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July 17-24

LEGACY TRACK OF THE WEEK: Joe Budden - Freedom

"They sayin' let's make America great again, I'm curious, what time would you like to place us in? Were we degraded then? Did they enslave us then? Or is it ignorant of me to even say again? If it's civil war, then what are we civil for? If this is freedom to y'all, you better get us some more..." No matter that it's a borrowed instrumental, this is Hip Hop at it's finest and confirmation that Joe really is one of the best MCs of all time. LegacyArtsMedia hopes that Joe can tap into subject matter like this more often, as it's far more substantial than pool parties or his feelings about another man's album.


Joe Budden - Afraid

"I creep in his room, sweeper consumed, now his region of doom ain’t the legion of boom it's just me with a broom" On second thought if Joe is going to rap like this he can rap about whatever he wants... this one is deadly...


French Montana ft Drake - No Shopping

"Pump, pump, pump it up, she got a good head on her but I pump it up, I'm not a one hit wonder they know all my stuff, you let me turn into the ***** that you almost was" While there has definitely been some heat within the 5000 bars Joe has spit at Drake (see above), Drake arguably won the battle with only 2... 2 bars.... that's just how efficient and dangerous Drake can be.... or is it someone behind the scenes again???? is it Hush or is Detail is it... this is Hip Hop... we still wanna know...


Jamilla Woods ft Chance The Rapper - LSD

"Get on the highway, highway, baby...." The Donnel Jones "Where I Wanna Be" sample is well played, and the song is just flames all around. As far as features go Chance simply makes the track even better, even in spite of more Spike Lee criticism that with all due respect is extremely misguided (Chance, check his resume, he's been a mouthpiece for the disenfranchised since before you were born, and white people still hate him but they love you, so relax...).


Major Lazer ft Justin Beiber & MO - Cold Water

"Everybody gets high sometimes, you know, what else can we do when we're feeling low?" A million flame emojis, this song is a SUMMER SMASH... Major Lazer had the song of the summer last year with Lean On... and now best believe they have another one....


Chris Brown - My Friend

"If I said I missed you, would you say the same? Or if I said I love you, would you simply walk away?"...very nice song... but Chris... this was not written or recorded for the Black Lives Matter movement and for all those dealing with injustice... read the lyrics... cut it out my guy....


YG ft. G Eazy & Macklemore - FDT (pt. 2)

"Bannin' all Muslims? Aiight, bool (this guy), what if we ban all the white dudes? Because a couple have run up in trenchcoats and rifles, and killed in the name of Jesus Christ at the high school, how 'bout we stop sellin' automatic guns? You got rich cause your daddy gave you automatic funds" Fuck Donald Trump.... all that really needs to be said....

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