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#8 Bill Collector


Bars/Wordplay 9

"I'm only saying it once when I'm saying the John, and there's already a Don so you saying it wrong, John boy we ain't playing along, we can see you just another lame with another ***** name, get me in the, get me in the, get me in the game, knock this ***** out his rover if he get me in the range, matter fact, fuck that, don't get me in the range, with this super duper scope I hit this ***** from Japain, Blayum, here I go again, Bill Montana you can meet my lil friend, dog I'll kill ya, tall fishy motherfucker put the chrome to this ***** make long john silver" THE MOST UNDERRATED MC IN BATTLE RAP, bar none, no pun at all intended. Bill Collector’s pen has long been overshadowed by his unorthodox delivery, where because of his dynamic performance people overlook the fact that Bill has always had bars at a premium. Bill can in fact bar your life away, and more often than not has better bars than his opponents, in which case his respect as a lyricist in battle rap has been long overdue.

Delivery/Performance 10

"I'm not from Philly, I do not hang with Gillie, I do not hang with Reed, my steak ain't got no cheese, I don't know Philly Freezer no I don't know Peedi Crack, but that Macarena ring it hang up and call you back." This is where rebuttals aside Bill’s performance is similar to Hollow’s, who is widely regarded has having the most dynamic performance in the world, in which case Bill isn’t that far behind. Bill can rap circles around his opponents, literally, from Tokyo to the Poconos, where in flight he can hit you with every mortar and blaster known to mankind. Meant to be humorous and basically a play off what everybody else is doing, Bill takes it there and then a step further, where his rapid delivery and clever word play is the prototype for what a perfect battle rap performance should look like.

Originality 10

"I got da burna, you know I got da burna, don't act like you ain't hearda, the way I like to murda, shout out to Uncle Murda...." Whether Bill is reminiscent of a mixture of Hollow and Tech 9 is irrelevant because it wouldn’t be an indictment on his originality in the first place, in fact that’s a fire combination, yet nonetheless there’s nobody that solely reminds you of Bill when you think about his performances - and for that reason he’s an original amongst a thousand other carbon copies.

Versatility/Jokes 10

"Celebrating this, after one round, pouring liquor on his bitch, with my thumbs down, cause I don't wanna pound, she got sloppy thighs, your girl is half a dime, I told her stop it 5" Bill is honestly Mr. Versatile, as he can give you so many different styles of performance all in one round, perhaps second only once again to Hollow Da Don. However who has better jokes may be up for debate, as they both can tap into multiple different bags of comedy and when they do it’s often what distinguishes them from their opponents. And a message for all the other battle rappers, switch it up sometimes and it will help your performance, check the audience reaction for confirmation.

Freestyle/Rebuttals 9

"No i don't got no haircut dummy, but I got about 16x the haircut money, so you want to freestyle, off the top, and play around, and now I done chop, chop, rattle rock, and slayed you down, drumroll clip do the cabbage patch and play around, and then save a whole nother dance for the second round?.... and Mickey Factz that face making in the back, gon have you on the ground hoping you make it in the back, I don't got the time for em, so keep leaking info bitch and Smack gonna need a new bitch to keep the time for em" While all the more effective when he sticks to the script, Bill can free just as well simply because he’s such a natural. Bill the type to have bars for days, in a battle or over an instrumental, and therefore while he’s not the most likely to flip his opponent’s bars in the middle of the round or anything like that - he’s still a rapper’s rapper who can clearly rap in any way he chooses.

Impact/Brand 8

"Do what they pay me to do, my name jumping out the gym and that's heinous to who, Bill Collector on his job Suge ain't it the truth, I got knocked out and woke up more famous than you." A lower number only because his reputation hasn’t caught up to his talent, and in a game where there’s no excuses Bill has to ask himself if he’s been as strategic thus far as he’s capable of. Upon reflection he’d probably say he could have made different moves in the past and got different results, but true to Bill’s form I’m sure he doesn’t care, and either way he stays ready to destroy whatever's in front of him off the rip all the same. Nonetheless Bill is still a reputable name in battle rap and always will be, yet in the near future we all should hope he puts himself in the right positions to get the proper recognition for it.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 9

"I think Bill and Hitman needs to happen, if Nick Cannon set it up maybe we can stick to rapping" Bill has been all over and has battled on multiple different formats, and he even went platinum twice on URL with battles vs John John (one of the most underrated battles ever) and Qleen Paper. He’s also done good numbers with UW and Don’t Flop, and elsewhere considering the marginal talent he’s gone up against his numbers look skewed from there. Therefore even while the numbers are all over the place with Bill he deserves credit for never being scared of a battle, no matter who it is, where it is, Bill is always ready to rap.

Stays Active/Consistency 10

"Somebody better talk to em, I got Atlanta's starting line 5 hawks to em" Definitely active and definitely consistent, Bill is probably battling at a city near you next week, and that’s a testament to how often he steps in that ring. And no matter what the views look like or who the opponent may be, Bill is always quality and always consistent, and no matter if the public wants to focus on other shit they could never take that away from him.

No Stumbles/Chokes 9

"I shoot bootleg, record the full clip... ya'll ***** man.... ahhhhh.... nah I ain't choke homie.... his momma callin... (and I ain't got no coke on me)" Bill stumbles from time to time, and sometimes can't get it back and cuts his round short (E Farrel). However it should also be taken in to account how many battles he's had in the last 6 months, yet at the same time it doesn't seem right to think Bill could ever run out of bars.

Bodybags 9

"Shit, what's left in this thing, Deadpool, I gotta count my shots out, damn now I go talking backwards, I meant to say this pool dead homie, you got a shot that don't count, ask the 5 no name ***** I battled, who still ain't got NO CLOUT, might get offered a PG that either won't get set up or won't come out, and I don't care if you got one out, cause you still in front of me trying out, crawl across the ground, secondary fire route, screen blurry with blood, you dying out, ain't no other players around to revive you now... AND I JUST REACHED INTO THE MYSTERY BOX AND PULLED THE TOMMY OUT!" Most of Bill’s clean bodies are undeniably on lesser opponents, but that’s because no matter the case Bill is always getting busy. And for all the off brand battles he takes it should be noted that it’s not like he’s edging debatables, instead he separates himself from his lesser opponents (almost) every single time. On the main stage however he’s likely still looking for his first 3-0 clean body, but his battle vs M Ciddy is pretty convincing and his bout with Suge is… if not a body... then still a 2-1 clearly, no debating.

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