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November 13-20

Legacy Track of the Week: Bruno Mars - Versace on the Floor

“Oooh I love that dress but you won't need it anyyymoreee, no you won't need it no more, let's just kiss 'til we're naked, baby... Versace on the floor…” This one is a triumph… this one is fiiiiiire… this one is an epic ballad that will be played for many many years to come, as it’s dynamite slow jam that’s arguably the best baby makin music to come out since the 1990’s. This one also has range, as in the first verse it could easily sound like the best of N’Sync, and then it turns quickly to the best of Bobby Brown/Keith Sweat/Tevin Campbell by the time it gets to the hook - where overall it has enough layers and moments to make it a record that most will never forget.


Bruno Mars - Calling All My Lovelies

“I got Alicia waitin', Aisha waitin', all the eesha's waitin' on me” This one is smoooooooooth.... and in my mind I can envision some even smoother choreography to go with it, nonetheless on this one Bruno Mars sings about the audacity of a lady who’s curving him; considering the roster of girls he can have whenever he wants. This one’s ultimately quality enough where it could either be Timberlake or it could be The Dream, and with that being said Bruno Mars has entered a new level of artistry in his career.


Bruno Mars - Straight Up & Down

“This liquor got both of us faded, so gone, so gone, so gone, but your booty deserve a celebration, and I'm gonna celebrate it all night long” It’s not often that an entire album of records can compete for best song, yet 24K Magic is apparently the exception, as like the others this one is nothin but smooth fire. The production all throughout the album is primarily done by Shampoo Press & Curl, who are relatively unknown and are likely to be Bruno Mars’s in-house producers, all of whom are likely to have a holiday bonus coming their way.


The Weeknd - Party Monster

“I'm good, I'm good, I'm great, know it's been a while, now I'm mixing up the drink, I just need a girl who gon' really understand, I just need a girl who gon' really understand” Weeknd got another one with this, with absolutely incredible production by Doc McKinney & Ben Billions, and an infectious melody that will stay in your head for days.


The Weeknd ft Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming

“Tell me what you really like… baby I can take my time…” This one definitely sounds like a Michael Jackson album cut… and I can’t think of a better compliment to give someone, where despite the inability to ever perform this song with any enthusiasm, The Weeknd definitely annihilated this instrumental on wax - making it to date one of the best in his catalogue.


Trey Songz - Comin Home

“Christmas will be nothing… without youuuu…" On this record Trigga comes home for christmas, and it’s a nice lil holiday record but nothin too crazy…


Bruno Mars - Chunky

“Slide with your boy to the bar...slide with your boy to the car… I’ve been searching everywhere and now here you areee, Chunky...” this one is for the girls who wear big hoops, daisy dukes, and apparently have some meat on their bones… nonetheless this one is good enough for anyone who wants to dance.


Bruno Mars - Finesse

“We out here drippin' in finesse…it don’t make no sense… out here drippin in finesse… you know it, you know it...” Again this one could be the best of NewEdition/BelBivDevoe/Bobby BrownSolo/RalphTresvantSolo/etc./etc./etc. and without a doubt that’s an incredible compliment I’d never thought I’d lend to Bruno Mars… yet out of nowhere he’s earned it.


Bruno Mars - Too Good To Say Goodbye

“Telllll meee whyyyyy, why can't we tryyyy and starttt again, this can't be howww ourrr storyyyy endsss, you're more than my girllll, you're myyy best friend, tell me you remember when…” Man this is timeless… close your eyes and this honestly could be the best of Jackson 5… incredible music from Bruno Mars and the entire Shampoo Press & Curl production team.


John Legend ft Chance the Rapper - Penthouse Floor

"lets ride the elevator, let's go to the penthouse floor..." The second single off John Legend’s upcoming Darkness & Light album has that classic Get Lifted sound to it… until Chance the Rapper arguably ruins it but to each their own… this one aiight


Joe Young ft Method Man - Crack Babies

“Whatever happened to the crack babies? hell idk in an alley smoking some crack maybe” Method Man spits a classic verse over a fire instrumental… that combination will always be good with me.


Pool Cosby ft Raekwon - A Poem Is A Hustle

“We came up from the sandbox, inseparable tag team, we brothers from another mother, partners that grind” Even the name of this record is tough… classic shit… meanwhile Pool Cosby is an electronic group based out of Brooklyn that based off this collaboration are worth keeping an eye out for.


Uncle Murda ft Cam’ron - Camron Voice

“When I'm rolling in the Rolls that's my Royce, ***** get shot everyday B, my voice” Harlem’s finest lends a verse to Murda’s record that came out last month, which pays tribute to Cam with the “***** get shot everyday B, he be aight, he tough, right, Cam'ron Voice” sample inspired by Paid in Full.


Nick Minaj - Black Barbies (Black Beatles RMX)

“I'm a fuckin' black barbie, pretty face, perfect body, pink seats in the 'Rari, always fuck him like I'm sorry, who the fuck is gon’ protect her? If I really gotta check her, Peter Piper picked a pepper, and my cake is triple decker” Nicki in her Barbie bag over Rae Sremmurd’s #1 hit Black Beatles, which despite taking the world by storm isn’t even a Top 5 song on Sremmlife 2 (although everything sounds good after you hear it 10 thousand times), nonetheless I’ll let ya’ll cook…


Macklemore - Wednesday Morning

“Humanity is a privilege, we can't give in, when they build walls, we'll build bridges, this is resistance, we're resilient, when they spread hate, we shine brilliant” Macklemore got another one with this… even if the world is done with Macklemore… and on a separate note the comedian Andy Samberg's impression of him in the movie PopStar is hysterical… all the same this one is titled after the gloomy morning that followed this year’s Presidential election (where it pretty much rained all throughout the country), and by no surprise Macklemore does a fine job articulating what so many others are feeling.

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