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September 22-29, 2019

Legacy Track of the Week: Young M.A. - Car Confessions

“Uh, I'm smoking on that cat piss/ swerving through traffic, listening to trap shit/ my windows ain't tinted, so niggas notice me/ four braids, Yankee fitted, yeah, niggas know it's me” Produced by Amadeus this instrumental is crazy and this is that NYC feel I was looking for.


Young M.A. - No Mercy (Intro)

“I don't feel her like she feel me, but I'm feelin' on her/ she thought the sky was falling when I dropped the ceiling on 'em” Young M.A. released her highly anticipated, or I should say, much-delayed debut album, Herstory in the Making, and this introduction produced by Kofi Black is reminiscent of Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares.


Young M.A. - Da Come Up

“No off days on the calendar/ 'bout to cop the new Challenger/ MAC-10's with the silencer/ even wildin' out, ain't as wild as us” Young M.A. might be one of the best emcees out of Brooklyn.


Young M.A. - Kold World

“Loyalty ain't nothin' but a word, that's my word/ ****** actin' like they in your lane, then they swerve (Skrrt)/ ****** ain't gon' leech off me, mm-mm, no, that's for sure/ it's a cold world, brr-brr, buy a fur/ I ain't never stressed to be up next, I wait my turn/ and I learned to stack up every dollar that I earned” BARS 💪


Young M.A. - Stubborn Ass

“Doing shit for attention won’t get my attention/ instead of hitting me up you do shit with intentions” A Young M.A. love story that I can relate to, as I can’t stand a woman with bad intentions…


Marc E. Bassy ft Mozzy - Same As

“Yeah, 40oz. to Freedom like I'm 16 again/ fist fighting' at the red light/ missed me with the right, but the left scraped my chin/ yeah, yeah, so I'm feelin' like the man” A nice Sublime reference from the San Francisco vocalist who just released his sophomore album, PMD, the follow up to his incredible 2017 debut, The Gossip Columns.


Marc E. Bassy ft blackbear - Just My Luck

“Pocket with the Fendi, too filled up/ shorty wanna ride and it's just my luck” Marc. E Bassy pens some of the best melodies within his blend of Top 40 Pop with Rhythm and Blues, and he’s quietly become one of my new favorite artists.


Marc E. Bassy - NASCAR

“Fast car, she a NASCAR for me/ put me in overdrive” Although it’s hardly “Fast Car” by way of the Dream flame, this is still some heat of Marc E. Bassy’s PMD tape that falls in the same lane.


Marc E. Bassy - Nothing Compares

“City-wide on the speaker/ freeway for the re-up/ caught me scammin' on the VISA, yeah/ tell Complex, I'm poppin' off sneakers” More 🔥🔥🔥 in the bridge, make sure you get to the bridge 🔥🔥🔥


Marc E. Bassy - Drip

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)/ drip, drip, drip, drip, woah (Drip, drip)/ frozen head to toe/ iced out like the snow” More good vibes out of San Francisco ☀️


Marc E. Bassy - Aquemini

“I need someone that knows everything I'm tryin' to be/ someone that loves all this fucking crazy in me” Outkast homage on the Marc E. Bassy tape, and this one is giving me “Liberation” vibes for its message that cuts straight through the soul.


Eric Bellinger - Ball

“First check I ever got I had to ball on ’em” One of the more redeemable records off Eric Bellinger’s sixth studio album, Saved by the Bellinger.


Eric Bellinger ft Marcus Black - On My Back

“Police on my back/ I just ran a light, I'm too lit right now” Eric Bellinger is the sheer definition of mid when it comes to R&B, yet this one for all it’s social media influence is decent enough.


H.E.R. ft YG - Slide

“Doin' our thing, movin' too fast/ candy paint with the windows all black/ seats crème brûlée, what they gon' say? with the top down screamin', ‘money ain't a thing’" A potential single off H.E.R.’s upcoming album, HER3.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - A Dream Is All I Need to Get By

“You were talking in your sleep/ the  secrets you were meant to keep/ you  should've kept them in your head/ but you let them out instead” Noel Gallagher has released a plethora of music with the High Flying Birds following his legendary career with Oasis, and only a week following the release of his brother Liam Gallagher’s sophomore solo album, Why Me? Why Not?, this is one of the highlights off the This Is the Place EP.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Evil Flower

“They say you want love/ you're  like an evil flower/ that  the cattle will crush/ as you walk on by” The Gallagher brothers really were and still are the best UK artists since the Beatles.


Krayzie Bone - Keeping It Real

“See the unseen, I’m coming and going in and out like the river they flow in, until they all washed up” Krayzie Bone off his latest project, Nothing Left to Prove.


DaBaby - BOP

“I needed some shit with some bop in it (Let's go)/ I flew past the whip with that blunt in my mouth/ watch the swervin', that whip had a cop in it (Woo)” Another viral moment for DaBaby off his sophomore album, Kirk, that came only six months after his groundbreaking debut, Baby on Baby.


DaBaby ft Kevin Gates - POP STAR

“They prolly tell you I went pop (Huh?)/ Until a ***** play with me and he get popped (Yeah)/ I'm on front row at BET without my Glock (Huh?)/ I'm ready to beat a ***** up like I'm The Rock (Let's go)” One of the better records off KIRK, DaBaby’s sophomore album named after his late father who passed just after his son became a star in the music industry.


DaBaby ft Chance the Rapper, Gucci Mane, Yk Osiris - GOSPEL

“This shit right here sound like some gospel/ I lost my daddy the same week that they lost Nipsey” RIP Nipsey Hussle I wrote stories about his passing at least 100 times on VladTV, yet this particular article stands out in my memory.


DaBaby ft Nicki Minaj - iPhone

“I'm tryna stay up off my iPhone (Brrt, brrt)/ told my bitch ‘I love you’, that was just a typo” Produced by SethInTheKitchen this was one of those surefire singles off the first listen.


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