Jahlil Beats-

“Pepsi Blue this ain’t an ordinary coupe, put it in sport and watch it get up to a duece, my momma out the hood, my wrist lookin good… what a time to be jealous, all my ***** is fellons, they ain’t doin no tellin, should i give em the word *pop**pop**pop* 187” Not mad at this… even though all Jahlil Beats sound the same to me… all fire… but all the same nonetheless… either way Neef keeps up with the high energy instrumental with relative ease, and actually flexes on this as well as any other MC in his lane.

They Never Thought That We Knew-

“You took the stand and gave your man and made a statement, cold, ain’t you” This right here is MEANNNNN… Neef is TALKIN on this and the beat is crazy.. honestly at this point of the mixtape… I’m convinced Neef got more focused with this release than at any other point in his career… While I have no idea if that’s actually true it’s only a testament to how good he sounds on this tape. And while I was always a fan, I never been this impressed with his ability.​

Kno Dat ft Young Chris-

“She addicted to that retail, she jump on that pole, spin like Sprewell” Out of their four collaborations on the mixtape, this is my least favorite… but tbh I still fux with it off the strength. Nothing wack about it at all and they still goin in - just not on the level they’re capable of.

Pretty Thang ft Raheem Devaughn-

"Coca Cola shape, she goin hard on the fitness, killing every chick in sight, and I'm a key witness" A nice and smooth change up from the rest of the content, Neef can make multiple different types of records and collaborate with multiple types of artists, and this is cool to ride out with for the end of the summer.

Checks and Sex ft Young Chris

"Trickin on who, wish I would waste a dime, lot on my mind bitch don't waste my time, she so slim in the waist and her face is a dime, murder the pussy get paid for my crime" I said it earlier I’ll say it again… the Young Gunz sound like they still got the same chemistry that put out Never Take Me Alive and No Better Love, and I see no reason why a reunion record (done right) in this year or the next would be nothing but flames

I Remember ft Jadakiss-

"I was broke but I wasn't bitchin, trying to get my hands on some coke but I wasn't pitchin, few of my mans and my folks was in the kitchen, then I seen what it was with that dope and started clicking'" Jada is Somethin Else... this guy hasn't lost a step with his Top 5 Dead or Alive album last year that had plenty of good moments, and an abundance of features where he legitimately delivers every single time - and this track is no exception. If you're a fan of Jada this record needs to be in your iTunes asap!

Game of Thrones ft State Property-

"I wasn't born to be perfect I was born to be real" We need this feeling back in Hip Hop and this record is right on time... this beat is simple but flames and this one is bars for days... everybody sounds great from Freeway to Peedi, and State Prop as a whole sounds as hungry as ever in the wake of the adversity Beanie Sigel has been dealt - who of course mentored them into this game, at a time when real spitting was far more coveted than the clown show it's been replaced with. The highlight has to be the most memorable verse from Young Chris, who to date is one of the most underrated spitters in the game that can still rap circles around 99% of the competition.

Streets Ain’t For Everybody ft Trae the Truth & Dirty 1000-

“Beat my gun case in New York without goin to court… yep I had the same lawyer Shyne had… this facts not fiction that’s in my notepad, it was them Hip Hop cops and they knew who I was, I spent the night in Central Booking for tucking my snub, soon as I got out Hov want a sit down, ‘you still got it on you with your clique round, ain’t you their ticket out how that shit sound’?” Here go Neef showing his versatility again… as the instrumental and overall feel of the record is a deviation from the rest, even if the subject matter is relatively par for the course. Neef bodies this tho… for real… meanwhile Trae does what Trae does well and Dirty 1000 murders the bridge/outro as well... do not sleep…

I Got It RMX ft Dave East-

"I ain't entertaining you clowns, I ain't a part of no circus, I got lawyer money but ask yourself if it's worth it" One more nice record from the latest of the Forever Do Me series and this time it's a collaboration with the hungriest spitter in New York, who once again doesn't disappoint... even though the time for his debut album is well over due.

Ratske 8

The outro is 23 minutes of real talk - no rap - just straight comedy with a lot of truth behind it. Neef has always had Ratske on his outros and he always delivers… they call him the skit king the outro king whatever, call him what you want but put some respect on his name, this shit is hilarious and facts at the same damn time.

In conclusion this is just a damn good project… nothing more nothing less… but in consideration to how rare this sound is in today’s era, this tape is more appreciated than my words can describe. Mainly because it honestly surpasses all expectations and then some, as not only are they complete records with fire hooks and solid production, but it’s also potentially the best rapping we’ve ever heard from Neef period. In fact let me go back and listen to the whole Forever Do Me series, and if I’m wrong I’ll own that - either way go download that Forever Do Me 8 press play and thank me later 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 💯

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