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August 7-14

Legacy Track of the Week: Michael Kiwanuka ft Nasir Jones as Mr. Books - Rule The World

"Let's take a trip back in time, 1977 it was maximum crime, the President neglected us, him and 6 masterminds, 6 powerful men put New York through such drastic times, the rich and selfish ones feed off the welfare ones..." One of two collaborations between Nas and British soul singer Michael Kiwanuka for The Get Down soundtrack on Netflix, Nas is apparently actually rapping from his character's perspective from the show - either way you wouldn't know it as it's classic Nas all the same (other than the obvious BX references), and this should leave us all very excited to know that his new album's done.

Alicia Keys ft Kanye West & Travis Scott - In Common RMX

“Folks all up in our business, Yeezy season I’m trending, I bet you they respect the name now, so are we done or are we finished?” This record would lead you to believe Kanye hasn’t lost a step, as this is reminiscent as when he used to Ne-Yo or Chris Brown remixes and just obliterate pop friendly radio raps with relative ease. Kanye does well here, as well as Alicia Keys who has one of her best records in years, yet Travis Scott does absolutely nothing to help the record at all.

Miguel - Cadillac

“Heaven’s in the back seat of my Cadillac, let me take you there…” One of the best records off the very eclectic The Get Down soundtrack, this is one of the best songs from Miguel since the Kaleidoscope Dream days.

The Game - Sauce

“I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed off, then I fucked 3 Kardashians hold that thought” Perhaps the first single off the upcoming album 1992, this record more or less serves as a history lesson that recaps all of Game’s achievements in this game - many of which have gone underappreciated or undocumented. This is straight boom-bap hip hop, and Game flexes on this and reminds us why he’s one of the most talented MCs in the game.

Rae Sremmurd - Look Alive

“Kill this cup, not my night, be the highlight of my night” produced by Mike Will Made It this song sounds EXACTLY like the No Type record that was a smash hit two summers ago, and that’s why this song jams… good record from the two young’ns from Mississippi, who actually make this genre of rap sound pretty good.

Rae Sremmurd - Came a Long Way

“Came a long way from the Sip, living on the edge I don’t ever slip, strippers in my bed, bed tryna flip, tryna get that bread out the money clip.” Another strong record off the Sremmlife 2 album, which almost sounds like they actually talking about something… they’re really not though smh… same exact subject matter but it’s cool though… still good music...

Rae Sremmurd - Take It or Leave it

“I spill the cup for you, take it or leave it, I same some room for you, take it or leave it…” Another Mike Will Made It production (although he always has other names next to his - smh all these hype’d up artists and producers borrow their swag), but all the same this song is strictly about the vibes… and it’s fire and I can see this catching on.

Rae Sremmurd - Just Like Us

“Woke up faded still drunk from yesterday, last night was crazy, last night was wavy” Another Mike Will Made It (with someone else) instrumental, that is actually the last record on Sremmlife 2 and it’s arguably the best record on there - that doesn’t sound like any of the rest.

Tory Lanez- Cold Hard Love

“So you took a chance with me because you heard I’m cool, so let me show you why what you heard is true” smoooooth record, and with songs like this there’s no doubt that Tory Lanez is legitimate competition for Bryson Tiller, and is likely ready to surpass PartyNextDoor (who just put out a project that is a complete disaster) out of all the new talent in this trap sub genre of R&B.

Sean Price - Rap Professor

“Think you wack I think I’m nice” That legendary flow over the horns on this instrumental is undeniably fire, and Sean P always had one of the best voices in Hip Hop regardless… so with that in mind R.I.P. to the fallen legend and play this record so his name lives on...

Leon Bridges- Ball of Confusion

“People moving out, people moving in, why? because the color of their skin..” This is a revolutionary record that covers a Temptations classic, yet it’s relevant today for two reasons 1) the world is still dealing with same problems 2) we need actual music with substance and meaning more than ever.

Janelle Monae - Hum Along and Dance (Gotta Get Down)

“There’s a fear in the air, and there’s blood on the floor…” this is a good dance record which true to form is exactly what Janelle Monae does best. People young and old can appreciate this record, and if The Get Down television series catches on then this record certainly will too.

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