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HNDRXX (7.8/10)

By now we all know the story, earlier this year Future put out two albums in as many weeks (self titled & HNDRXX), for reasons attributed to bad business deals the Atlanta MC had made in the past, where long story short Future owed a lot of money to Rocko (from Monica and UOENO fame) and these two releases were supposed to settle that debt. Therefore most would assume that both of these projects would contain throwaway records, yet truth be told with mumble rappers that’s somewhat difficult to distinguish. All jokes aside the albums are standard Future for better or for worse, and thus far have been well received by radio and social media alike.

Below is the second of his releases titled HNDRXX, critiqued track by track below:


My Collection

“She told me she was an angel, she fucked two rappers and three singers, she got a few athletes on speed dial, I'm tryna get the case dismissed before I see trial” The coldest diss record of this past year wasn’t actually Remy Ma’s bars for Nicki Minaj (although that’s definitely a savage record albeit without any replay value), but instead Future’s intro for HNDRXX cuts even deeper, as these subliminals towards Ciara are almost too good to be true… this is lowkey real 🔥🔥🔥 and even though the Twitter police will say it’s misogyny (or maybe not cause it's Future and not J Cole and that’s not how fake outrage works???) but that “even if I hit you once, you part of my collection” is 🔥🔥🔥 all the same.


Comin Out Strong ft Weeknd

“Like a ***** don't dance, but he make moves, they fuck around, now a ***** gotta shame you, I'm shameless, I be rockin' all my chains too, they told me, ‘boy I think the money's startin' to change you, lord save you, lord save you, member runnin' through the city in the same shoes, now I'm gunnin in the Benz and the Range too, I'm on point, know a ***** never take two” I’m kinda down on The Weeknd since I’ve seen that absolutely abominable Grammys performance with Daft Punk (which is otherwise a great song besides that mockery of a performance), but in fairness Weeknd definitely flexes on this record and Future gets in a few shots at Rocko as well


Lookin Exotic

“Three rings on my left, I feel like King James, they see the way we represent, they see the way we get it, you can't be never slippin', you gotta show you're different, I came through and took all their bitches with me!” Honestly at times the lyrics are better than the delivery, where as influential Future’s sound has become it’s still not easy on the ears at all. What should be acknowledged however is the production by K-Major, Jake One & Southside which is nothing but flames.



“New check, fuck my life up, anytime I'm in a new city, I prefer to do light drugs, police try to hit the tour bus, try and fuck a ***** life up, you can ***** a nigga life up, by trying to fuck a ***** wife once” Produced by Twice As Nice, Detail & DJ Mustard the instrumental is tough and Future somewhat coasts on this I must admit. Not mad at this at all.


Use Me

“Thousand karats on my hand, bout to get xanned out, I can always lean on these bands when ****** is not around, I got an AK on my shoulder, my trigger finger hot, I feel like Pink Floyd with the lean out, I feel like Pretty Boy, Money Team out, kissin on the water with my chains out, my life is more effective than a cocaine drop, cause I was trappin at Grandma's house when I came out, I said "fuck the streets" and made my own lane now, when you get high enough, you can dodge raindrops, and tell your momma and your daddy you in a gang now” Albeit an acquired taste I’m not mad at this either… I can vibe to this...



“In-incredible, in-in-incredible” Produced by Dre Moon this one has a repetitive yet infectious melody that’s good or bad depending on the mood. Overall a solid album cut.



“So you wanna fall for the bad guy? So you wanna fall and get mad high? Confess your love for me, testify, anytime I'm with you, gotta testify” Produced by Southside I like the video game type instrumental and once again Future coasts on this… can’t knock it… another solid album cut.


Fresh Air

“I'ma need fresh air, I'ma need fresh air, I need to get out on my own, It's been too long, girl, I need…” This hook and instrumental is nothing but flames and this has to be one of the best Future records of all time. Don’t sleep on this record or the MC Pocahontas sample in the intro (to be clear I definitely never heard of MC Pocahontas (link) before but I’m definitely hip now 🔥🔥🔥 Brazil!


Neva Missa Lost

“I can never miss a loss, I can never miss a loss, please tell me what it cost, make me pull this money out the drawer” In comparison to the previous records this one sounds like filler and that Future/YoungThug/Desiigner flow is really not as flames as twitter/instagram/radio thinks it is


Keep Quiet

“Go to Paris, do the dashboard, see the wheel on the right side, got her driving on the wrong side, thought we was driving on the wrong side, out the country for a couple months, I gotta keep the goons all in line” Produced by K-Major & DJ Spinz the hook is lackluster but the verses are decent enough… overall another decent album cut



“Oh, you done did more drugs than me? You must be hallucinating, oh, you did more percs than me? Then you must be hallucinating, don't menace over these Vicodins, you must've seen Satan, I seduce you with this Rolls Royce truck that's on the way, Chanel is on the invoice, I had bought the store today” Nah… SKIP!!!


I Thank You

“I thank you, I thank you, cause you made me hustle, I wanna thank you, I need to thank you, cause you made me a hustler” Produced by Wheezy this one’s another decent album cut, in which case there’s been more of those than I previously expected.


New Illuminati

“Drop tops in the wintertime, oohooh, drop tops in the wintertime, with security, we the new illuminati, we the new illuminati, babe” Nope… SKIP!!!


Turn On Me

“I smoke so much, the ashes startin to burn on me, I told you from the start you was gon' turn on me, I seen so-called good girls turn on me, I seen a so-called good girl turn on me” Nice instrumental provided by K Nash but even if these are more Ciara bars this not as fire as My Collection


Selfish ft Rihanna

“Oh, let's not be alone, empty thoughts fill the room, breathe for me and I'll breathe for you, let's be selfish, selfish, baby” What was likely a heavily anticipated Rihanna/Future collaboration definitely has redeeming qualities and I’m actually glad it’s not a turn up record… I fux with this for what it is…



“20 ounce steaks, hey can't fit it on the plate, jumbo shrimp, hey, straight out of the lake, hey, sleeping on the boat, wake up, take dope” SKIP!



“Ain't really mean to hurt you...sorry it's gotta be that way… ain't mean to desert you… sorry that it looks that way” Produced by CuBeatz & Metro Boomin this is perhaps the Ciara closure record and it’s cool but I’m not excited… not a bad record tho and overall a nice way to close out the album


My thoughts on HNDRXX are simple, if you like mumble rap you should love this album and if you don’t like mumble rap this may be the album to help you see the other side. Yet let me find out the actual mumble rap audience isn’t feelin this record??? SMH we finally got a decent mumble rap album and the Twitter Tastemakers don’t support it… I don’t get it at all but this project’s actually halfway decent and plays like a far better project than the self titled album it was collectively released with.

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