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#5 Dizaster


Bars/Wordplay 9

"What you thought I was really gonna come out here and spit a bunch of Canadian hate raps? It's funny cause that was the angle I was originally aimed at, and then I realized that "Arab" rhymes with "plane crash" how fucking great's that?! I said I drop atomic bombs that are off the Richter, I'm a new Islamic demonic Hitler, I rode to your house, fuck your mom and sister, then I show your father Mohammad's picture." Similar to Clips and Hollow, Diz has bars but he also has much more than that, the complete package that as a result can overshadow the genius of his penmanship. It should go without saying that to be in the top 10, let alone the top 5 of battle rap, you need to have a pen worth mentioning, in which case even though Diz may have better qualities, at the same time nobody can say he doesn't have dope bars or wordplay.

Delivery/Performance 10

You think I’m scared of you? I’m from Lebanon, we raise survivors, train Al-Qaeda snipers, you do drive-bys? We do car bombs like my block's sponsored by Jagermeister" Likely his best quality, nobody is more powerful on stage than Dizaster, and that's including Mook & Clips. Although it is true in fact that Diz is in a completely different lane from everybody, to such an extent that it’s even hard to compare him. The reality is while Mook and Clips both have bass in their voice and can get right up in your face with it, Diz is an entirely different animal for better or for worse, though throughout his career it’s often been for the better - highlighted by the fact he's one of the most notable battle MC’s across the globe - and most people recognize him for his commanding delivery.

Originality 10

"Before the battle he told Organic, *Asian voice* If the battle go over 3 minutes the battle isn't gonna go down, looking like the faggot ass kid from Indiana Jones which makes sense why you wanted Short Round...." There was clearly never a Diz in the DVD era, and if there was he certainly didn't make the same impact. Hailing from Lebanon by way of Los Angeles, Dizaster is incredibly unique to battle rap in the states, which is one of the main reasons his reputation has so much appeal.

Versatility/Jokes 10

Listen here Mr. Gracie, I call you Mr. Gracie with a Mr cause you and Mrs. Gracie look like you would kill yourselves over a Big & Tasty, and that’s the only fat jokes you gon hear from me today....So now that that’s out the way… Jesus Christ those are some enormous thighs, those are some unhealthy ass drumsticks T, each one of those tree stumps weigh like a buck 45, look at that torso, doesn’t even belong on a normal guy, It’s Tyrannosaurus size, scientist can use you in modern day museums to serve as a prototype that stands next to fossils of the bones that dries. as an example of what the dinosaurs looked like before they died" Diz can definitely do it all, real rap, outrageous jokes, accelerated delivery, rapid wordplay, freestyles and rebuttals… there's really nothing he hasn't done in the battle… and that includes using his hands which out of love for the sport no one should really get credit for. All the same you can't say Diz isn't versatile, thus he deserves nothing less than a 10 in the category.

Freestyle/Rebuttals 9

"You're a fucking degenerate fag, that shit you said about putting the piece to my chest like a Mexican flag, when you pronounced "Mexican flag" you sounded like your confederate dad" An extremely difficult category to judge for Diz, as while his ceiling is as high as anyone's including Hollow, his bottom is as low as it gets including Clips. For every time Diz says something spontaneous and it truly worked (moments that are nothing short of incredible and once again what 90% of his peers can't do) there are other times when his freestyles go nowhere, which makes it hard to give him a perfect score in the category.

Impact/Brand 10

See mainstream is a bunch of manipulation in disguise, they blindfold you from the real truth, to distract you from a database they hide, Charles Darwin is a faggot who thinks we came from evolution and later on we changed in size in a different phase in time, what I'm trying to say to you is why would you believe in that and the Bible, those are all fairy tales, goodbye, cause the truth of our genetics is written in the ancient scribe, our bloodline was given to us from aliens that came from spaceships in the sky, now you're wondering why I'm saying this, it's cause based on his name I can relate it to this guy...cause based on reality, everything ever said that was about DNA has been a lie." You see it all over the internet… battle rap fans from all over the world proclaiming Diz got them into the sport, and while most of the top tier MCs have their loyal followings, seperate from Mook I can't think of anyone else who gets that same sentiment more often. While he's indisputably a bigger name out in California than New York, he’s also revered out in Canada as well as overseas, making him a worldwide brand that he should have long been capitalizing off.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 9

Yo you know why this dude Cass act real funny, I don’t know cause he talks about his battle with Freeway like he scored four touchdowns, he scored back in highschool you the black Al Bundy, ya'll wanna know another reason why Cass acts real funny, I don’t know he claims hes getting bitches and he pimpin, but really he married with children cause hes like the black Al Bundy, ya'll wanna know another reason why he act real funny, I don’t know because he had a hit but after the show was over him and Kelly went separate ways you the black Al Bundy" Diz definitely does numbers and gets them on every format, with URL being the one exception and that's only because he's never been given the opportunity.

No Stumbles/Chokes 8

"C'mon dog, fuck the bullshit, just to get comfortable playing EA Sports you gotta fucking.. check it out... I FUCKED THE FUCK UP.... OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD.... *flatline*... It seems strange to have to dock points in this category from anyone who can effortlessly freestyle, yet while Diz can spit off the top of his head no problem he also struggles to use this skill efficiently all the same. Though he's less likely to completely stop his round and regroup, he's extremely likely to either forget his prepared rounds or get thrown off his material, followed by disjointed rambling that doesn't fool (or impress) much of anyone. To his credit he takes risks more than most which makes him susceptible to this, however an artist of his stature needs to be able to play it off more cleanly.

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Stays Active/Consistency 9

Because ever since 2012, you haven't been shit but a fake Dizaster, trust me, after this you gon get your wish and become a famous rapper, but to get in the spotlight, you needed a star with a big name, so I'm not your god, I'm your Big Bang, bitch I'm what made you matter!" while Diz certainly stays active on a variety of formats, it would be disingenuous to say that the consistency always comes with him. At the same he's transcended the sport throughout his career, and a low score in this category wouldn't reflect how much he means to the game.

Bodybags 10

"Who remembers Iron Solomon versus Flamez? yeah, he got the W, right? but him in that battle and the Holocaust were the same ‘Cause it wasn't no surprise to see a Jewish guy body in flames, burn and you get burned in the game, burn and I'll burn you with flames, shit, even Bernie Sanders has the word "burn" in his name!"Diz definitely has all the tools to put his opponent in a bodybag, and considering he approaches all his battles like Tyson looking for a 1st rd KO, it makes perfect sense as to why he's considered one of the most dangerous battle MCs alive.

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