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December 8-15, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Stormzy ft Tiana Major9 - Rainfall

“Let the rain fall on my enemies/ fall on my enemies/ let the rain fall on my enemies/ all of my enemies” Easily the most memorable record off the British emcee’s sophomore album, Heavy is the Head, lead by the project’s lead single, Crown.


Stormzy - Do Better

“If I can do better then I'll be better/ rolling in the deep, I need to breathe better/ I see demons in my sleep, I need to sleep better/ having visions of my friends in RIP sweaters” Slowly but surely hip-hop in London and throughout the UK has started to catch up to the United States.


KAYTRANADA ft Tinashe - The Worst of Me

“You make me a mess, oh/ never meant to love you so, no/ played with my emotions/ falling for you don't make no sense” Tinashe on KAYTRANADA’s second studio album, BUBBA.


Harry Styles - Golden

“You're so golden/ I'm out of my head, and I know that you're scared/ because hearts get broken” One of the most catchy records off Harry Styles sophomore solo album, Fine Line, this his album has dominated pop radio throughout all of 2020.


Harry Styles - Adore You

“Honey (Ah-ah-ah)/ I'd walk through fire for you/ just let me adore you” Speaking of dominating radio throughout all of 2020, this has been one of the most popular songs during the Covid 19 pandemic.


Harry Styles - Lights Up

“What do you mean? I'm sorry by the way/ never coming back down” Upon the day of writing I’ve heard these records a million times and they get better with every listen.


Atmosphere - Postal Lady

“I wipe the crust from the corner of my eye/ I walk towards the kitchen and pour myself a coffee/ I'll prolly step on a Lego just to verify/ that I'm still alive and y'all ain't killed me already” Poetry from slug and great production from Ant, as the duo from Minneapolis releases their eighth album to date, Whenever.


Atmosphere - The Ceiling

“I'm in the mountains hiding out from the park rangers/ something 'bout putting a slug in your heart chamber” God Loves Ugly is the Atmosphere album I remember the most, but their track record goes back almost 25 years and their discography still means a lot to their loyal following. Sure enough, they’re hip-hop legends in their own right, certainly in the underground.


Lil Uzi Vert - Futsal Shuffle 2020

“That girl, she got with my clone (One, two, three)/ I told that lil' girl that she gotta just do better (Woah)” The first official single off Uzi’s sophomore album, Eternal Awake, following the promotional singles New Patek, Sanguine Paradise, and That’s A Rack.


Youngboy Never Broke Again - Dirty Iyanna

“And she know that I love her, she want me to cuff her/ I think she’ll hurt me, I never will let her/ I'm sending condolences inside of a letter” Poetry from NBA Youngboy.


YFN Lucci ft Rotimi - Let Me Know

“Oh, let me know, let me know/ you always actin' like you're ten years old/ you say you wanna love me 'til we get old/ well, girl, you better let the whole world know” YFN Lucci off his latest mixtape, HIStory.


Usher, Ella Mai - Don’t Waste My Time

“Good lovin', no questions/ reach out and you'll touch me/ bad habits, don't judge me/ just don't waste my time” Usher and Ella Mai with this smooth duet off Confessions II, scheduled to be released sometime soon.


Jacquees - Christmas Party

“Christmas time is here/ happiness and cheers (Yeah)/ yeah I've been waitin' all year/ pull up because the party's right here” A nice tune off the King of R&B’s Christmas album.


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