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#16 Jimz


Bars/Wordplay 8

"You scared to show your hair, that's some bitch shit, you got a bitch clique, that's why Ms. Fit." Mr. Stop Bein Dirty himself has a clean pen and he can hang with anybody bar for bar even if that’s not his best skill set. Instead Jimz likes to break down his opponents and put personals behind the bars like all battle rap really should be. Nonetheless he doesn’t try to do anything too complex and therefore he’s just nice but nothing crazy, and for Jimz style that’s exactly how it should be.

Delivery/Performance 9

"This is Queens where DNA got snuffed picking up his teeth, I was out living like O Dog, no Sharif, so listen hater, for not knowing that talk is cheap, get hit was a razor now you walking with a talking cheek." Jimz has a clean delivery and there’s nothing dirty about his performance at all, in fact he’s one of the best MCs at putting on an actual show with his rhymes, instead of standing up on stage rapping aimlessly with nothing direct for his opponent. Jimz clearly puts a lot of thought into his performances and it shows, as not only does he get through his rounds clean but you can clearly visualize what he’s talking about, and most often it’s clever way of saying stop being dirty and get your life together.

Originality 10

"Go ahead my ***** spit that dumb shit, either way this round 28 grams, 1 zip" I can’t recall anyone that’s had the personality of Jimz plus the talent to really back it up inside the ring, and right now Jimz is as recognizable as anyone in the sport for being 1) the funniest guy in battle rap, and 2) one of the few that’s new to the scene that really has the potential to make a real impact in this game.

Versatility/Jokes 10

"See I'm more than punchline, haymaker, and that evil shit, I show when I take time in space, I'll be on Venus quick, show listen to my words when I speak the shit, cause I don't slow it down or say it again, my Calicoe already loud and it's proud like some Conceited shit." Yeah without a doubt Jimz can body you with the jokes, and to be honest that’s a breath of fresh air in battle rap these days. In fact it probably always has been and Jimz is reminiscent of that throwback type of MC, the guy who can roast you on the neighborhood corner except now it’s just way more personal. And it also has a lot of thought and production value behind it, in which case right now Jimz has one of the best performances in battle rap.

Freestyle/Rebuttal 8

Cortez: "See it all makes sense my dad had just died I was not myself, long story short since that day I HAD TO POP MYSELF".... *Jimz disgusted*: PPPPAAUUUUUSSSSE" damn near a bodybag from a pause, yet either way this is not his best feature simply because he doesn’t do it. Instead Jimz comes over prepared and he sticks to his game plan as good as anyone, where his only improvisation may be an adlib here and there, whereas in that case his PAUSE against Cortez may be the best rebuttal in recent memory.

watch the interview

Impact/Brand 9

"It's Jimz same one who helped Rosenberg get back his fame, It's Jimz same one who put Ty Law's punches to shame, It's Jimz Puerto Rican flavor that made Suge look lame, it's Jimz same one who had Queen Paper scared to get on that plane." Jimz definitely has a growing brand in battle rap, with not only quality performances one after another but also a JustJimz YouTube channel that holds some of the most hilarious content on the internet. With only 2,000 subscribers Jimz would tell you that’s kinda dirty, but those familiar will tell you his blog game may be unbeatable, and while a similar Charlie Clips TV has over 42,000 subscribers Jimz is building a catalogue that gives Clips a run for his money (then again there’s no equity in views and mentions). Yet all the same Jimz gift for comedy is significant as it opens the door for him to make his mark on battle rap in more ways than one.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 7

"RBE said they needed a shooter, I said A.,I. am the answer" Jimz numbers aren’t terrible, but they’re also not very good either. A lot of that has to do with the fact he’s yet to be on the main stage of URL or KOTD, and instead the majority of his battles are with Rare Breed Entertainment, a relatively new league in comparison in which Jimz has become their rising star. All the same he doesn’t have one battle over 100 grand yet, with his highest battle at 85K with Rich Dolarz (a bodybag) and his second close behind with 82K vs Cortez, another decisive victory. It should be noted however that RBE has hundreds of thousands of views per battle with other talent, such as Goodz and Daylyt who have the most views on the channel.

No Stumbles/Chokes 10

"I ain't choking, let it off off til my arm get cramped, I keep goin" A part of his preparation is that even if he does stumble for a hot second he doesn’t choke he just powers through, and that’s part of the reason why he’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. In fact Jimz is vocal about his distaste for other MCs who choke (because of how dirty it looks), and that’s a testament to how serious he is about his own preparation and it shows within his performance.

watch the interview

Stays Active/Consistency 10

"In Lionz Den you got robbed with that battle with Ice, then you got robbed for your ice with a battle with life." Jimz is definitely active and he’s definitively consistent, and a time where there’s so few top tier battles that are coming to fruition, the likes of Jimz and Chess are all the more important to maintaining the momentum of the sport.

Bodybags 9

"your leather too shiny to talk tough *****" Jimz might only have one true bodybag to his name with Rich Dolarz, where the rest of his greatest moments are probably edging classics with Cortez, Suge, Scripts, and Rosenberg, however as this is being wrote we all anticipate that footage he has with Serius Jones.

watch the vladtv interview above

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