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September 11-18

Legacy Track of the Week : The Game - 92 Bars

"Sigel would've loved it, Philly would've fucked with it, California State Property you ***** stuck with it, brrrring, sold Peedi Crakk, Game was on the block in his Beanie with a Mac, I'm what you rap ***** 'fraid of, a Compton ***** that could go bar for bar with Jada" This is HIP HOP! forget what you heard... it's promo... he got an album coming out this ain't for real tho... fuck all that... this is dope bars over a fireeeee instrumental - remember that classic combination? remember when rappers used to rap? Yet that's become so rare today I can't help but notice that most of the critics ain't feeling this 😢😢😢 ahh The Game hurts feelings... and these critics are extra soft... not cut from the same cloth... but if you can't feel this don't claim Hip Hop... all the same this is not for the partynextdoor... meaning there were no dresses worn during this recording... and this won't make you want to pop xanys or sip lean... but if you want that classic sound back... press play and enjoy

Usher - Need U

"Girl, I need you now, Oh baby, I need you, oh baby, I need you... help me now... don't let me down" The first song off Usher's new album Hard II Love is flames... in fact the whole album is.... wait for the review on this one as it's low-key the best r&b album of the year, Ocean included...

Usher - Missin You

"I miss you, already, and I just wanna kiss you, already, so come on, come on, come on" This one is next level... the fire instrumental (provided by Pop & Oak) sounds as current as anything else... and then the melody deadass reminds me of Jackson Five or Stevie Wonder or someone from that era... and somehow with Usher's vocals it works... creativity at it's finest... this one is good for the dance floor and good for any age bracket... a classic record.

Usher - Bump

"I don't know where it's going (I don't know where it's going), and I don't know what to call this (and I don't know what to call this), and I don't know how it started (and I don't know how) but I'm ready to go, I'm ready to..." Produced by the tag team of super producers known as The Dream and Chris 'Tricky' Stewart, this one actually remind me of the Chris Brown/R Kelly collaboration 'Drown In It', or maybe even Chris Brown's R Kelly tribute record 'Songs On 12 Play' - either way it's reminiscent of one of those great records off the X album - and basically all that's saying is that it's a throwback to when r&b was smooth... this one could have came out in the 90's and for that reason it's right on time in 2016.... the Lil Jon ad-libs (always nice on a Ursher record) perfectly serve their purpose on this as well... as it's just good quality music that all r&b lovers need to hear.

Usher - Let Me

"It never really mattered too much to me..." This one samples the timeless classic that is Ready For The World's "Let Me Love You Down", and Usher reinvents it with the explicit, and not quite as good, version yet he still does his numbers all the same.... If music imitates life and it goes in cycles, I can't wait for R&B to go back to the grown man music that it once was... as just the very tribute to the original record in this case is what makes the song.

Usher - Tell Me

"We're going to a whole 'nother level, when we do it, it's so true, and it's so much more than sexual tonight, when we're connected, every touch, every kiss is perfected" The ballad on the album... 8 minutes of baby makin music... Usher's vocals are incredible on this record... everyone knows he can dance but he actually has range that he doesn't get credit for... he smashes this one...

Usher - FWM

"Can you stay down? fuck with me, fuck with me, fuck with me..." Just a fun record about slipping up and asking for second chances... you see me trying... fuck with me... I like this one....

Mac Miller - Stay

"Will, you, stay... just a lil while babe..." this instrumental and hook is fire... the horns are immaculate... and Mac does his best Chance the Rapper impression and it works... close your eyes... that's Chance in the verses in every single way... regardless it's probably the best song ever recorded with Mac Miller's name on it... and even if you're impartial to the artist this one you gotta feel...

Mac Miller - Cinderella

"I been waitin' all night for this moment, I been waitin' all year for this moment, I been picturing you takin' off your clothes for me, I been literally curvin' all these hoes for you, daddy told you, better bring your ass home Cinderella..." another fire instrumental... this one produced by Dj Dahi and it's perfect... just a great record with a fire hook from Ty $... and Mac does aiiiight on this... clearly not even trying to do any more... just trying to coast... and I respect it even though he doesn't flex with the raps at all on this record or anywhere else on the album - he lets the music around him be the star - and that's probably what he should do. This is a great record for 5 minutes and 30 seconds and then it goes left and I'm good with the last 2:30.

Kid Ink - One Day

"And everybody ain't gon' understand it, it's been a minute since you talked to all your friends and family, them winters never colder, this work is never over, two hands together in my head I hold them" Nobody is more surprised at this record than yours truly... and not because it's a game changer or anything... it's just that it has lyrics, substance, and soul... with Kid Ink's name on it... I'll take it...

Tinashe- Super Love

​"Got me bouncing on it, I'm acrobatic, you got me riding on that, riding on that, grindin up in this bitch, banana all in that split, bet them girls can't do you like this" This record came out about a month ago with the video. I just wanted to post it.... you're welcome.

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