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#9 Pat Stay


Bars/Wordplay 9

'I've lost my mind, can't even stop it with antipsychotics the doc subscribes, I've shared a therapist with Arabic terrorists and Eric Harris from Columbine, fuck a charity for autism, I'll stomp a retarded guy and rob him blind, leave him traumatized like the time you looked into your father's eyes and watched him die." Pat Stay has bars, no debating that, yet the nature of ranking MCs leaves them inevitably compared to one another, in which case when it comes to wordplay Pat is in the lower top tier. That’s like the Thaddeus Young of Power Forwards to give a proper perspective, still all the way nice with the pen yet not Anthony Davis/Blake Griffin level, even though Pat’s the only one in battle rap that’s 6’5’’ all muscle in the first place. Either way it’s important to note that even if he doesn’t give you that Loaded Lux/Murda Mook feel, his pen is still respected higher than most and his spot is solidified.

Delivery/Performance 9

"Oh you mad cause a white boy styling on you, take a swing old man I'll fucking power bomb you" It wouldn’t be a reach to say Pat’s performance is his bread and butter, and while it’s better than most it wouldn’t be sincere to say it’s really on a Hollow/Charlie Clips level either. All the same it’s rather easy for Pat to bully his opponents, give perspective and humble his opponents, come with a more creative approach than his opponents… basically Pat can out class his opponents more often than not. It is clear however that when in front of Hollow and Calicoe he doesn’t give you that same feel, and it’s widely believed that he only beat Dizaster because Diz beat himself. Nonetheless Pat still is in the top tier when it comes to delivery, and you’ll have to be on your A game when you face him every time.

Originality 10

"The Scotion Lion, a cobra biting, the east coast giant, you can't stone Goliath, Kobe Bryant in the quarter finals with no one by him and he's on fire, so bright you'd think my brain has ultra violet bulbs inside it." From the standpoint there’s nobody really else in battle rap that can play defensive end for the New York Giants, then Pat certainly stands out on his own. While some believe he took some of his style from Dizaster, the same could be said for any battle MCs with similarities to someone else, and if you look beyond skin color you’ll see Pat has his own style altogether.

Versatility/Jokes 9

"I mean if you got some freaks, let's call a bitch up, if her pussy is as tight as your rhymes then I'll just get my dick sucked." Pat has jokes, and most of Pat’s jokes are hysterical, and to his credit a lot of battle rap fans seem to enjoy Pat’s jokes as much as Hollows or Clips. Pat is witty enough to say something clever that gives you a humorous perspective, and Pat is bold enough to clown you right to your face and make you feel wack. The issue is however that sometimes Pat relies on his jokes too much, evident in his 1st rd against Hollow in their rematch, which was the absolute worst approach he could have taken for his biggest battle to date.

Freestyle/Rebuttals 10

"He's right here... well of the top man, he's just creeping up to you like he's some type of obsessed fan, he's right there? this dude is still your friend damn, if that was me, Zombie would be a Walking Dead man." Pat definitely has fire freestyles & rebuttals, and he’s demonstrated many times before that he could do this as well as Hollow, Clips, or Dizaster, although more in line with the last two names it’s not to say it’s always clean.

Impact/Brand 10

"If you was a real dude, you wouldn't have to act so tough, if you really trapped so much, you wouldn't have to open your trap so much!" Pat’s suckafreeboss brand and reputation is in tact, and he’s arguably at this point the biggest name on KOTD. Meanwhile with Dizaster’s prime likely behind him and no other real threat to the Canadian throne (Charron perhaps the only exception), Pat in all likelihood will have that crown for some time now.

Views/Numbers/Multiple Formats 9

"Everyone knows me and the chain, we have a love/hate relationship, cause even though I can always get someone better I still chase the bitch." By numerical standards Pat Stay is a platinum battle rapper, with performances with Arsonal, Dizaster, and Rone all over the one million mark, and more footage with countless others that are likely to go over that mark in time as well. However it’s not difficult to notice that almost 90% of his material has all been on KOTD, in which case it would be interesting to see how his style would carry over on URLTV, a completely different format where many speculate he wouldn’t be as well received.

No Stumbles/Chokes 9

"You claim you have a baby you cherish, but I looked in the thesaurus, and ....fuck... i checked the thesaurus and your name is in there, and the words 'obvious', and 'blatant', 'apparent' make you a parent, check it... fuck that... I'll get right back check it out..." While Pat has never clearly choked he sure stumbles a lot, similar to Clips in fact in the way they both get the mumble mouth, even though Pat maybe the only one with the trembling lip. Either way even with his freestyle abilities his performances aren’t always that clean, highlighted by the long pauses when a battle MC forgets what was already rehearsed, an epidemic in recent time that Pat is hardly immune from.

Stays Active/Consistency 9

"White boy and I strike like a black mamba, half monster, sasquatch, stomp ya, so go ahead, say you click that trigga, you's a lying-ass, snitch-ass, bitch-ass... TIME!" Pat Stay battles often enough, but like the majority of the artforms greatest talent it would be nice to see him battle a lot more, specifically in different formats to see how his material would be received by different demographics.

Bodybags 9

"Your definition of real, is intimidating the weak and defenseless but there's a difference between being feared and being respected, see I'm a stand up dude, and to the streets I'm a legend, the same hand that I reach out to help I'll beat you to death with." All of Pat’s bodybags are really all debatables for the most part, with performances vs Arcane and Hollohan the first ones to come to mind. It’s clear that Pat does have the ability to annihilate his competition however, with a blend of versatility and confidence which is a deadly combination.

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