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#17 Bigg K


Bars/Wordplay 10

"A lot of people in the building want to see him be 3-0'd, so I figure I start by killing him with MTV shows, like they was trippin on my block so i copped the cig, fuck a job in the Real World, I was Rob'n Big, get a Jackass Unplugged, I let this shit ring your head spin, I keep one in the head, the clip 16 and Pregnant, True Life I'm top 5, you ain't 6 on the list, me losing to Conceited, Ridiculousness" Bigg K can bar your life away, and in fact that’s undeniably his greatest quality. If you listen to battles for bars over everything then Bigg K might even be in your top 5, as while most MCs jab for damn near the entire round with maybe one haymaker, K can punch your lights out like a real heavyweight should.

Delivery/Performance 9

"What you know about road tripping, thinking we be lifers, interstate 3 am when the D's behind ya, out of town you load it down, in that keywee chrysler, that killer in the truck like the DC sniper." K’s delivery and performance is clean as he puts emotion behind his words as if he really means what he raps about, all the while exuding confidence and bullying competition to the point of abuse, with an overall demeanor on stage that can easily make you feel wack. At the same time K can rock a crowd and put on a show, where the only real detriment to his game is that he stays in the same cadence, which isn’t really a detriment because that’s what people expect from K and he delivers with it every time.

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Originality 9

"So watch all that tough shit you rappin about, you don't need a bowl of cereal to get them smacks in your mouth." There have been other bullies in battle rap before, ones who can either punk you or give you that OG wisdom, and K can do both with a complexion that few MCs before him ever had with a style like his. Either way it doesn’t seem like K really cares about that part of it at all, and even more importantly it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to be something he’s not, which in turn makes him original as they come.

Versatility/Jokes 9

"So we supposed to believe you riding round here selling dope with your heat buzzin, it's just common sense that lets me know that he's fronting, if that's the case how many years you was locked up, I did three cousin, oh you mean to tell me you're 6' 13'' 500 pounds and ain't nobody seen nothin" Because his style is so effective and fits his persona so well on stage, K isn’t really known for switching it up, yet at the same time he can definitely come with jokes in between clever bars and personals which in theory makes him versatile enough.

Freestyle/Rebuttal 10

"He's just gonna say I'm white, that is some racistly wack shit, I'll smack your mother on the ass and call her a black bitch, fuck her in the mouth for a $20 crack fix, atleast she gon tell all her friends how that white boy K swingin black dick" Classic rebuttal and he's done it plenty of times before, this feature right here is the main reason why K continues to find himself in top 5 conversations, even in spite of other performances where he wasn't able to separate himself from the competition at all (Showoff, Rosenberg, etc.).

Impact/Brand 8

"Fam slippin, you got the swagger of a bad transmission, this guy the type to try to bag one of your man's bitches, I'm a 6 50 tan dippin(?), big willie man man pimpin, I spent more time in that hole than hillbillies hand fishin." It’s tough to delineate on K’s brand because thus far there’s nothing really to see, yet as far as his impact goes he’s become one of the biggest names in battle rap over a short period of time, whereas some of the fans really believe he deserves a shot with the Hollows and the Clips, which goes to show how much momentum he really has.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 8

"When you was in Scribble Jam, I was in state boots and prison tans, we both rap but no rap I'm a different man, real rap I'll lift Illmac to the ceiling fan, and drop money on his grill like a dental plan." K has decent views but nothing more, with his highest at 600k with Ill WIll and three others in the 500k range with Illmaculate, Conceited, and Rosenberg Raw. Considering he’s battled on numerous large formats such as URL and KOTD those are relatively low numbers for an MC in the game of his stature.

No Stumbles/Chokes 8

"I go upside his nugget with a crowbar, split his dome I'm a send him home like a post card, Wire with the shotgun I think I'm Omar *laughs to himself* ah wtf fuck it..." Like many others K is not immune from stumbling, and furthermore he does have one memorable choke to his name in his performance vs Rosenberg Raw, a classic battle he likely would have edged if he didn’t defeat himself.

Stays Active/Consistency 9

"You battled Tay Roc and got dominated cause you used a lot of filler, after that you got exonerated, DNA proved you not a killer." K is definitely active enough performing in as many as 5 battles within the past year, and that’s likely a low number based on the youtube footage. He’s also very consistent (despite a stumble or two) in which case his presence has been a blessing for the game during a time where there’s been such a drought for high profile battles.

Bodybags 9

"You got famous for snuffing Dose, not raps with the crew, and that shit was real funny until it happened to you... I wasn't even in the building I couldn't bounce to save ya, I was walking Venice Beach with an ounce of flavor, when shit popped off I ain't find out til later, that they was in there ringing Math buttons like a calculator.... but that's how Brooklyn do, now every time I look at you, I see the face you made before Dizaster start hookin you" K is the epitome of bodybag potential, although to date he has more decisive wins than any true bodies. All the same because of his style and performance he is as dangerous as they come, and any time he’s in the ring he’s a threat to catch one.

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