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#11 Logic


Lyrics 9

"Me and my team gotta intervene, what's the point of living if you ain't living the dream, we live in a world where everybody want everything, everybody want a better thing." They say he’s the new J Cole, and while many of those who say that mean that as a detriment (because they don’t like J Cole), others would take that as the highest compliment you can give a young MC, yet at the same time that’s going way too far. Logic has a pen no doubt, and thus far he’s said a lot of shit in a relatively short amount of time (although he’s been grinding for a minute- his first studio album was released in 2014), with descriptive language full of wordplay, metaphors, and double entendres that paint the wide arrangement of pictures he chooses to present.

Delivery 10

"Know my name around the world but it still ain't hit me, all the talent in the world but they still ain't get me, I didn't talk about my race on the whole first album, but black vs white bullshit was still the outcome, how come, these motherfuckers can't seem to let it go, judging rap by race instead of the better flow." This is where he’s likely the most like Cole, with lyrical dexterity combined with an effortless delivery that is inevitably the perfect combination of an MC. Logic however is more to apt use an accelerated flow with his words, which actually distinguishes his delivery from Cole and likens him to Twista and Bone Thugs (pardon how that sounds but how else could you describe such a rapid delivery). In any case records like Stainless and Gang Related showcase his tongue twisting delivery that few of his contemporaries can match, coupled with a less expeditious but equally favorable flow (Never Been, City of Stars) that gives his music a balance.

Structure/Songwriting Ability 8

"In the city of stars... where there's flying cars... a brand new home for everyone... and even life on Mars... in the city of stars..." This is where Logic is out of this world, literally, and sometimes to a fault. He can definitely write a song, and the previously mentioned Never Been & City of Stars are two of the best records to come out of 2015, yet the themes of his albums are incredibly complex to the point they’re at times difficult to really follow. For instance his latest studio album, The Incredible True Story, is a concept album that involves everything from race relations to outer space, a true work of art that’s highly enjoyable although I still don’t think I really get it. In contrast his most recent mixtape Bobby Tarantino is a more straightforward barrage of lyrics that has little cohesion, yet it does showcase two standout records Slave & Slave II that lets us know there’s more to come.

Content/Meaning 9

“Gave up on your dreams for a suit and a pension, god damn, I hope you’re hear for the intervention” When Logic isn’t in outer space there’s a lot of great content in his music, accentuated by his own complexities of his mixed heritage, in his words “living life as a black man, in the skin of a white man.” Not that it matters but it’s indeed true that Logic is half black (no different than Drake, Cole, etc). thus his skin being so pale essentially makes him and his music that much more unique. Along with race Logic also talks about addiction in his music, or otherwise talks about living his dream, as his first two albums have sold around 200,000 units each and that’s better than most in today’s era.

Self Made 9

"I wonder what it feel like to do that shit in real life, and I know I got it that's why No I.D. signed me on the dotted." Logic came out in the mid 2000s on his mixtape grind, before getting signed to Def Jam in 2013 while now in short time becoming one of their most successful artists. Logic has garnered this following by putting out quality music consistently, whereas he’s talented enough to not have to ride anybody’s coattails in rap. With that being said he uses his in-house producer 6ix to do the majority of his production, while even doing limited production on his own, which by all accounts is a lot more than any other active MC’s not named Kanye or Cole.

Image/Branding 8

"Living as a black man, in the skin as a white man, everybody wanna fight man, and I put in on my right hand (it's all for this) I just want to make the world a better place, fuck race and the shade of my face, looking for the sun but the shade in my face, best in my field I'm a slave to the race." Logic is not only a melting pot of a variety of races, but he’s also a mixed bag of about 5 or 6 rappers in the current game as well. He’s been likened to Cole, Kendrick, Kanye, and Drake, and from many he’s caught heat for it, yet when you take a step back and really think about it you’ll notice that’s some really good company to be with. At this point he’s not only a “good kid” with a positive outlook on life, but by presenting his music in the form of motion pictures (another concept album is on the way), he’s also likened himself to classic filmmakers as well - therefore providing the audience with an entirely different perspective.

Sales 7

"Walk inside of Def Jam, step up on the President's table and dap em up with the left hand, cause I'm countin money with the right, in a different city every night, and I'm selling records like it's white." As stated before his last two studio albums have sold about 200,000 a piece, which is better numbers than all of Fabolous, Joe Budden, Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller, YG, Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, Future, and The Game’s latest releases. Basically he’s in really good standing moving forward, and all signs point to his career going up.

Ability to Rock an Instrumental at a Radio Station 10

"I'm not even making sense so that's how you know it's off the top, never drop, never got to stop I could get it, I could get it I flip it keep it going, never knowing which direction I'm flowing, goddamn yes I'm soarin' like I got it on the track, matter fact bring it back, goddamn, got it like that, yes I love it, yes I does it yes I do it for the children like that Wu-Tang, kill it bang, hit'em with the killa bee, killer free, this is how we do it off the T.O.P it's me, the L-O-G-I-C I kick'em with the free it's Logic" Logic can rock an instrumental with his eyes closed while solving a rubix cube, and that’s not even a figure of speech. Logic can actually do just that, and it’s incredible to see. In fact that moment should have went viral, of all the content that gets passed around on the internet involving Hip Hop, once in awhile it would be nice if it involved someone really rapping. Logic is the truth and he’s proven that at more than a radio station, yet see Sway in the Morning for his best work.

Ability to Fuck Up a Rewind Button 10

"One day, I woke up, and said I'm bout to do this for the rest of my life, no question it's right..." followed and preceded by the entire Stainless record which can honestly break you're whole stereo from playing it back so much. Therefore 100% yes, for all the reasons that have been already stated. Ultimately he can manage this for two reasons though, as Logic can make you press rewind because the content means something to you, or otherwise Logic can make you run it back because he just said some shit that was legitimately out of this world.

Longevity 9

"I've been working like I've never been... I struggle everyday but I just can't let the Devil in... but if I knew back then what I know right now (what I know right now).... I'd be better than I've ever been, better than I've ever been." And Logic is prime to stay around for a long time, however with that being said his ceiling is unknown. Will he ever be a Gold artist, a Platinum artist, only time will tell, but in the meantime he’s gearing up for a 3rd studio album that will have many people in Hip Hop paying close attention.

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