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October 6-13, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Casanova ft Fabolous - So Brooklyn

“I'm so Brooklyn/ I need a vacay for all the work I put in☀️☀️☀️ Fab smoked this instrumental with a verse of the year nominee.


Casanova - Jail Call

“Have you ever thought of suicide/ on a jail call while your mother cryin'?” Casanova dropped his debut album, Behind These Scars, and the intro sets the tone for one of the best surprise albums of the year.


Casanova ft Chris Brown - Coming Home

“Baby girl, I'm coming over…” 808-Ray and Cool and Dre flip Case & Joe’s classic “Faded Pictures” record, and C Breezy does the rest with the smooth R&B hook.


Casanova - Stay With It

“Can’t leave it on the dresser when them niggas tryna test you/ I’m feeling war ready, the 4 heavy, I’m more deadly/ I’m just happy for the blessing that the Lord sent me” Casanova 2x was barred up on his debut album released through Roc Nation.


Casanova ft Kaycyy Pluto - Could’ve Been Something

“And I'm a Scorp', she a Leo, she a P.O/ she know I trap, got chicken like Pio Pio” Been to the 9th ave and Queens location, and that chicken really is amazing.


Casanova ft Giggs - Live

“I'ont wanna die broke/ I'ont wanna die rich/ shit I'ont want no side bitch/ I'ont want no fly shit/ I'ont want drive shit/ I'ont want no big crib/ I'm just tryna live” From the intro to the outro Casanova delivered one of the best rap albums of 2019.


Vado - Intake

“I’m too humble at times, sometimes you gotta front/ blowin’ herb to calm the nerves/ who got a blunt?” Vado over the Juelz Santana “Who Am I?” sample off the Long Run Vol. 1 mixtape.


Vado ft Benny The Butcher - Gotta Wait

“Temp tags and that whip fast/ burnin’ through that paper like a zig zag/ I’m picture cool, Victor Cruz, in that kith swag/ your money funny *****, Sinbad” I think this is lowkey the best I’ve ever heard Vado spit 🔥🔥🔥 and he sounds good with the Butcher.


Vado ft Dave East - Politics

“Show them a different style/ say I’m a running rebel the way you in LV/ just dropped the new lp/ you like it, you tell me” Vado and Dave East over the Politics as Usual sample 🔥🔥🔥


Vado ft Sydney - Mama Sushi

“You say, that you wanted all my time” Vado sounds good with the R&B flavor that’s a nice change of pace for the Harlem emcee.


Vado ft AZ - Sage

“Moving like a groupie I can’t fuck with ya/ like put your phone down, that’s enough pictures” Harlem 🙌


Youngboy Never Broke Again - Time I’m On

“I drink codeine, my cup on the dirty to relax/ smoking hella weed, loaded, I just bought another pack/ don't walk up on me, clutchin', you might walk into that strap/ these hoes be on me 'cause they know all these other ****** cap” The best track of AI Youngboy II, a followup to his 2017 mixtape that took the Baton Rouge artist on a trajectory to hood superstardom.


YK Osiris - Sexual

“Can I get your number? 'Cause I saw you walk and then I knew I want ya/ I gotta have you” One of the highlights off the Jacksonville artist’s debut album, The Golden Child, on Def Jam Records.


YK Osiris - Make Love

“That phone, just turn it off, wait 'til tomorrow/ let's talk about me and you/ let's thank God, let me have it all, everything that I see in you” Smooth R&B music out of Jacksonville, Florida.


Mike Posner ft Wiz Khalifa - Prince Akeem

“See, when I was comin' up/ I was always one of them niggas who did what the fuck I want/ smokin' weed on TV wasn't even cool/ now that shit legal” Wiz Khalifa speaking facts on this record off Mike Posner’s Keep Going mixtape.


Mike Posner ft Talib Kweli - Legacy

“My music in museums, it's timeless as Mona Lisa, bruh/ a legacy artist, I don't need social media” Nvm that Talib is on social media a lot, the Reflection Eternal artist is a legendary emcee who sounds great over this Nate Mercereau and Mike Posner instrumental.


Mike Posner - Slow It Down

“Some days, I can't get out of bed/ crippled by negative thoughts inside my head/ like why do I always stop before my limits? And why am I only good at lovin' people from a distance?” The Southfield, Michigan native and Duke alum has proven himself to be a solid poet and musician.


Wale ft 6LACK - Expectations

“I've been sortin' through a lot of shit that's in my head now/ a lot of shit that had me scared now/ and don't you leave me here for dead now” One of the highlights off Wale’s sixth studio album, Wow… That’s Crazy, that is thankfully much better than his previous effort, Shine, and some of that is thanks to impressive production and solid contributions from featured artists.


Wale ft Kelly Prince - Set You Free

“Everybody want that crazy love/ until they find a crazy one, yeah/ yesterday, I'm in your face a lot/ then boom, I ain't sayin' none” 🔥🔥🔥 this almost sound like Attention Deficit, Ambition, The Gifted, and Back to the Feature Wale…


Wale ft Jacquees - Black Bonnie

“Can you be someone, I can hide my fears with/ and if they got us on the run, we could still chase our dreams/ Black Bonnie” Jacquees does his numbers on this.


Harry Styles - Lights Up

“What do you mean? I'm sorry by the way/ never coming back down” The One Direction singer released this promotional single for his upcoming sophomore album, Fine Line.


Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy - Erryday

“I push a button to start the Rolls/ smoke rise when I open the door” Produced by Cookin Soul this is one of the highlights off the collaborative Plan of Attack tape.


Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy - Bulletproof Sudan

“I ain’t dying to have you, I’m living to have coupes/ dress cool and always blow that smoke out when I pass through” Curren$y the hot spitta is one of the most active emcees in the game today, though his trajectory would have had been hard to predict from his Lil Wayne Carter II days.


Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy - Coolie in the Cut

“I’m still coolie in the cut, want the money and the power/ I be smoking on the flowers while I’m counting up my dollars” A vibe


Kill Bill: The Rapper, Rav - Cinnabar

“Look, on the low, my soul don't show love/ trying to cut my throat from the moment I woke up” On the day I’m writing this, this bar cuts deeper than ever, and I’m just getting familiar with this mysterious hip-hop duo.


French Montana ft Juicy J, Logic & A$AP Rocky - Twisted

“Got a bitch in all states like the fake Denzel” A solid posse cut off the MONTANA album produced by Juicy J.


Lil Kim ft Rick Ross & Musiq Soulchild - Pray For Me

“We got it out the mud like football cleats/ you put a ring on my finger but you married to the streets” Lil Kim released her fifth studio album, 9, a title inspired by the significance of the number to her, as she mentions that Junior Mafia has 9 members, her daughter was born on March 9th, Biggie died on March 19th, and she was releasing the album in 2019.


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