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#13 Ill Will


Bars/Wordplay 9

"My Jamaican ***** hit me up like Will, when you done send him to me I got all kinds of shit, the llama spit, we got grenade launchers and all that we bombin shit, if his lady there she be the first person to catch me shells (michelle) like Obama bitch." Next to Bill Collector maybe the most underrated MC in the entire sport, yet that’s mainly in regards to his ceiling being that much higher than most of his competition. All the same that’s more to do with performance, yet even still Will’s pen is nothing to take lightly, with a range of word play and street knowledge that can out bar the majority of his opponents regardless of popularity.

Delivery/Performance 10

"he said he got a 9 snipe pick his ass up like it's prom night, but that's his shit, let's talk about his shit, he got a 9 that snipes right... snipe... and he pick it up like this... AIN'T THAT A BITCH... well if that's the case that ain't where the shit stop, I'll pull that big ass AK out the holster, let the barrel spin, and he'll get all 6 shots." This is where Will is way better than at least half the top tier, with an effortless delivery that can simply overpower you. He can flow in different rhythms and weave in and out of different tones with his voice, and when he’s in his zone he looks damn near unbeatable [see J Huggans for confirmation, one of the most incredible bodybags of all time, more on that later.]

Originality 10

"Ya'll mean to tell me a ***** like Big T can get on these stages with their Chalaka Boo that go Boo Blacka, and I can't pull out the Pachacha (what's that?) that's this *reaches to his side* (what's that) that's when I cock back and slap the bitch out ya" Hailing from Pontiac, Michigan aka Yak Town, Will is more reminiscent of a baptist preacher from the south, which for battle rap honestly makes him 100% original and official. Unlike Lux however it’s not as if he preaching to you, he’s just talking to you and giving you that real, and it’s just the bass and power in his voice that separates him from everybody else.

Versatility/Jokes 9

"I feel the same way... just because you got a tongue ring that don't mean that you gay... but dawg *laughs*... you got a tongue ring... ***** YOU GAY.... this ***** went with him and his boys to the parlor, one man like 'cuz i'm a get that only god can judge me' and a picture of my son, you got a dumbass homeboy who probably got a brass knuckles hooked to a gun, you're faggot ass in the corner like 'ya'll know what'...." Will is actually highly versatile from the standpoint that he’s able to actually do more than most. In fact when he’s putting you in a bodybag it’s just as likely he’s doing it with humor as much as anything else, see his 3rd round scheme for Johnny Alcatraz for further confirmation - where the angle may have been used before but never remotely more clever.

Freestyle/Rebuttal 9

"I don't give a fuck you get it on both sides of your shoulders, King Arthur *****, this is straight off of the top of the dome, I give em the motherfuckin chrome, and it's ironic that I'm coming off the dome and I'm from the Silver motherfuckin Dome, if you don't know that's where the Lions used to play, and if you don't know he is lying today, he don't do none of that real shit, so if you wanna hear some real shit, listen to his bullshit, and I'll come back in the 3rd with that Ill shit." Will likes to rebuttal even though he’s hardly Hollow, Clips, or Charron with it, regardless he’s not afraid to take the shot which says a lot about what kind of MC he is. Furthermore his freestyle ability is there but it could be more polished, considering he's gotten stuck in his verses without being able to pick it up somewhere else. Nonetheless Will has won battles convincingly simply by freestyling all the way through, most evidently on UFF when they only had one day prep, and Will won the entire competition off the top of his head by a landslide.

Impact/Brand 8

"This ***** talks militant, he Huey from the Boondocks, I'm Huey Newton from the rooftop." This is where Ill WIll inevitably falls short in regards to impact, as his talent far more exceedes his reputation and notoriety in the sport. While the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ is rather obscure when it comes to Will, in a game that’s built on no excuses the reality is that he can do more, with some of his most anticipated matchups (Tay Roc, DNA) being some of his least noteworthy performances - all the while still fire cause he’s the furthest thing from a wack MC. As a brand he’s also the frontman for his own Mic Murdaraz TV, which has successfully hosted battles in the Yak Town area for many years now.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 8

"I'm getting KOs and TDs, I don't stop, I'm a Rare Breed when it comes to Guerrilla Warfare my *****, I Smack ***** and Don't Flop." Ill Will has decent views with most of his battles in the mid hundred thousand range, while his two most notable URL battles both went over a million. He also has battled on KOTD, Go-Rilla Warfare, and his own Mic Murdaraz TV, furthermore winning URL’s UFF competition on national TV.

No Stumbles/Chokes 8

"That's why I got the Magnum on me cause it catch kids when I bust.... *30 seconds go by*.... catch kids when I bust....catch kids when I bust.... nah nah not here *****.... I can't choke cause I'm not a top tier *****" Really his only achilles heel is that he stumbles from time to time, while sometimes his freestyles can save him and other times his performances are undermined by long pauses. Although he has a penchant for freestyling it seems as if he’d prefer to stick to the script, in which case his preparation is critical in making sure he goes on stage as his very best.

Stays Active/Consistency 9

"You mad ***** ... well I'm glad *****" On the low Will stays active enough and if doesn’t seem like it you need to look beyond the surface. From Calicoe to Arsonal to Rosenberg Raw it seems like more MCs have last minute cancelled on Will more than anyone, perhaps a testament to how dangerous he can be in that ring.

Bodybags 10

"In conclusion, you wack *****, you the only one out of us two concerned with getting on Smack *****, you call me early in the morning sucking on X Factor dick, licking his sack *****, but the difference between me and you is I'M A YAK *****, SO AFTER I KILL YOU, I'LL KILL THAT *****" Ill Will definitely has bodybags, Sno, Lotta Zay, and arguably Johnie Alcatraz to name a few (Alcatraz actually really fought in that battle so it could go either way). Yet more importantly Will has one of the most dominating body bags in battle rap history with J Huggans, some of the best footage to ever hit the internet and a shining example for what every clear bodybag should be.

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