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November, 1908 "The Perils of Cupid" Cont.

November, 1908 - Vienna

[Originally titled "Vienna, November 1908" in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles released on November 10, 1993 on ABC, then paired with "Florence, May 1908" to become The Perils of Cupid for The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, released on home video September 19, 2000.]

  • Sometime after Paris, Professor Jones is scheduled to attend the first Psycho-Analytical Conference in Vienna, and the Jones family is to stay at the American Ambassador's residence where they can mix in with some of the city’s elite.

  • It doesn’t take long for Indiana to meet the daughter of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whom he’s immediately drawn to and the feelings seem mutual, as Princess Sophie invites Indiana to accompany her on a walk in the park where they can be alone (of course under the supervision of each of their respective governesses.)

  • During their stroll they come across a frozen lake and Indiana teaches Sophie how to ice skate, that is until her governess swiftly takes her away leaving Indiana in hot water with Professor Jones who later forbids him to see her and cause more trouble.

  • Indiana’s mother however is more sympathetic, and explains to Indiana that Sophie is a princess and thus her family must be very protective, and he’d be better off trying to meet someone else - to which he replies that there is no one like her in the world.

  • The next day Ms. Seymour instructs Indiana to write Sophie a letter and teaches him the art of poetry, specifically through the works of Thomas Wyatt and Percy Bysshe Shelley, which leads Indiana to consider that he may be in love.

  • It is Indiana who receives a letter from Sophie, however, who expresses her thanks and gratitude for the time they shared together - and this gesture reignites Indiana’s strong feelings as he sets out on the town to buy her a gift. He finds her the perfect glass globe with two ice skating figurines inside, and after some swindling he earns enough money to make the romantic purchase.

  • After being chased away by the guards Indiana arrives back at the Ambassador’s residence for that evening’s dinner, and this time the Jones family is in the company of psychologists Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, and Sigmund Freud, who are vigorously discussing the role that sexuality plays in the makeup of human nature. Perhaps due to his recent encounter with love, Indiana has many questions for the psychologists who in turn appreciate the young boy’s inquisitive mind, and they encourage him to seek out further exploration.

  • Later in the night Indiana sneaks out to the palace and refuses to leave until he speaks to the Archduke, whom he makes clear to that he plans to marry his daughter once he’s older, and that he would like to say goodbye to her before he leaves in the morning. Although admirable of of his courage and determination, Franz Ferdinand stoutly refuses and arranges a carriage to bring Indiana back to the embassy.

  • Once the carriage turns around Indiana is able to hide himself back in the luggage and later enters the palace through secret passageways all the way to Sophie’s room - whom he formally hands over the globe and proclaims his love to - and what follows is what’s likely Indiana’s first kiss.

  • Sophie then gives Indiana a locket (one that he’d hold on to for many years), before he sneaks out the palace on way to his next adventure.

  • Therefore during his first stint in Austria, Indiana crosses paths with:

  • Carl Jung - a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology and was influential in numerous fields such as anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, psychiatry, and religious studies.

  • Alfred Adler - an Austrian medical doctor, psychotherapist, and founder of the school of individual psychology, who also put strong emphasis on the inferiority complex playing a strong role in personality development.

  • Sigmund Freud - Austrian Neurologist and founder of Psychoanalysis which features numerous themes such as the Oedipus Complex, the ‘unconscious’ (dream analysis), along with the Id, the Ego, and Superego.

  • Franz Ferdinand - Archduke of Austria and heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, whose assassination in Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina), along with his wife Sophie the Duchess of Hohenberg, is considered to be the most immediate cause for the origin of World War I.

  • Princess Sophie of Hohenberg - the only daughter of Franz Ferdinand (and what’s presumed to be Indiana’s first love).

  • He also studies Thomas Wyatt (poet who introduced the sonnet to English literature, yet never had one poem published in his lifetime) and Percy Bysshe Shelley (thought to also be one of the most influential poets in the English language, who furthermore didn’t achieve widespread fame or admiration until after his death)


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