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#15 Saboteur

A spy thriller set during World War II, this film involves a man on the run who’s been framed for an act of sabotage that’s taken the life of his friend and comrade. Robert Cummings is our fugitive, and he is steadfast in proclaiming his innocence to anyone who will listen, thus opening the door for a phenomenal supporting cast that only enhances the quality of the storyline. From the kind elderly man who has no sight, the helpful truck driver who loves a good adventure, to the plethora of circus freaks who become allies to the innocent man; this film proves that sometimes your real friends are found in the most unfamiliar places.

Our leading lady played by Priscilla Lane is also a wonderful companion to have on the lam, and I found her character to be very appealing and drastically underrated in comparison to other “Hitchcock Blondes.” Memorable scenes are up and down this film, yet if I had to highlight a few it would be the colorful characters on the carnival train, the wisdom and faith from the elderly man who sees so much without his vision, and of course the dramatic ending at the Statue Of Liberty that gives us a whole new meaning as to why you should never wear a cheap suit. Definitely an overlooked classic from the Hitchcock catalogue, yet not to be confused with another Hitchcock classic of similar name and stature, one that is bound to show up later on this list.


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