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#19 Smoke Dza


Lyrics 9

"Getting money, I ain't gotta play with the check scam, mean green Rondo I play with the headband." Easily one of the most underrated in the game, and by far the best MC out of the Weed Rap genre (there’s most definitely a subgenre of this), DZA very inconspicuously has one of the best pens in the game. High on life and the finest strands in the galaxy, DZA is able to reinvent similar subject matter with slick talk and clever word play, a set of skills that simply out performs the majority of other MCs.

Delivery 9

"One of the illest ****** doing it you should thank me, art in your ears I paint the image like I'm Bansky, A1 keep it all the way tall, lanky, rolling up another one bumping Kid Frankie." One of the smoothest in rap for the last 5 years plus, DZA has maybe the best delivery out of anyone in New York, which no matter the competition is historically an achievement in itself. Effortless on the mic DZA paints a picture so vivid you get high just by listening, and that’s a testament to him having one of the cleanest flows in the game.

Structure/Songwriting 7

"Got one pre-rolled so breakfast in bed it is, the lemon lime shit, bomb shit, still hungry, leftovers in my grinder, this a continental kush breakfast, so good got a ***** goin for seconds." Not his greatest skill, but he’s respectable all the same. Mixtape cuts like The World, Loaded, and Illest ****** in Nebraska are all undeniably fresh, while Personal Party, Jigga Flow, and Ghost of Dipset with help from Cam are respectable album cuts as well.

Content/Meaning 8

"Smoke up, I hope you brought your lungs with you..." Some would say he’s one dimensional, but many others would say he sticks to what he does best. Weed raps more potent than anyone else, DZA has the best product on the market. However there are even a few moments where DZA raps about more than his loud pack, as is the case with Puzzle of Life, Lost, and Black Independence which are some of the best on his resume, and leaves us hoping he’ll revisit these themes more often in the future.

Self Made 9

"Harlem's finest, soon to be world renowned, everywhere's a smoke section, where we at, let's burn it down." While more recently DZA has connected with Dame Dash from Rocafella fame, his cult following comes from his own mixtape grind, with George Kush Da Button and Hustlers Catalogue being two of his standouts. Strictly an MC as is the case with most of his peers, he relies on production from 183rd, Harry Fraud, V-Don and many others.

Image/Branding 7

"Chill, as long as they keep printing bills I'm a never stay still, fuck a deal *****, I can make a mil quicker, What I'm gonna do with that advance buy a meal with it?" Many would say after Dipset faded out many years ago, DZA has been the only MC out of Harlem who’s reps the city correctly. A vast deviation from the A$AP Mobb or anyone else, DZA is simply a smooth cat who’s nothing less than thorough, thus his dedicated fanbase is as well considering real recognize real.

Sales 6

"Them back deals ain't designed for no n***** winning, I'm over the weak advances, distribute your own shit, it's better chances, fighting the same battle as Ye, but don't worry we got the answers Sway." It’s unclear how much weight DZA moves but it is apparent that he doesn’t sell that much, more than likely depending on his performances as his only ‘legal’ income. All phrases of speech aside DZA does a lot of things well, yet to this point selling albums just isn’t one of them.

Ability To Rock An Instrumental At A Radio Station 9

"Since Substance Abuse I had the block bumping, kill these ***** straight face like Tim Duncan, modest for what, most of these ***** honestly suck, shit on your whole playlist, ***** trying to be the greatest, I'm your favorite's favorite, cool shit weed talk as things progress, you want to hear about World Peace you got the wrong Artest...." As is the case with anyone of his caliber, DZA can flow on anything and at any time, a real MC no matter his commercial appeal or popularity. With that in mind DZA has absolutely snapped on Sway in the Morning and every other radio station he’s been invited to.

Ability to Fuck Up A Rewind Button 9

"If it was up to me Obama'd have another 4, the slickest talking smoothest president we ever saw, the 8 was a journey, negative bullshit don't concern, anybody just not Trump I voted for Bernie." With lyrics and delivery his best qualities by a mile, DZA always been nice enough to run it back, his verses more often though than the songs themselves. Sometimes it might not even be a bar but just a slick reference that makes you press rewind, as DZA always pushes his pen to say things in ways they’ve never been said before.

Longevity 8

"I know I been off the spot, but remember ***** the plan is to get off the block, get out the hood, own some spots, but don't worry I'm gon make us hot." Real rappers respect DZA and it’s always been that way., yet it will be crucial for him to somehow reinvent himself in the years ahead, that is if he ever wants to rise the ranks and one day get the national coverage he deserves.

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