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1930 "The White Witch"

[Depicted in Indiana Jones and the White Witch, the eighth novel in the series published by Bantam Books, written by author Martin Cauldin - released in 1993].

  • Still In England, Indiana and archaeologist Gale Parker investigate the rumor of hidden gold that consists of ancient coins from the time of Christ, relics with an embedded power of spreading Christianity.

  • Indiana and Gale travel the world with a young mistress of Wicca in search of the long lost treasure, and equipped with witchcraft and the sword known as Excalibur they are able to take down a criminal mastermind in the process. 

  • Mythology and legend present in this adventure are:

  • Wicca - defined as a modern Pagan religious movement (aka Contemporary Paganism which is derived from historical beliefs that predate the new world), that originated in England during the first half the 20th Century and was popularized throughout the 1950’s. Since its origin it’s long been associated with witchcraft and the ritual practices of magic, though there are a variety of interpretations of the religion,


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