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#11 Tay Roc


Bars/Wordplay 10

"***** die I don't change shit when I'm strapped on him, gun bar after gun bar cause I'm strapped on em, when I clap on em, it's a wrap for em, since he from Yak Town i'll have his town pouring out Yak for em." The self proclaimed “Gun Bar King,” Roc is almost the splitting image of Surf, demonstrated in their 2 on 2’s where their chemistry is explosive yet subsequently also makes them look like their one in the same. Therefore if you love Surf you love Roc and vice versa, where the only real difference is that Surf was on fire since his early years and Roc has only gotten better over time.

Delivery/Performance 10

"I promote the violence, with that, you don't want none with me, battle rap ain't a job to me, this shit is fun to me, fuck a scheme, angle, or punch, it's about a gun to me, A gun is the only thing that get the job done for me." Roc has an incredible performance where even if you don't love gun bars you love the way Roc paints a picture with them. Meanwhile his voice and his rhythm is unique enough where in regards to delivery he has redeeming qualities all around, and all together he has one of most coveted performances in battle rap today.

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Originality 9

"Catch your moms mom while she picking them granny smith apples, give your Granny the Smith, how you like them apples?" It goes without saying that anyone whose made a name off gun bars in 2010-present is hardly that original, yet maybe coining yourself the Gun Bar King is an effective way to put yourself above the rest. Regardless though whether it’s working or not is rather inconsequential to his career, as people love Roc either way, and a lot of that simply has to do with their adulation for gun bars in the first place.

Versatility/Jokes 9

"You a Arsonal fan and a Tsu Surf lover, toughest ***** in New Jers... Tsu Surf's mother" Hardly the most versatile but like Surf it really doesn’t matter in regards to his reputation, the fans simply know what to expect from him and they love what he’s good for.

Freestyle/Rebuttals 8

"Your grandmother called me like, 'Kill Charlie so he don't bring his ass back in my house!' Picture me losing, see how good that's lookin? For your grandmother you'll do time in that hood as bookin, well, I will spit in her good ass cookin, knock her dentures down her throat, once she choke 'hhaaa', sound like she getting that good ass whoopin" I'd venture to say more of a convenience that Clips started his round about his grandmother, but then again maybe not and Roc is just that nice, cause that's not light at all. Either way if you know Roc then you know this isn't his best quality, cause if ain't a solid gun bar than Tay really don't have much use for it.

Impact/Brand 9

"I am pure violence, I don't decide peace, pimp shit, I came with my main bitch and my side piece, I aim it at that side, you can tell that whole side pieced, I done hit so many ***** with the side piece that I lose the side piece" Clearly understanding how to cater to the battle rap audience it’s safe to say that Roc has played his hand correctly, as his trajectory from where he started maybe one of the most impressive rise through the ranks in history. After getting demolished by Clips in the first battle, and then getting sick on stage in what would be anyone’s worst nightmare, Roc has turned all that around and has become a fan favorite who is coveted almost as much as anyone.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 9

"They ask me why I ain't been on UW or King Of The Dot, doesn't even matter this is my 9th URL, all my views are in the league that matters" Roc is definitely another one who gets his views having gone Platinum close to 10 times, despite all of those battles being on the world’s biggest stage in URLTV. In comparison he has much less views anywhere else, and it’s unlikely he’d fare much better over on KOTD. Still he knows where his bread is buttered and he goes to where he’s appreciated the most, a formula that is hard to fault for an MC who’s stock is still on the rise after all the years in this game.

No Stumbles/Chokes 9

"Chill Will, if I don't steal Will, the steel will, headshot he won't remember a round, I'll Young Ill Will, I'll the crowd choose how you get it, when I kill Will should I give him a Smith like Emmitt, or Emmett Til Will." Although his faithful following would say he’s never stumbled or choked, it’s hard looking past him getting sick in his rounds (no different than Chess vs DNA), even if they both still came back and won each respective battle. Clearly not the same as forgetting your rounds all together, which without a doubt is much worse, yet all the same when you’re under the lights it’s important to have a clean performance - and that one moment is probably the only choke he’s ever had.

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Stays Active/Consistency 10

"Fuck you, this rematch, unnecessary, who the legend, beating me is what made you legendary, Charlie get hit with the first and then the secondary, the DNA get the business like it's hereditary." Tay Roc is active enough, and during the recent years where there’s almost been a drought of real anticipated matchups, the rise of the likes of Roc and Chess have given many fans a reason to be excited again, as anytime they're on the main stage there likely to put on a show you won’t forget. Roc has battled solo, 2 on 2, Queen of the Ring, and even battled a recent PG in the height of all his success, a testament to how active and significant Roc is currently in the battle rap game.

Bodybags 9

"You ran into Roc at a bad timing, you the second Pontiac I fucked up, I got bad driving or You fuckng Vato, you look like Chavo, Eddie Guerrero, I hate fucking tacos, I don't eat Doritos or Nachos, I did the last Mexican dirty I''m a kill you too, PACO."One area where he really distances himself from Surf is with the bodybags, as his performances vs Cortez and Rich Dollarz are two of the most decisive bodies in recent memory. His showing vs Ill Will was another classic performance as well, even while many would call it a 2-1 clear, no debating, but not a complete body all the same.

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