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Dec 30 - Jan 6, 2018-2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Chris Brown - Undecided

“But I’m undecided, excited, ignited/ and I don’t wanna feel the way I do, but I like it” Produced by Avedon and Scott Storch who borrow the familiar “I Love Your Smile” sample by Shanice, this one showcases C Breezy at his best, where even in the dying days of R&B there are still some diamonds in the rough. For the most part, however, Chris Brown has not done a great job carrying on it’s celebrated and cherished tradition, although to his credit the final chapter to his story hasn’t been written.


D'Angelo - Unshaken

“May I stand unshaken/ amid, amidst a crashing world” What’s interesting is that over a year later I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption II for the first time, and sure enough this fits the vibe of the game perfectly, though it should be noted just how groundbreaking D’Angelo’s involvement is.


Mike Posner - Move On

“I got high when I met you/ I got high to forget you/ I feel pain, I don’t want to/ but I have to, yeah, I have to” Mike Posner released his fourth album, A Real Good Kid, at the top of 2019, led by this single that reflects on the loss of his father as well as his late friend Avicii.

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