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Alfred Hitchcock Filmography

All Films Ranked And Critiqued

Alfred Hitchcock: The master of suspense and so much more, this artist had a vision of humanity so vibrant that he could make our worst fears look beautiful. As if he saw a certain sophistication to the world's evils and all the desires that lie beneath, Hitchcock had a grasp on every nuance of every emotion, and he put them all on-screen in 35+ films that would go on to change cinema forever. It's true however that he reached a level that has yet to be matched, as with all the filmmakers that have come behind him none have been as innovative or influential either technically or psychologically, to the extent that Hollywood could only wish that we had a Hitchcock today. Not only was he the first to put explosive content on the screen but he was simply the best at it, with films about sex, chaos, and murder concealed within themes of romance, comedy, and horror, divinely integrated into every frame whether black and white or full of color. Below is a ranking of his classic films that spanned over five decades, in hopes that they'll continue to be admired for many more to come.

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