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August 21-28

Legacy Track of the Week: Frank Ocean - Nights

"Every night fucks every day up, every day patches the night up, on God you should match it, it's that KO, no white lighters til I fuck my 28th up" Upon further review the best record on the album, this one has been likened to Pyramids from his previous masterpiece Channel Orange - and that’s partially because they both dramatically split halfway through both musically and melodically - yet Ocean’s creativity once again finds a way to make it work - and this one will stay in your head day and night depending on which melody you heard last.

Frank Ocean - Ivy

"I thought that I was dreaming, when you said you love me..." Took a few spins to fully appreciate but this is classic Ocean right here, smooth, melodic, and heartfelt lyrics that seep deeper into your soul the more times you listen. One of the best records on the album and when all the hype fades away this one will still be standing.

Drake - You Know, You Know

"Yeah so you can spare me all the accolades, I'm the reason you can find my city on an atlas page, half a million dollars later and my taxes paid, and I'm still spendin' money from my actin' days" A previous unreleased collaboration with Kanye West on the boards, this one has a 2009 Drizzy snapping as well as any track he put on Views - and he’s flexing on this (per usual) yet unlike thousands of MC’s and there now&later raps Drake can actually now really back these raps up with his real life - and for that reason as much as any this is a record you really have to respect.

John Legend - Start

"I don't know where the road leads, you don't know if I'll break your heart, we don't know how the winds will blow, and we won't know, we won't go unless we start..." If you love Legend’s voice and need something drastically different from the turn-up that’s far too prevalent in today’s R&B (remember when artists used to sing about love?), either way this is refreshing and likely to do numbers as the lead single to the Southside With You motion picture, a new film about President Obama and First Lady Michele’s first date in the summer of 1989.

De La Soul ft Snoop Dogg - Pain

"Pain will make you better, tell me how you feel, look over your shoulder, time will make it real" This one gooooooeeeeeessssss in it's good for the soul, true grown folks 1,2 step music, all within an uplifting message... and you can't beat it... De La delivered in 2016... and it's a beautiful thing

De La Soul ft Estelle & Pete Rock - Memory Of… (US)

"Cause it's so easy to fall back to the memory of, and it's easy to recall the good and fall into place, but you're not easy to love, I love the memory of..." Estelle bodied this... and the subject matter allows De La to reminisce and do what they do best... beautiful music and it really needs to be acknowledged how much quality is on this new album.

De La Soul ft Usher - Greyhounds

"I don't need to check your baggage, I don't need to know your name, all I need to know is, by the time you arrive, you'll forever be changed" This very unique collaboration really works... and while De La's verses aren't necessarily anything to really write home about... Usher's hook and bridge certainly is... he BODIED this... worth the play for Usher alone.

De La Soul ft Little Dragon - Drawn

"The words I wished I'd said, shadow you're drawn and you got your ways, shadow you're painted red" Little Dragon is a Swedish band known for Electronic music, but their vocalist Yukimi Nagano is a beautiful soul singer who puts forth a very eclectic, abstract concept record that Posdnuos strictly compliments while letting Nagano's talent shine and stand out for likely an entire new audience.

Master P ft The Game - Heaven For A G

"Could've been Michael Jordan but I took the Master P route, had to take the street route, ***** know what we 'bout, hard to snitch when the Glock knock your fucking teeth out" Fire instrumental and Master P actually does his numbers on a verse in 2016… and I never thought I’d write that ever in my life… but it happened… and although Game’s delivery comes off less inspired than usual, his lyrics are on point and makes this a better than decent track overall.

Master P ft The Game & Nipsey Hussle - Real

"This next bar for Rihanna, I'm fucking you, gangsta, hit it doggystyle, with Chris Brown bumpin too" The Game annihilates this… bodied it… classic… press play

Vince Staples - War Ready

Who the activist and who the Devils advocate, or do it matter? shit..." crazy Andre 3000 sample in this instrumental, and Staples snaps on this…

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