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Since You Playin' (7/10)

For those who have heard the name but are still unsure, Jacquees (along with Young Thug) is basically the only Cash Money artist left that is cool with Birdman and still reps the label. Of course he signed to them AFTER it became apparent that Birdman steals from everybody including megastar Lil Wayne, yet it appears that Jacquees was dealing with circumstances where he simply needed to get himself heard, and for that purpose truth be told Cash Money wasn’t a bad idea.

In recent years he’s put out a lot of music and has worked with a ton of artists, yet ultimately has failed to reach his major breakthrough to mainstream success. His latest solo project had hoped to change that, yet realistically it’s only a small step in the right direction.

Since You Playin’ is critiqued track by track below


Just The Intro

“I know my wrongs from my rights, tired of playin games, I think you’re someone I like, now usually I’m the player type but I think you’re someone I’d wife, but since you playin baby, I’m gon let you live your life” Smoooooooth intro nice way to set it off


Supposed Too Ft Birdman

“Secure the swag like I'm supposed to, secure the bag like I'm supposed to, I'm Michael Jackson wit a gold tooth, I caught the wave, what they gon do?” A shame Birdman about to steal any money he makes… smh SKIP!



“Fuck all the talking, girl it's time for shots, I'll drink you down, don't you tell me stop, when you see me on your TV, know you usually ain't easy, got Patron cups or the Hennessy, baby tell me what's your fantasy” Jacquees sounds just like Bryson Tiller on this record and even though it’s not a standout I’m not mad at this...


B.E.D. Pt 2 ft Quavo & Ty Dolla $ign

“I know you wanna love, but I just wanna fuck, and girl you know the deal, I gotta keep it real, I know you wanna see, I know you wanna be, in my B.E.D, grinding slowly” On this one they recreate Avant’s classic 'Read Your Mind', and they do it well.


Lay Ya Down ft Tank

“You know when he leave, I pull up in a jeep, I'm outside beep beep, I'm TLC with the Creep, come and lay it down, wanna lay ya down, wanna lay ya down” Decent album cut that serves it’s purpose… not mad at this


Sink ft Boasie, DC Davinci & FYB Tevin

“You can't ride my wave, you might sink, bad bitches greet me with a wink, and I'm still in love with Kelly Rowland, my white bitch look like Pink” SKIP!


Sex So Good ft Tory Lanez

“Sex so good make a grown woman face it, sex so good she wanna go half on a baby, the queen shall be placed on the pedestal, put your love on my face let me know what's up” At this point in time Tory Lanez is a bigger artist but I’m not sure who’s more talented… honestly I’d say Jacquees has the better voice and has a better idea of his sound, yet all the same they both compliment this Nash B production well.


Get Loose

“Uh, so get loose, let me see you drop it low, lemme see you get loose…” Jacquees can apparently really sing, and on this one he showcases his range with more good production from Nash B that definitely fits his style well.



“You been running your mouth, talking 'bout how it goes down, well baby that's a 10-4 (10-4, 10-4)” Another highlight on the tape, Jacquees not only can sing but he clearly has some heat to his name.


My Bizness

“Girl you're my bizness, oh yeah, yeah yeah, that's why I'm hitting it, (yeah that's why)” More 🔥🔥🔥


Won’t Waste Your Time

“You take my mind to different places, let's press rewind these bitches is basic, love when you're high, your eyes look Asian, I love when you ride, your thighs amazing” Jacquees starts and ends the album with Nash B production, and ultimately that’s a nice combination that really works.


Ultimately 12 records later this is smooth contemporary baby making music with a Cash Money twist, and what’s most notable about the record is that Jacquees can really sing. He’s got notes, he’s got range, and a genuine great sound to his name, and thus far it’s a shame he’s been mainly only utilized to provide ad libs whenever given a mainstream feature. To be honest Jacquees shouldn’t agree to do the ad libs anymore, as he’s usually a lot more talented than the artists he collaborates with, and the time is well overdue for him to get that spotlight.

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