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#17 Stage Fright

A dramatic crime film that is rather simple in plot but complex in its storytelling, this film tells the story of an inquisitive woman that uncovers a murder mystery that has shown up at her front door. There is a mix of romance, mystery, humor, and betrayal all thrown together within a backdrop of a theatre setting that serves as the film’s best quality. Hitchcock captures the essence of the theatre along with the egocentric personalities that often accompany the stage in actors Richard Todd and Marlene Dietrich who both turn in the film’s best performances. Our hero played by Jane Wyman brings to mind the character played by Teresa Wright (Young Charlie) in Shadow Of The Doubt, and is convincing with her naive plus utopian way of thinking. In fact it is a detective who opens Wyman’s eyes during the film all the while becoming her love interest, further illustrating a parallel between this film and the aforementioned Shadow Of A Doubt. Of course there are many consistencies with most Hitchcock films, and due mainly to an incredibly traumatic climax this film without a doubt stands on its own.

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