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Aug 28 - Sept 4

Legacy Track of the Week: Isaiah Rashad ft Zacari & Kendrick Lamar - Wat's Wrong

"I told Zay, I'm the best rapper since twenty five, been like that for a while now, I'm twenty-nine, any ***** that disagree is a fuckin' liar, pardon me, see my alter ego was Gemini" The best record off the debut album from TDE's newest rising star, this one is nothing short of remarkable and provides legitimate hope that Isaiah Rashad is a true throwback to the golden era of rap music. On this soulful track he gets phenomenal production from D Sanders and Al B Smoov along with an excellent feature from his label mate Kendrick Lamar, with a verse as good as anything he's ever recorded.

Isaiah Rashad - 4r Da Squaw

"Alright now I got the moon and the stars below my feet, so low I speak, so I don't wake them, praise the Lord, the God in me" One of the other most memorable spins off The Sun's Tirade off first listen, this record recently got the video treatment making it likely the first impression to hundreds of thousands of prospective fans.

Isaiah Rashad - Brenda

"I got two cigarettes to my last name, I clock in for the check but I don't wanna go" Another heartfelt and soulful record that is cut from a cloth that is extremely rare in today's climate of Hip Hop.

Young Thug & Travis Scott ft Quavo - Pick Up The Phone

"Pour up a four of that Actavis, lean like my mothafuckin' granny did" A fun record that was supposed to be the lead single of Travis Scott's 'Bird's In The Trap Sing McKnight' album that was released this week, was ultimately premiered last April during the Rihanna Tour, and now subsequently serves as a bonus record that was too good to be released for free.

Fabolous ft Dave East, Don Q - For The Family

"Look, I'm tryna grab a Dame and Dash get back on the Freeway, Shawty went to Memphis, brought it back up to BK, Hard Knock Life, Bentley back to the PJs, The feds ain't got a Clue like they lackin' a DJ, Roc chains round here they'll get you for real, put that Mac to your Beanie just to get to A Mil, see I was Young poppin' Cris underneath the big homies, rappin' and trappin', tryna do it B.I.G.'s homie" One of the better records off Fab's latest mixtape Summertime Shootout 2, this one is a throwback to the There Is No Competition Fab that is a vast deviation from Twitter Trending Topic Fab and for that reason we need a lot more of where this came from. Also reminiscent of Fab and East's previous collaboration Summertime Sadness that was also one of the more memorable records from the previous mixtape.

Fabolous ft Trey Songz - Sex With Me (RMX)

"No, I can't call it, but I text on occasion, no, I'm pulling up for the sex invitation, all you gotta say is come fuck with me, and skrrt, you my next destination" Fab snaps on this pop instrumental like any other… and Trigga Tremaine does his numbers on this as well, although it would have been better if he demonstrated his range with his vocals, as opposed to keeping it in cruise control with his laid back playa raps - which still works on this and serves it purpose just fine.

Fabolous - Team Litty

"one time for the catfishes, all them 'you don't really look like that' bitches" separate from the pathetic title this one is alright... atleast in comparison to the rest of the mix that off a few spins is relatively luke warm...

Fabolous ft A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - My Shit

"Got no time for no pop up by your baby daddy, but I see you on your slim thick with the fatty" A remix to A Boogie's popular New York record, this one is a solid co sign for the Bronx native, who will be looking to reproduce the boost that newcomer Bryson Tiller got off the last Summertime Shootout album.

Alicia Keys - Back To Life

"I'm just tryna hold onto a dream, out here lost and nothing's what it seems, I'm just tryna find where I belong, this must be the dark before the dawn" very nice record off Disney's Queen of Katwe sdtrk, one that accompanies Alicia’s signature sound with a fly instrumental that has a beat drop halfway through that makes this a solid addition to any type of playlist.

Nipsey Hussle ft Y2 - State of Mind

"Loose lips to sink the ship, but break the levees like New Orleans, I always move in silence, except when I'm recordin'..." crazy instrumental and Nipsey snaps on this albeit for one very memorable verse…

Ray J - Be With You

"I been around the world, but you're my favorite girl, and until the day I D.I.E., it's me and you against the world" very smooth from Brandy’s brother… nothing crazy but this is nice… video treatment below...

Chris Brown - What Would Yo Do?

"What do you do fighting for your life, and no one's on your side, I can't stand to lose you, see you're in too deep, and know nowhere to hide" not sure if this is a response to his recent legal issues but it’s likely something he had in the stash that he released for that very reason… not great, not bad… but decent enough to dance to all the same.

G Unit - Set the Pick

"Fuck your radio host, fuck your rap blog, fuck your favorite rapper and his big body guard, fuck the industry man the streets gon' remember me, as T-O-N-Y Yayo, I been a G" Perhaps the 'lead single' off the Lost Flash Drive mixtape, the instrumental is flames and these throwback raps from the Unit are refreshing in today’s climate of thuggers, yachtys, and uzi verts…

G Unit - Free Young Buck Freestyle

"Couldn't step in the booth, talk that shit, ***** had to know you was the truth, couldn't lie what your life bout, had to tell these folk what you really gon' do" Buck snaps on this for 5 verses over another fire instrumental...

Murda Mook ft Dave East, Oye - Harlem Nights

"Harlem *****, make everything around flip, you want to make the town rich, you know who you get down with" The concept and the hook is fire… but at this point in his career Mook needs to go harder than this… separate from the bar above he mostly spits average raps for his pen game… and while East doesn’t particularly go crazy on this either, he still separates himself on a track that’s just a tad bit hotter than lukewarm - despite the potential it had to be straight flames.

Travis Scott ft Kid Cudi & Swizz Beatz - Way Back

"I'm down in the meadows, slidin' down the waterfall, creep to the ghetto, need my Rio de Janeiro, and I'm swimmin' out that bitch, Michael Phelps with the medals" One of the more enjoyable records off Travis Scott new album, this one is definitely good for the vibe...

Travis Scott ft Cassie - Lose

"You know what, we grew on, we go back like futons and coupons" see above...

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