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#34 Foreign Correspondent

Nominated for six academy awards this spy thriller did well at the box office and was praised by critics, despite falling short of any true acclaim or recognition over the test of time. The film involves events leading up to a fictional version of World War II, in which a reporter is ordered to obtain confidential information on the impending war that will undoubtedly lead to mass destruction. Despite not being based on true events, the film does reference Hitler and Nazi Germany, and was eerily released a week before London was actually bombed which set off the events of the actual war. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s right hand and propaganda minister, called this film a “a masterpiece of propaganda, a first-class production which no doubt will make a certain impression upon the broad masses of the people in enemy countries.” In fact given Goebbels place in history that’s probably the best compliment the film has ever received, as a part from the final monologue: “keep those lights burning america… they’re the only lights left in the world,” there is not much to remember about this film or write home about.

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