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Sept 24 - Oct 1

Legacy Track of the Week: Lute - Juggin’

"Cause we juggin' out the hole in the wall, Mama used to tell me never get yourself involved, still ****** last time I recall, so my daddy showed a ***** how to, how to, jug up out the hole in the wall” Another 🔥🔥🔥 hook from Lute and a part of me wishes Cole would flex on this… nonetheless this is the first official single off the long anticipated West 1996 Pt. 2 and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.


Lute - Morning Shift

“Fruity Pebbles in the morning with his daughter, she a star, reminiscing on the days when her mama had his heart, see, ain't no time to dwell, it's like the people grow apart, spend all your time in thought then it's back to where you start, I can't comprehend what I cannot understand, I'm only human, never defined by circumstance, fuck this rap for silence, let's talk about real life, how many of yall ***** real ***** in real life” Strong introduction from the official debut project from Dreamville’s own Lute, who had originally been introduced back on Revenge of the Dreamers II, and has since then crafted a project that is sure to have 99% of J Cole’s audience on board off the strength of the affiliation alone. Place me in that category as well, yet to his credit Lute’s number one quality has been his sincerity and genuineness, which was showcased to great results in a short documentary that was released alongside the album.


Kamasi Washington - Desire

[instrumental] Please remember that Kamasi Washington is a Jazz musician from Inglewood, California and he is an absolute genius… Branford Marsalis in Mo Better Blues and Terence Blanchard in She Hate Me genius… Kamasi Washington is a living legend off the strength of this record alone.


Kamasi Washington - Integrity

[Instrumental] also let’s note that Washington has collaborated with Lauryn Hill, Nas, Chaka Khan & Herbie Hancock along with many many more legends who have recognized his talent, which is amplified on his latest release titled Harmony of Difference - which along with the Terrace Martin’s Sounds of Crenshaw tape is some of the best jazz music to come out this year.


Lute ft Elevator Jay - Home

“Ol' back street roads, where you taking me? Got me feeling like home ain't the place to be, even when the love is gone, I can't leave, but baby, who the fuck are they to say that I can't dream?” Infectious, catchy hooks seems to be one of Lute’s secret weapons, all of which are effortlessly laced between heartfelt lyrics such as “I was a hundred dollars shy of a bill that was due today, probably gon get fired, yesterday I was an hour late, spent an hour trying to explain, but they can't relate, when I'm just trying to fucking provide ***** for Heaven's sake” which rings painfully true to so many of us… make no mistake about it that it’s the pain in his voice that gravitated Cole to Lute’s music, and the potency in the lyrics is evident of that unmistakably.


Lute ft GQ Slaughter - Git Up

“Sometimes, you gotta get up off that high horse, sometimes, you gotta put in those extra hours, cause lately I been thinking bout my struggles, so ***** just get off your ass and hustle” This one is of course reminiscent of the Goodie Mobb classic and Lute and company definitely deliver… one of the best records off West 1996 Pt. 2 without question…


Lute ft Cam O’bi - Ford’s Prayer

“I wanna cry sometimes, living this life under pressure, I wanna die sometimes, I gotta keep it together” Ain’t that the truth… with more lyrics from the soul such as “You see lately I been tryna' blow, cause my daughter need space for her stuffed animals, I used to have patience, but it's running low, lord, if you could, send me a sign or something, cause you ain't put this in my life for nothin” Smh amen to that this is truth, this is gospel, spit it like I get it from the bible for your survival...


Lute ft EarthGang & Cam O’bi - Premonition

‘Got a cousin in Kuwait, he can't wait to see his daughter, when he left she wasn't talking heard her sing the other day, got a cousin in Kuwait, he can't wait to see his daughter, when he left she wasn't talking heard her sing the other day” So pure he had to say it twice… smh Dreamville is lowkey the best run label in the game.


Lute ft High I’m Ry - Livin’ Life

“I'm just living life right now, and I'll be back for you if I need to, I'm just living life right now, some days I gotta breathe too…” And it’s really that simple… where similar to Cole’s appeal it’s the simplicity in the music along with it’s raw, honest descriptions of humanity, that makes everything that’s Dreamville feel like it could last forever.


Talib Kweli ft Rick Ross & Yummy Bingham - Heads Up Eyes Open

“An honest man knows only liars are scared of the truth, his word is his bond, but his actions always the proof, a faithful man never need evidence to believe, but still he gotta work for the blessings that he receives” Likely the first single off his upcoming album titled Radio Silence, this one produced by J Rhodes and featuring Ross is a breath of fresh air and one that can bring Kweli back to mainstream relevance. Although it’s not a smash like a Get By, or reminiscent of his classics like The Blast or anything else, it’s still a great record that leaves me hopeful that the new album will be one you can’t ignore.

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