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Acoustic Levitation (8.9/10)

“I just wanna fuck you, we can't be kissing and hugging girl, you've got a husband who loves you, you need to give him your quality time” One of the most classic West Coast verses of all time without question, as the third record off Dr. Dre’s iconic Chronic 2001 album is the home of one the best album cuts and breakthrough moments in the history of rap, as Devin The Dude’s featured debut along with Dre & Snoop is truly nothing short of legendary. “You can give me some head, but keep the breakfast in bed, I'd rather spend my morning digging through some records instead” and following the Chronic look the Houston MC was cookin up some of the best Southern Hip Hop we ever heard.

The Dude is the official debut and it’s a classic in it’s own right, yet as far as preference go this writer would recommend Just Tryin To Live, his sophomore that included underground classics R&B, Who’s That Man Mama, Doobie Ashtray, and my personal favorite Just A Man featuring the King of Soul Raphael Saadiq, in addition to more great records that followed throughout the early 2000s. Yet truth be told Devin The Dude’s never stopped cookin and has released 18 projects overall including his latest album Acoustic Levitation, thus far one of best musical surprises of 2017.

Without further ado Devin The Dude’s 9th studio album Acoustic Levitation is critiqued track by track below


Can I

“Can I be the one, next to you in the morning when you wake and see the sun” Nice production by Blind Rob and this is a decent introduction to set the tone, nothing crazy but a decent album cut.


Are You Goin My Way ft Tony Mac & Lisa Luv

“Hey lady, is your best friend late, see your kid walkin round with a bag full of groceries I know you don’t know me, but are you goin my way” I love this record… this is game in lyrics and melody where everyone does their numbers including singers Tony Mac & Lisa Luv who make an impact on the record worth remembering.


Please Pass That To Me

“I’ve been waiting for so long… you got me barely holding on…” Classic album cut consistent with the other stellar album cuts in his career, this is that classic Devin the Dude sound that once made me a fan


We High Right Now ft Rob Quest & Jugg Mugg

“Look at me my eyes are closed I’m high right now, please don’t ask me shit ***** I’m high right now” This one’s not for me… I’d pass on this one...


By ft Tony Mac

“Enemies, I’m a get my cream, long rides ain't shit to me, I'm, finna get behind the wheel, get the fuck up outta here, bye” This one right here’s a riiiiiiide, this one reminds of I-Hi a lil but more on the chill and mellow vibe, I recommend lighting up to this one


Acoustic Levitation

“Acoustic levitation huh…. Complete separation huh… acoustic levitation huh… please take me away from…” The title track produced again by Blind Rob is Devin The Dude in his purest form, that OG kush that strain of music that he built his name off. This is a perfect record to free your mind and let go of your pain, light up and enjoy


I’m In The Galaxy ft Roe Hummin

“I got the finest weed, I got the quality yea, cause I’m in the galaxy, how can I even breathe yea” I need the name of this producer because this is Outkast Aquemini level and it fits Devin The Dude’s style perfectly, this record is 🔥🔥🔥 even tho I think Devin coulda snapped a lil harder considering how tight that hook is



“I deserve a raise, spend all work and no play, my boss is getting short on my pay, I’m sick and tired of feeling this way” This record is hilarious and the music is good but once you hear the majority of the content… nah I fux with it in a Nate Dogg Ain’t No Fun type of way


Apartment #8216

“Another heartbreak torn love, I'm lonely, get on my laptop PornHub, I'm horny, oh what a sight, they all look delightful, I want more than an eyeful, damn which one should I pull? Caramel thick bitch with the lonesome pretty eyes, live chat, nah bitch, I want some pussy now” Storytellin Bars 🔥🔥🔥 and the hook is fire as well


It’s Cold In Here

“It’s cold in here… it’s dark… I don’t know what the fuck is going on…” Not feeling this one, this sounds like filler and a SKIP to me


Due Yo Thang

“You've got food on the table, you've got clothes on your back, you've got all your bills paid, why you want to treat me like that?” Devin talkin that talk and this a solid album cut in comparison to the record before.


Don’t Get Naked

“We’ve been going down this bumpy mood for awhile, you’re always in a grumpy mood, you never smile” 🔥🔥🔥 smooth and one of the best records on the project, in content similar to one of his previous records Tough Love that will forever be one of my favorites from his catalogue.


You Know I Wantcha!

“When you finished with that lap dance right there, come holla at your boy and bring me a light beer” The official strip club anthem on the project, somewhat of a filler track but I’m not mad at it.


Do You Love Gettin High

“Do you love gettin high… touching the sky… do you love smoking the weed… are you just like me???” Just light up and enjoy…


Overall Devin The Dude put out a very enjoyable project, where at 14 tracks it has very minimal skips and overall finds it’s niche as a musical journey to the ultimate liberation. Feel good music to free yourself and relax your mind, Devin put out a project that’s good for the ears and therapy for the soul, Acoustic Levitation is one of the best albums to be released this year.

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