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Sept 25th - Oct 2nd

Legacy Track of the Week: Solange - Cranes in the Sky

“Well it's like cranes in the sky, sometimes I don't wanna feel those metal clouds” Raphael Saadiq produces a classic right here for Beyonce’s lil sister, who has turned into a dynamite artist herself - and has a couple lowkey classics to her name throughout the years, although just this week she likely dropped the signature album of her 10 year career titled A Seat at the Table… and off first listen it definitely does sound like her best work to date… and it's definitely good for the vibe with the brand new video treatment above.


The Game ft Jason Derulo - Baby You

“You begged me to get on that show, I ain't want it but you did” Smooth record off the upcoming 1992 album - the quote apparently references a reality show on VH1 I never heard of. Regardless The Game is already had a strong Summer 16 and a solid album in the 4th Quarter can make him a lock for the best MC of the year.


Dave East - It Was Written

“Imagine Nas signed you, hell of a dream” They’re calling this his Sophmore but having just signed to Def Jam I think it’s fair to call this his debut, unless this is just his Friday Night Lights and the Sideline Story is yet to come, either way he’s spittin flames on this record, showcasing why Nas scooped em up and put him under his wing.


Dave East ft Sevyn Streeter - From The Heart

“Home invasions, living rooms you been intruding, your mother gave you everything, you shoulda been a student” Starts with a funny ass intro then it transitions into one of the smoothest records off Kairi Chanel, and East is talkin on this...


Dave East - Don’t Shoot

“I asked my cousin why they pulled him over, he gave me a look as if he didn't know” In the most creative song on the album, East is maybe the first rap artist to use autotune in a way that actually makes sense, as instead of it sounding like incoherent nonsense - he uses it to be all the more descriptive while telling a story about his life. The verses go from his childhood to adolescence to where he’s at today as a man, and the effects on his voice symbolizes the progression. Meanwhile the story is tight and East comes through with the delivery, somewhat reminiscent of his mentor who told a story better than anyone.


Lloyd Banks ft Joe Budden - Transitions

“I was still naive, it was beautiful when this maze crucial to how we behaved, just like concussion is brutal the way we slave, they don't tutor you to what it'll do to you at this stage, listen!” Budden is still one of the nicest and I very rarely hear a verse that makes me think otherwise - it is true however that his feature game may be nicer than his solo work; cause he definitely has some of the best features in the game.


Nas ft Raye - War

“I'm like Nat, I'm like Nat, I'm a man of God but where is Christ at, and even though my name is Nas I am like Nat…” Not to be confused with the classic record “War” off Streets Disciple (yes there’s many classics off Streets Disciple) this is one of the records off The Birth of the Nation sdtrk, and it’s flames… Nas has been good money on these kinds of records as of late, records that aren’t designed for his own albums but instead for collaborations with others. He’s made numerous contributions to film and tv soundtracks this year and all his verses have all been vintage Nas - all fire - and it seems pretty clear that he hasn’t lost a step despite his relative lack of popularity amongst the youth.


Ne-Yo - Queen

“May I call you queeeeen?...” Another cut off The Birth of a Nation sdtrk...classic Ne-Yo need I say more…


Solange ft Lil Wayne - Mad

“But it's hard when you only, got fans around and no fam around, and if they are, then their hands are out, and they pointing fingers” Solange gets a Wayne verse and a good one… not mad at this at all…


Solange ft Sampha - Don’t Touch My Hair

“Don't touch my pride, they say the glory's all mine, don't test my mouth, they say the truth is my sound” As one would anticipate from the title this record is deep… and along with introspective lyrics the tone of the melody is just what it should be… the track is beautifully soulful and Solage definitely delivers… video treatment above


Solange - Where Do We Go

‘Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, ha ha” Solange takes those simple words and creates a beautiful melody… another one of the stand out records off the new album...


The Weeknd- False Alarm

“Bathroom stalls for the powder nose (she loves), high heel shoes with the open toes (she loves)” This record with it’s vintage 1980’s feel is fire and I’m not even sold on The Weeknd like that but the instrumental is undeniable and the performance on this is top of the line. This has Bruno Mars pop song of the year potential even tho Weeknd doesn’t really move like that.. which I respect… The Beauty Behind The Madness creator is legitimately like the Hip Hop Phantom of the Opera… and I actually fux with that imagery more than I’ve enjoyed the majority of his records… yet I’m hoping the upcoming Starboy album will finally convince me that he’s more than just an idea.


DJ Drama ft Fabolous, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown - Wishing RMX

“I, wish you could stay, but when you walk away, you look delicious from far, she, roll up on me, then we get lit, girl you my swisher cigar” The best snippet off the SummerTime Shootout 2 mixtape is released in full due to high demand… definitely a good ensemble record that’s far better than the original


Cashmere Cat ft Selena Gomez & Tory Lanez - Trust Nobody

“Hope you're good at keeping secrets, say you're good at keeping secrets, 'cause you know I don't trust nobody, I know you don't trust nobody” A smooth pop record nothin more nothin less


Rick Ross - I’m Da Man (Shawty Lo Tribute)

"Shawty Lo (Shawty lo), Shanty Lo (Shawty Lo) ... I'm bout to smoke one for my ***** god bless your soul" Classic Ricky Rozay... RIP Shawty Lo...


DJ Mustard ft Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle & Ty Dolla $ign - What These Bitches Want

“I'm feeling like King James when he got his ring, because I started off with nothing except a dream” An ode to the DMX classic, this is likely the most complete record off DJ Mustard’s latest album titled Cold Summer, where this stands out amongst all the rest that basically blend in. Meek and Nipsey do numbers on this.


Danny Brown - Hell For It

"Holy spirit, when I look, I cannot see, reflection in the mirror, broke bread with the Judas, and I think I see it clearer” The strangest album of the year without a doubt goes to Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition album, and i’d say 90% of it is like nails on a chalkboard, nonetheless along with being eclectic and bizarre this is an actually decent record with some relative quality behind it - again that maybe a reach but that's a lot more than I can say for most of what you can find on this album - hypebeast if you want to tho...


Danny Brown ft Petite Noir - Rolling Stone

"You know I'm feeling like a Rolling Stone, but don't feel for me, you know I'm in my zone, so don't speak to me, but in my mind I just feel alone... just release me..." see above... this cool tho... I can dig this one...


Like (of Pac Div)- Miss Me With That

“When I'm alone in my room sometimes I stare at the wall, and in the back of my mind I don't be caring at all..." One of 2 members of Pac Div who released solo projects in the same week, this is one of the stand out records on Like’s Songs Made While High mixtape, which has smooth Hip Hop on it up and down. Video treatment above


Like (of Pac Div) - Midnight In Paris

(No stream available)

“Intrigued by your beautiful mind, I’m past breathless, as we head to the store for Jazz records, she pulls out Coltrane, she pulls out Fitzgerald, only unicorns make it to this level, angelic, your presence is a gift to the heavens, so I praise up high and thank the reverend, god bless…” Like snaps on this over an incredible jazz instrumental… classic Hip Hop… no stream available so download the mixtape asap!


Mibbs (of Pac Div)- Hussleman

(No stream available)

“I don’t like to dream about gettin paid, in the second grade I made a killin sellin lemonade” The other ⅓ of Pac Div who released a mixtape this week, this one titled Killer of Sheep (a fire title btw), this one is perfect for the whip… smooth raps…

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