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October 9 -16

Legacy Track of the Week: NxWorries - Scared Money

“My time ain't long, and it sure ain't free, if you gonna move it on do it now, put that loving on me, scared money don't make none, baby talk is cheap, if you gonna move it on do it now, put that loving on me” Anderson Paak has to be the artist of the year hands down, as ever since the Malibu album (and Dre’s Compton sdtrk before that) everything he’s touched has turned to Gold, and his new collaborative project with producer Knxwledge might even be his best work to date. Together the duo goes by NxWorries and the album is called Yes Lawd!, and out of 19 stellar records this one stands out the most - with an infectious melody and a feel good vibe that’s impossible not to love.


NxWorries - Starlite

“I dig into your brain, leaving jewels inside the cubby, small talk and chit-chat, the God was never with that, but in fact, I'm pleased with the completion of the study, when I met you you were drinking Coca Cola, chewing gummies smoking struggle tree, being foolish with your money, I took you out the projects, hipped you to foreign concepts…” A record about love… that’s incredibly descriptive and tells it just how it is… “wish I was Prince Charming, but this is not the fairy tale, bitch, Cinderella's boring, I'm nothing like your Ken and you got bigger tits than Barbie”... good song but just for the record… if the Rap Twitter Misogyny police (Craig Jenkins of NY Mag and anyone like him) doesn’t take issue with Paak’s ‘problematic’ lyrics on this record or elsewhere throughout the album… please call them on their bullshit… because they're never consistent and therefore only diminish the very important issues that they so flagrantly misrepresent.


NxWorries - Khadjah

“Heaven I need ya, can't wait 'til I see ya, until the day I'm wide awake, I'll find my own Nirvana in the lap of Khadijah” A spiritual record named after the first wife of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, this is another lane that Paak is absolutely dominant in, and arguably he’s even more effective at this than Kendrick Lamar… (honestly… Paak does A LOT of what Kendrick does and does it better... but that’s an article for a different day…)


NxWorries - Another Time

“Word to my OG, the game that he taught me will always suffice, it's the reason that I'm still alive, big grandaddy, grandpa, my father and now it's my season to shine, it's bigger than you, it's bigger than I” Using the same instrumental as a record off their debut project Link Up & Suede, this is another one of the standout cuts on the new album, that seems to be dedicated to those who gave Paak the wisdom he puts back into his music.


Correy C - Far I Came

“Oh yeah, I done made my name, look how far I came” The recording artist from Los Angeles has had a couple looks already on projects with Cozz, another young MC from LA who’s signed to J Cole’s Dreamville imprint, and this project seems like an extension of that movement - with production from Meez (Cozz’s producer) and a unique sound that definitely makes this Dreamville affiliate worth a listen.


Cassidy - Where The Fuck You Been

Cassidy just released a 36 track mixtape called The Barbarian… and there’s about 8 of those records that are actually pretty good… and this is actually fire.


Kevin “Chocolate Droppa’ Hart ft Trey Songz- Put It On Me

“Ah, ah, they made Droppa get sexy, just when you thought it couldn't happen it did” This song is hysterical and it’s also kinda lowkey fire, with a typical radio sound from Trey Songz followed by an outrageous 16 bars from Chocolate Droppa, who’s quietly been in the game about 5 years now? and with a Motown record deal and unlimited entertainment value he’s actually somehow more relevant than most. This character is also without a doubt one of the best moves in Kevin Hart’s repertoire, as it’s the spontaneous moments and improvisation that makes Hart the best comedy guy in the world.


Kevin “Chocolate Droppa’ Hart ft Chris Brown & Joelle James - Scream

"Can.. you.. scream.. my naaaame" This one doesn’t even have Droppa on the record, but like a boss he’s still the headline artist while Chris Brown and his new artist Joelle harmonize over a remake of New Edition’s classic Can You Stand The Rain - and while it hardly compares to the original, this one is pretty good as well.


Robin Thicke ft Nas - Deep

"The problem's gettin' worse, a modern 1970, Johannesburg, man, it hurts to see a ‘cop kill a black man alert’ " I’m torn on this record, because while I admire the content I’m not impressed by Nas first verse… but he smashes that second verse… and Robin Thicke actually does his thing throughout… overall it’s a good record, but after the Birth of the Nation and Get Down records the subject matter from Nas is almost monotonous at this point… even though the content is still significant all the same.


JoJo ft Remy Ma - FAB

“See, I was all the way down, you was all the way gone, now you tryna come back cause I'm all the way on, I got both middle fingers all the way up, and for fraud broads, I don't give two fucks” Remy gives the singer that everybody’s heard but nobody really knows a hot 16, and this one is kinda decent all the way around… not a bad effort at all.


Taylor Gang (Chevy Woods, Wiz Khalifa, Casey Veggies) - Gang Gang

“I'm rollin' up that motivation, they don't never give me no credit, no alerts turned on my phone, so I ain't get your message” This Taylor Gang posse cut produced by Sayez & Big Jerm (a name notable from Wiz’s prime in the Kush & OJ days) is flames and one of the best records off the TGOD vol. 1 compilation project.


Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Cash Out, Project Pat - Freaky Before

“First she ain't smoke when I approached her now she rolling them right, and holding 'em tight, going all night, you know I'm the type” no description necessary… it’s Taylor Gang… you know what you’re getting and this one is some of their best quality.


Taylor Gang (Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Project Pat) - Feeling Faded

“Fresh out the jacuzzi smokin' doobies in my Ksubis, face time her bring her to the trap to watch some movies” see above...

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