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Spike Lee: One of the most polarizing and misrepresented artists in the history of cinema, his work is powerful enough to be discussed for many years to come. Films that cover themes that tap into the heart and soul of the human spirit, Lee's vivid portrayals of the world provide cultural and historical meaning that is difficult to come by anyplace else. In fact, as the universe continues to be divided and our demographics persist to stay at war with one another, the stories in these films are as relevant today as they ever were, from the subject matter all the way down to the characters themselves. Whether it's about a jazz player from Harlem or a family's evolution in Crooklyn, in the way art imitates culture Lee made films about real life, which is exactly why he was so scrutinized throughout his career. No different than how the world is so disunited today with the deaths of Alton Sterling and Eric Garner, people from all over the globe made different judgments about Radio Raheem, however, as the cycle continues it becomes all the more apparent why Lee put that kind of content on the screen. Below is a ranking for all 22 of his joints, with a critique and exploration into why each one is significant, with the hope that his art will be cultivated and preserved for the generations that follow.


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