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#12 Charron


Bars/Wordplay 10

"I have your girl suck on the squad while she cleans the kitchen, she'll be blowing sacks (sax) with Bleeding Gums like Lisa Simpson" Charron definitely has bars and wordplay, without a doubt, and like anybody who pushes his pen he’s good to put something together that nobody’s said before. With that in mind considering he’s active in a sport built on performance, (and he’s really not known for that quality), it’s honestly his pen that’s truly his best asset - regardless whether you feel what he raps about or not.

Delivery/Performance 8

"You win off crowd control, with your bitch ass stutter, my punches connect with the fans like Hitman's brother." There are many who would say that Charron has bars but he’s unconvincing when he raps, and whether that’s probably because he’s a skinny white guy in a black dominated sport, there’s others who have fit that bill before and the audience has been more receptive. Yet contrary to conventional wisdom Charron does put on a well played performance, and if nothing else nobody can say he’s any less than authentic.

Originality 9

"I'll rematch DNA because I'm the best freestyler in battle rap, this is all freestyle it ain't a planned attack, I'm something Charlie can not see (Nazi) off the head like a Manson tat." Charron is unique to battle rap simply because of circumstances out of his control, yet in that same regard he fulfills what is to be expected from him, no different than the URL scene and their affinity for gun bars and the conventional themes that’s expected from them. Considering those battle facts Charron is actually as genuine as they come, staying true to himself and giving the battle scene a completely different vibe right now than the rest.

Versatility/Jokes 9

"You said Hollohan's a snitch, shoulda taken the rap, well Mitchell White snitched on Hollohan, you befriended the rat, Jeff caught another case, when someone rats on your boy, you're supposed to stomp his fucking face." While Charron ultimately stays within his lane and isn’t entirely the most versatile, he definitely can dabble in comedy whereas that’s often when he gets the best reactions. Charron also has a penchant for personals which are always good for the sport, as they’re a change of pace from the repetitive bar heavy MCs who never take a unique approach for their opponents.

Freestyle/Rebuttals 10

"He brought up the BET situation, they hate what I do, I never said they were racist I can only speculate on their view, but you went on Freestyle Friday and lost in Week 6, what I'm saying is true, so how does it feel that a White Canadian made it farther in Black Entertainment than you?" Now THIS above everything else is why Charron hovers around the top 10, as he’s simply one of 5 MCs (Hollow, Clips, Diz, Pat, Charron) who can freestyle or rebuttal efficiently at all, and honestly he probably has all of them beat as far as consistency aside from Hollow. [Quick shout out to Ness Lee with his recent rebuttal on E Ness <<< arguably the best rebuttal of 2016]. Either way Charron has legendary moments freestyling on every MC that ever stood in front of him.

Impact/Brand 7

"Who's got more bodies, their ain't a dude to mention, DNA, Magic, Ars I ruin legends, I don't rap bars I write eulogies it's a rude obsession, I been to so many funerals Don Cherry is jealous of my suit collection." While Charron definitely puts in work and you can’t take anything away from him, his brand and impact on the battle scene has been marginalized for reasons probably out of his control. Nonetheless when Eminem can become the most successful rap artist of all time while sharing a similar likeness to Charron, then in today’s age there’s no longer any excuse for MCs of the same complexion.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 9

"You scared to battle on URL, duckin all events on the calendar, when you threatened Marv then took off, you lost respect from every battler, I stood up to Suge in NY, they respect the challenger, you would have Lost in New York, because you ran from Marv like Kevin McCallister." Charron definitely gets his views, with good numbers all around mostly within the mid hundred thousand range, although he’s also hit Platinum status more than once with his highest mark at 3 plus million for Flip Top in the Philippines. With that being said Charron is another one who’s battled mostly within his comfort zone and rarely in the states, yet many would speculate that’s attributed to others and not himself, as he’s shown he’s not afraid to battle on foreign territory against even the likes of B Magic and Shotgun Suge - highly respected names that he’s legitimately performed well against.

No Stumbles/Chokes 10

To date Charron seems to be of a very select few who has never truly choked or stumbled, which is a remarkable feat in comparison to the rest of his competition. Perhaps it’s his ability to effortlessly freestyle or just in fact he’s more thorough with his preparation, all the same he should be noted that MCs with similar ability (Diz, Pat, Clips) have all stumbled numerous times which should put Charron in special consideration.

Stays Active/Consistency 10

"The Smack killer, my resume's lookin nice, and I can finally add Da Don, am I saying it right?" Charron definitely stays active and is always consistent, and although not every one of his battles have the same replay value as the last, most of that can be attributed to competition considering Charron delivers every time.

Bodybags 10

"I don't sell drugs, no green growing, I don't fight rappers, I keep flowing, I don't have guns, don't reload em, I don't shoot Clips, I 3-0 em" Considering that it so often comes down to preference with Charron and his opponents, it’s tough to call some of his best moments bodybags as opposed to decisive victories. All the same Charron clearly had 3 better rounds than Suge and John John and he made Arsonal take out his phone; the latter moment being one of the most embarrassing responses to a choke in the history of battle rap, really no different to Canibus and his notepad. However he also has clear bodies with lesser opponents such as Unanymous, and his overall ability continues to make him as dangerous as anyone to put bodybags inside of bodybags in future matchups moving forward.

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