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August 14-21

Legacy Track of the Week: Tory Lanez ft Brianna Cash - Question Is

“Hopped off the phone with my dad, ***** barely do speak, but I'm sending Western Union wires every two weeks, I got a brand new brother and sister that I never do see, He might call to send me a blessing and tell me do me, but shit, I been doin' me since 14” Likely the best record off the new album, this one is brimming with good content and an effortlessly smooth delivery from Lanez, who arguably for all his styles is best as a pop rap MC as opposed to the struggle reggae or R&B artist designed for Top 40 radio. Either way an impressive collaboration with production that includes Kanye West, Cardo, Yung Exclusivez, and Lanez himself, puts down a relatively simple instrumental that allows Lanez to simply spit heat, while Brianna Cash definitely does the damn thing on the hook as well.

Tory Lanez - Loners Blvd.

“'I’m headed downtown cause I'm workin' on this lil mixtape, with no fillers, no throwaway songs, hoping that this shit just go, sadly for me, the shit didn't, so I make another mixtape and another mixtape and another mixtape, til them ***** start sayin' shit's hittin'...” Another nice record off the I Told You album, which unlike 90% of the project doesn’t try to do too much, and similar to the Question Is and August 19th records this is just straight raps and nothing more - and at this point it’s debatable that’s when Lanez is at his best.

Frank Ocean - At Your Best (You Are Love) (Cover)

"But at your best, you are love, you're a positive motivating force, within my life..." Originally a classic from the Isley Brothers which was brought to new heights by Aaliyah in the 90's, this will always be a timeless record and Ocean's immaculate voice makes it that much better."

Frank Ocean ft Austin Feinstein - Self Control

“You cut your hair but you used to live a blinded life, wish I was there, wish we had grown up on the same advice, and our time was right…” Off 3 spins this is the record on the new album that stands out the most - with heartfelt and relatable lyrics from top to bottom - Frank taps into the vulnerability found in any man or woman lost in lust or love - highlighted by an outro that is timeless music and a fantastic addition to Ocean’s already incredible catalogue.

Frank Ocean - Solo

“I got that act right in the Windy city that night, no trees to blow through, but blow me and I owe you, two grams when the sunrise” One of the smoothest records off Blonde, this one is somewhat reminiscent of the Channel Orange sound that put Ocean in a different category of artistry, and while the new album is far too eclectic to be able to call it after one day - this is one of its best moments as far as first impressions go.

Frank Ocean ft Andre 3000 - Solo (Reprise)

“After 20 years in, I'm so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses, It's comin' back different and yea that shit hurts me” Andre 3000 annihilates his featured verse on Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated comeback, and with this shot at Drake (or potentially Kanye) he arguably has the most memorable moment on the entire album.

Mac Miller ft Cee Lo Green - We

“I find that I keep flying high, sometimes I must remind myself, that change is more than pennies laying on the floor inside the well” The second single off The Divine Feminine project, Mac Miller seems focused and primed to deliver his best work to date, and he floats on this record with Cee Lo - similar to the previous single with Anderson Paak - not trying to go beyond his abilities with the raps, all the while staying within his lane by putting out nothing less than feel-good music.

Uncle Murda - Cam’ron Voice

“***** get shot every day B, he be aiight, he tough right, Cam’ron voice…” With the Paid in Full loop perfectly intertwined between the instrumental and Murda’s classic voice, this record is perfect for the whip, the block party, wherever they can appreciate this type of street rap in all it’s glory.

Christina Aguilera ft Nile Rodgers - Telepathy

"You know how to read my mind, I'm lost and it's you I find" Without a doubt the biggest surprise of The Get Down sdtrk (which is fire from top to bottom) this record written by Sia and produced by Nelson George is excellent... and I predict we'll be seeing Aguilera perform it on a national stage in the near future.

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