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October 2 - 9

Legacy Track of the Week: The Game - What Your Life Like

“What your life like? mine's bout listening to Illmatic, in my grandmother's attic tryna spit above average” The Game’s 1992 album will be officially released next week, and by all accounts it’s one of the most complete albums to come out this year. This one isn’t necessarily reminiscent of Beanie Sigel’s 'What Your Life’s Like' record, but it does capture that same feel to a degree, whereas any influence is all the more intriguing considering the recent back and forth between the two artists along with Meek Mill (Sidenote: The Game won that battle hands down, and right now he looks like the most dangerous artist to beef with in Hip Hop period, let’s put some respect on his name for that). This one has fire production from Phonix Beats and is without a doubt the stand out record on the project.


The Game - Juice

“I was 23 when I had my first kid, and his mama told him when he came out, (you got the juice now baby)” This production from The Chemists Create is straight 🔥🔥🔥 and that’s what makes this an honorable mention. The Game basically floats on this and speaks on some real issues but from beginning to end it’s this fire instrumental that will leave you wanting more.


The Game - I Grew Up On Wu-Tang

“I grew up on Wu-Tang, dope had my shoe game Liu Kang, Jordan 12's sick as hell, Michael Jordan flu game” <<< along with that heat The Game weaves in and out of Wu Tang schemes and name flips throughout, as this one is straight Hip Hop and a breath of fresh air for anyone who still loves the classic formula of dope beats and dope rhymes.


Beanie Sigel - Goodnight

“Me, the reason Philly even on the map, Me!, the reason your silly ass rap, Me, ungrateful motherfuckers, and I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me, to make the transition from the streets to the fame, you got a little fame and tried add street to your name, it ain't the same, I'm battlefield tested, wounds all over my body, where your scars at?” Sigel sends this HEAT towards Meek Mill and it’s game over at this point… Meek Mill is 0-3 in battles as a rap star and what’s funny is that he came in the game with respect as a “battle rapper” because he had old YouTube footage… smh… and I gave him a pass with losing to Drake Mania last summer but this summer he has no excuse… cause those Hot 97 freestyle bars were cool but weren’t direct where it mattered, and this record right here… bodybag even tho it’s a shame beans real life scars are the reason he don’t sound the same…


NxWorries (Anderson Paak & Knxwledge) - Get Bigger / Do U Luv

“Shopping work, bagging groceries, pushin' them carts, I was grateful to be working but say my back is hurtin', I don't think it's the purpose, no this can't be the call, at night, I workin' grave, just counting the time, on my break I wrote a song 'bout the love of my life, this ain't right, couple dollars and change, walking home in the rain, jump in the front of the train, bitch, I might, on top of the roof, empty bottles of brew, take a hit of my J, I'm in flight” Another fire collaboration from these two who seem prime to drop a classic with their upcoming album Yes Lawd!, add this to list of records Anderson Paak has completely obliterated since the Malibu album, where he’s quickly become one of the most sure-things in all of music.


Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

“Playas, put yo' pinky rings up to the moon, girls, what y'all trying to do?” The first single and title track off Bruno Mars upcoming album due out next month, this one he calls the “invitation to the party,” and it’s a good one…. definitely smooth enough to dance to, and will likely be the soundtrack to hundreds of thousands of coke parties from now until new years... video treatment above...


Mary J Blige - Thick Of It

“So tell me whoooo… who’s gonna love… you like I doooo… who will you trust…” The first release off her upcoming Strength of a Woman album, this is a smooth record that had a formal press release in which Mary herself proclaimed her personal attachment to it. Nonetheless if you love Mary’s music and miss that classic sound of R&B, you’re likely to enjoy this record as much as she does.


Joe Budden ft Styles P - Freestyle

"Yeah, I'm 41 but you ain't got to act dumb *****, I ain't got a problem killing 41 young *****” Styles and Budden go verse for verse over an AraabMuzik beat and neither disappoint…


DJ SpinKing ft Dave East - The Breakdown

“The first time I seen cocaine, I put it on my gums, had my whole mouth numb, smokin' everyday for the pain, from a leak I'ma blow till the whole ounce's done, my income had a different outcome, pistol in the sofa was my lil' couch gun” One of the few records with any redeeming qualities off SpinKing’s star studded mixtape, this one has East doin what East does best… more or less just more of the same but still heat nonetheless...

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