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May 26 - June 2, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Jim Jones ft Jadakiss, Philthy Rich - Don’t Know What They Took Him For

“Nah, that title does not fit you (Nah)/ the culture is not with you (Uh-uh)/ your verses are not scriptures (No)/ I was a first and fifteenth block clicker (I was)” The absolute best record off Jones eighth solo album, El Capo, produced entirely by The Heatmakerz who came with Diplomatic Immunity-quality production.


Jim Jones - Cristal Occasions

“I'm in a whole different pace now/ I was just on Lenox/ called up the ho, I told that bitch I'm on 8th now/ Jones” And that’s just the intro… produced by The Heatmakerz, this is a classic tone-setter off Jones 8th solo album, appropriately titled El Capo.


Jim Jones ft Fabolous, Marc Scibilia - Nothing Lasts

"One-fifty on the wrist, not the time though/ cover it in ice, where the time go? They be comin' after me all the time, yo/ yeah, I'm the tequila, not the lime, ho” More Heatmakerz 🔥🔥🔥 who this time around samples Lionel Richie’s All Night Long, this was the perfect instrumental for Fabolous feature.


Jim Jones ft Cam’ron - Mama I Made It

"Yeah, everything seem drama related/ comma after comma, them commas my favorite/ just sign it and date it/ all I ever wanted to say was, ‘Look mama, I made it" A dope reunion off more Heatmakerz production.


Nems ft Conway - Where You Know Me From

“It's kinda hard to have dreams and aspirations/ when the time don't run out on the statute of limitations/ armed robberies, I'll snatch it, no hesitation/ I'm a Coney Island legend, the statue's in front of Nathan's” A Coney Island legend indeed, this Conway-assisted track is one of the highlights off Gorilla Monsoon.


Nems - Timb Boots

“Fuck all the glamour and glitz, I plan to get rich/ I'm from Brooklyn but was never a fan of the Nets/ middle finger up, hand on my dick/ you can catch me in Quebec/ speakin' French on the Canada strip” Nems really is a gorillla with the bars, and is cut from a classic era of New York hip-hop.


Nems - Who Got Ya

“I'm in ya hood dolo, movin' merch door-to-door (Ding)/ house-to-house, floor-to-floor/ made a hundred racks last year without a website or a store” Nems over the Who Shot Ya instrumental.


Nems - Heavy Metal

“Rhymes, cash, weed, cars/ walk down Mermaid Ave we like stars/ a nickel bag is sold in the park I'm involved/ I'm the king of New York when it comes to these bars” The Coney Island battle rap legend did not disappoint on Gorilla Monsoon, truly one of the most bar heavy albums of the year.


Mozzy ft E Mozzy & Celly Ru - Slide

“I just wanna see my nephew in that cap and gown/ real ****** back in style, you better ask around/ Ahki got the hockey stick but they ain’t pat us down/ my white bitch finna overdose off the Pacquiao” Mozzy’s 22nd album, Internal Affairs, carries the momentum that the Sacramento emcee has built over the years, setting himself up for a crazy 2020.


Mozzy - Chill Phillipe

“G-O-D, these ****** feminine, I got like fifty inside of the cinnamon/ cowboys and the indians, I been around ******, you ain't livin' it” More 🔥🔥🔥 off Internal Affairs, his latest solo release after flooding the streets for years.


Bryson Tiller - Blame

“Say I didn't love you, you know a ***** loved you/ did you forget to mention? All the things I did for you, times I made a trip/ cause I know you hate the distance” This miscellaneous track from 2015’s breakthrough star could have easily made his sophomore from 2017, True to Self, all the more memorable. Nonetheless, this is still some miscellaneous heat from someone who needs to drop a new album asap.


Cardi B - Press

“Press, press, press, press, press/ Cardi don't need more press” One of the last records she released before Megan Thee Stallion stole some of her thotlight, this is a promo single off her yet to be released sophomore album, Tiger Woods.


Taylor Bennet ft Femdot - SINGING THE BLUES

“What do you do when you realize/ your best friend's family do not share the same views?” a decent cut off Chance the Rapper’s lil bro’s latest project The American Reject.


Taylor Bennett ft Bianca Shaw & Chance the Rapper - No One Outside

“I know, I know you don't like to watch me play Nintendo Switch/ so I'ma switch it up and make you an exquisite dish” This is easily the best track off Taylor Bennett’s The American Reject, where lil bro even outshines big bro while sounding exactly like him.


Elton John ft Taron Egerton - (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again

“Singing, I'm gonna love me again/ check in on my very best friend/ find the wind to fill my sails/ rise above the broken rails” Produced by Giles Martin this is an original record off the soundtrack for Rocketman, the biographical film about Elton John who’s played by Welsh actor/singer Taron Egerton, who joins him in this Academy Award-winning song.


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