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October 23-30

Legacy Track of the Week: Meek Mill - Shine

“I'd rather kill 'em all with success and give 'em knowledge, then throw it all away for a sucker cause we the hottest” This one is flaaaaaames off Meek Mill’s latest Dreamchasers 4, produced by Tarik Azzouz & Streetrunner, the latter whose name continues to rise…


Meek Mill - Tony Story 3

“And then they feel some time of way he disrespectin' the block, but Paulie don't give a fuck, you disrespect him, you shot, live by the chopper law and respect of the Glock” Part 3 of the Tony Story series, like the others this one is descriptive storytelling that showcases some of Meek’s better qualities (moreso than the audemar raps), where even tho it’s probably less memorable than other records of the same cloth (Juelz Santana’s Lil Boy Fresh for example), it’s still one of the better records off the tape.


Meek Mill ft Guordan Banks & Pusha T - Two Wrongs

“And it hurt me my ***** to see my day ones acting thirsty 'bout bitches or money, I cut off 'bout thirty of my *****, had thoughts about murking my *****, cause it be the closest of ***** that change on you quick and know most of your business, I put this on Snupe ya the ghost of my *****” Meek actually outraps Pusha on this record and that’s not easy to do, otherwise the production and hook is solid and there’s nothing not to like here.


Meek Mill ft Lil Snupe & French Montana - Outro

“***** want to kill me cause a ***** coming up, want to kill 'em but that shit my really fuck my money up, focus on my grind gotta get the stacks, tryna leave the streets alone but they steady calling back, you ever seen death around the corner, chilling on the block and pussy ***** run up on ya, busting shells at you and they hotter than a sauna, it be hard to think straight when its a lot of ***** want ya” RIP Lil Snupe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 this outro samples Meek’s infamous intro from Dreams and Nightmares and it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Meek Mill - Blue Notes

“This is my blues... cause I'm back down on my own again” The production by Dolla Bill Kidz and the sample of Snowy Whites Midnight Blues is what makes the record, while otherwise Meek Mill does what he always does… for better or for worse… yet this time it works.


Common ft Syd & Elena - Red Wine

“Freedom is the road less traveled by the multitude The mood, it's the mode, it's the culture” Over 20 years into his career, Common still got some heat to his name, and the leaks from the new album thus far have all been better than decent. He’s not the same MC from Resurrection, Be, or Like Water For Chocolate, but he's still a respectable artist in the genre.


Westside Gunn - Nasty

"I'm Nasty..." The Buffalo MC released his latest project Hitler Wears Hermes IV, and this is one of the better records off the tape.


Westside Gunn ft Stalley - 5x a day

"Pro Black, half Italian, blessed with, pop's features mom's wisdom Quran's teachings, esoteric..." Salute to Stalley for still always showing up with respectable Hip Hop, this one is fire…


Chris Brown - Don’t Fuck With Us

“I got too many felonies, my PO keep tellin' me, to piss in a cup, don't give a fuck, I'm 'bout to smoke my weed” CB in spitter mode and by now we all should know that means it’s actually halfway decent. This one is off the Attack the Block compilation project with his OHB crew along with the Section Boyz from London.


Chris Brown & Young Lo - Everybody

“Please don't dance with everybody, cause I want all your lovin' to myself” Likely the best record off the Attack the Block release, this one is kinda smooth but it’s still not X album level, which is still CB’s best album to date.


Tory Lanez - Look No Further

“And I'm just tryna be better, with this nine in my sweater, I hit the avenue and grind for the cheddar” Lanez with his pop gangsta routine if you’re into it… this one is alright but right now despite a lukewarm - better than terrible - debut album, Lanez artistry has no direction and his career is lookin shaky…

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