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February 17-24, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Offset ft Big Rube - Father Of 4

“I was seventeen years old when I had you (when I had you)/ tryna find my soul when I had you (when I had you)/ I was oh so broke when I had you (when I had you)/ locked up down the road when I had you (when I had you)” Offset dedicated his debut album to his four children, and the title track/introduction to the album sets the tone perfectly, mainly in thanks to the legendary Big Rube of Outkast/Dungeon Family fame. For the record, when people think of Migos they’re likely not to think of Andre 3000 and Big Boi despite their Atlanta connection, yet to his credit Offset was able to bridge that gap for one of the best surprises of the year.


Offset ft J Cole - How Did I Get Here

“Baptized at First Baptist Church/ the pastor name was Reverend Johnson (Okay)” Cole and Cardi B’s husband on the same track, and although it’s a relative throwaway verse from Cole that was admittedly unfinished, I’m not mad at this Metro Boomin production all the same. [Although we don’t forget the corny Metro Boomin tweets about Cole that he’s since deleted, like just about everyone who once lost themselves trying to follow people on Twitter]


Offset ft Cardi B - Clout

“I should run a whole blog at this rate (phew)/ they using my name for clickbait (clickbait)/ bitches even wanna start fake beef (fake beef)/ to sell their little weave and a mixtape” Honestly this was somewhat overlooked despite being one of Cardi’s best appearances to date.


Gary Clark Jr. - Feed the Babies

“Come on brothers and sisters, it starts with a song/ come on mothers and fathers, stand up for your cause/ and teach the babies to love, gotta teach the babies to love” Austin Texas’ own Gary Clark Jr. released his fifth studio album, This Land, in 2019, that despite its plenty of filler is still redeemable off of these three tracks alone.


Gary Clark Jr. - Pearl Cadillac

“I remember when I left home in that pearl Cadillac/ I was searching for some kinda way to pay you back/ for your love, your love, your love” A tribute to his mother, this one slaps 🎸


Gary Clark Jr. - Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow

“I'm so tired of hiding/ I know you're tired of sleeping alone/ you always think I'm right/ I say I'm working hard and never come home” More flame off This Land, although out of 17 tracks there are honestly only a few diamonds in the rough.


Gunna - Outstanding

“I fill up a Backwood with a eighth (a eighth)/ ain't no shame that I hang with some snakes (hang with some snakes)/ hey, hey, cashed out on a foreign today (foreign today)/ I hop in that 'Rari and race ('Rari and race)” Gunna released his debut album, Drip or Drown 2, in 2019 with an album release party at the Georgia Aquarium (well played), yet that is just about the only highlight worth mentioning.


Giggs ft Jadakiss - MIC CHECK

“Mic check (one, two)/ mic check (one, two, one, two)/ just do it with the razor, that's a knife check (switch up)/ leave 'em on the respirator, that's a life check (Woo)” British rapper Giggs (best known from Drake’s More Life album) released his fifth studio album, Big Bad…, early in 2019, and although the grime genre is somewhat of an acquired taste, it works for me with high profile guest features and stellar production, seen here with Jadakiss over a Jahlil Beats instrumental.


Giggs ft Labrinth - DON”T GO HUNGRY

“Heard there's a limit, heard every lyric, strawberry syrup (yeah)/ hurt in my heart, you know there's hurt in my spirit/ told me again but it just hurts when I hear it (yeah) sweet toppings, peach bottom (yeah)/ this hotspot, baby, please hop in” Think Raekwon’s “Ice Cream” with some London flavor.


Giggs ft Swizz Beatz - TERMINATOR

“How is he, pop-pop? He ain't got no clues/ think he saw a ghost, Ebenezer Scrooge/ they ain't in the mood, you ain't got the moves/ you ain't got the hits, you ain't got the tunes” Giggs has a particular cadence that seems to blend really well with Swizz Beatz production.


Blueface ft Cardi B & YG - Thotiana Remix

“Bust down, Thotiana (Bust down, Thotiana)/ I wanna see you bust down (over)/ pick it up, now break that shit down (break it down)/ speed it up, then slow that shit down, on the gang” Cardi B & YG arrive for the remix of 2019’s most lyrically-challenged one-hit wonder.


T-Pain ft Russ - Here It Comes

“I bet it feel like a fairytale/ gimme a lil kiss and never tell” T-Pain quietly released his sixth studio album, IUP, in 2019, and honestly it’s been a long time since he’s put out any music worth mentioning.

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