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#22 Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus

This is the only Spike Lee film that I really don’t get. Funded by Kickstarter and completed in 16 days this film has very few redeeming qualities to it. Let me preface my scrutiny by clarifying how much I respect Lee’s vision, and even when I don’t particularly love a film I can still usually hold onto memorable scenes that make the experience worthwhile. Yet this peculiar film about pretentious vampires doesn’t have any of those scenes, and in fact an abhorrent sex scene with Felicia Pearson (who I will always know as Snoop from The Wire), is the only moment that really stands out in the midst of all the absurdity around it. The point of this film itself is truly lost on me, and with that in mind I almost want to suspend judgment, as I figure Lee has done something here that only to my chagrin was lost in translation. In other words my intuition tells me there’s something there, because with Lee there always is, and it’s likely I’m looking for it in the wrong places. If that is the case I wouldn’t be surprised as Lee’s work has humbled me before, as over time my opinion has changed in regards to a few of the titles on this list, sometimes going from complete antipathy to outright adulation. Yet at the moment my honest feelings for this film are the former, and I unfortunately wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. With that in mind I have no choice but to rank this film as the worse Spike Lee joint of all time, and by a large margin.

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