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September 4-11

Legacy Track of the Week: Neef Buck ft State Property - Game of Thrones

"I wasn't born to be perfect I was born to be real" We need this feeling back in Hip Hop and this record is right on time... the beat is flames and this one is bars for days... everybody sounds great from Freeway to Peedi, and State Prop as a whole sounds as hungry as ever in the wake of the adversity Beanie Sigel has been dealt - who of course mentored them into this game, at a time when real spitting was far more coveted than the clown show it's been replaced with. With that in mind the entire mixtape Forever Do Me 8 is indisputably a breath of fresh air, with multiple records that are the embodiment of pure East Coast Hip Hop, and as it stands this particular record happens to simply be the most fire of them all. The highlight has to be the most memorable verse from Young Chris, who to date is one of the most underrated spitters in the game that can still rap circles around 99% of the competition.

Common ft Marsha Ambrosius & PJ- Lovestar

"Our fragrance is patience, we can major in communication, relatin' like cousins, though we kissin' though, love can be sick or medicinal, a doctor of it..." Man this one feels good... maybe cause it's been a minute since we heard from Common, or maybe because he's really found something here that you can slide right into his Greatest Hits collection... either way this one is nothing short of outstanding... as the Chi Town legend's patented voice and delivery compliments a GAME CHANGING INSTRUMENTAL, which is produced by a Jazz player named Karriem Riggins, an artist who's been in the cut of underground Hip Hop for many years and whose catalogue I'm immediately about to go run through - yet either way along with the beautiful sounds from Floetry and PJ this is one of the best records to come out in 2016 - bar none.

Thane ft BJ the Chicago Kid & Anderson Paak - Responsibilities

"Puffy said it's all about the Benjamins, I'm good at making money but I'm way better at spending it, the heartache is killing me, I drink enough to numb the feeling, you know I'm chasing pennies" A rising producer from Milwaukee by the name of Thane may have just been handed gold... as Anderson Paak absolutely annihilates this, as usual, with lyrics and melodies... a deadly combination... meanwhile BJ the Chicago Kid murders the hook and the production is top of the line - this one definitely should make an imprint on all music lovers of the time period.

Neef Buck ft Jadakiss & DJ Fly Guy - I Remember

"I was broke but I wasn't bitchin, trying to get my hands on some coke but I wasn't pitchin, few of my mans and my folks was in the kitchen, then I seen what it was with that dope and started clicking'" Jada is another one... this guy hasn't lost a step with his Top 5 Dead or Alive album last year that plenty had good moments, and an abundance of features where he legitimately delivers every single time - and this track is no exception. If you're a fan of Jada this record needs to be in your iTunes asap!

Neef Buck ft Young Chris & DJ Fly Guy - Checks and Sex

"Trickin on who, wish I would waste a dime, lot on my mind bitch don't waste my time, she so slim in the waist and her face is a dime, murder the pussy get paid for my crime" One of four records that Neef and Chris are on together on the new mixtape, the two spitters from the Young Gunz sound like they still got the same chemistry that put out Never Take Me Alive and No Better Love, and I see no reason why a reunion record (done right) in 2016 would be nothing but flames.

Neef Buck ft Young Chris - You Tried It

see above... real rap...

Neef Buck ft Raheem Devaughn - Pretty Thang

"Coca Cola shape she goin hard on the fitness, killing every chick in sight and I'm a key witness" Another one of the stronger records on the mixtape, Neef can make multiple different types of records and collaborate with multiple types of artists, and this is smooth to ride out with for the end of the summer. This one even gets the video treatment as seen above.

Neef Buck ft Dave East - I Got It RMX

"I ain't entertaining you clowns, I ain't a part of no circus, I got lawyer money but ask yourself if it's worth it" One more nice record from the latest of the Forever Do Me series and this time it's a collaboration with the hungriest spitter in New York, who once again doesn't disappoint... even though the time for his debut album is well over due.

Tinashe ft Travis Scott - Joyride

"I been rock and rollin' with my ex, we be gettin' closer to the x, we be always poppin' like the x, crossin' out the haters with the x" nothing crazy but it's decent... Tinashe low-key has had a number of decent records over the years and this is another one to add to her catalogue.

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