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January 1-8

Legacy Track of the Week: Lupe Fiasco ft Jake Torrey - Wild Child

“Oh wow, you make me feel like a wild child…” The hook is flames 🔥🔥🔥 it’s simple but effective and Lupe got another one… this track is definitely about to catch on somewhere and be the jam indefinitely


Tory Lanez - Wraith Talk

“Say the name for a ***** greatest ever, New Toronto very own bitch I made another, made songs 'bout Teyana and Karrueche, I should have pulled some fly shit and had them date each other” Tory Lanez talkin that big money Rolls Royce talk!!! and over production from AraabMuzik this one is super tough - easily the best record off The New Toronto 2


Royce Da 5’9’’ - Wait A Minute (Freestyle)

“Wait, wait, wait a minute, wait a goddamn minute, wait, wait, wait a minute, wait one fucking minute, I'm looking at your year end list, you're choosing rappers you're friends with, who be rapping what their friends did, toolie ratchets and extensions, wait, wait, wait a minute, we done already heard their best shit, we already got the message, they on a lean, molly, percocet trip, think I found what real success is, running around here since ‘The Message’” Royce got bars for you mumble rappers 💪💪💪 🔥🔥🔥 👀👀👀


N.O.R.E. ft Young Reallie & City Boy Dee - Issues

“You see they hate to see us winning so I know they got some issues… issues, issues, issues, issues” DRINK CHAMPS MAKE SOME NOISE GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!! I’m supporting everything N.O.R.E. does from this point forward off the strength of Drink Champs alone.


August Alsina - Drugs

“Cause I can’t get enough… of your drugs…” Alsina’s voice is on point on this and is really the only redeemable quality here… which says a lot about his talent and in comparison his need for better songwriters… but let me chill cause Downtown: Life Under The Gun is still a classic and Testimony & This Thing Called Life both have more than a few good records - although the latter was definitely his least memorable of the three.


Wale ft Phil Ade - Smile

“On behalf of Charlamagne I'm sure he ain't trading sides, maybe I should meet Tomi Lahren, I'll Lauryn Hill her, train her; she miseducated anyway, prolly hate the color of my face, I'm just a young black rapping ass African, ain't never wanted to have it and now he has it his own way” this record is cool but I hope it’s not a single… this is not deserving of being a single and the hook is not good… but the raps are cool and shoutout Phil Ade


Trina ft Tory Lanez - Damn

“Ass on ‘What the fuck you got up in them jeans, girl?’ Goddamn, how the fuck it's bustin' out the seams, girl? Jumpin' up and down just to fit it in your jeans, girl, I see what you lookin' at when you be in the mirror, shawty” not mad at this at all, or the cover art that it comes with 👀👀👀


Lupe Fiasco - Pick Up The Phone

“Now every ring's a sting and everything I taught ya, is coming back around to me, just like revolvers, and every single click is just hammering it home, who knew Russian roulette involved answering the phone?” The first single off Lupe Fiasco’s upcoming album DROGAS Light was actually released last summer, but it’s now been officially released as an iTunes preorder - and although the hook is another cringeworthy pop radio ploy - the lyrics are nothin but flames “We were like, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it really make a sound? That's romantic and profound, but now, we're like lumberjacks holding the axes that brung it down” smh 🔥🔥🔥


Tory Lanez - Set It Off x Better

“I still wanna fuck you, you know what I do, shawty, I'm out with the crew, shawty, you know how I move, shawty, I've been with the thugs too, on that avenue, shawty, sellin' on the avenue, you know what I had to do, I'm not 'bout to act with you, you know how I had to move, grimey with the shooters, shawty, that's just how I had to move” 😴😴😴 as far as the content - from Tory Lanez that is - but 🔥🔥🔥 for the overall sound of the track produced by Smash David & Retro 1


Tory Lanez ft Rick Ross - Super Freak

“And I got two bitches on me freaky, you can't bring her home to mama, she too freaky” Released last September this is one of the better records off The New Toronto 2 - a tape that definitely picks up once you get to the second half.


Tory Lanez - Differences

“Make my life complete, you are so sweet, no one competes, glad you came into my life, you blind me with your love, with you I have no sight” Producers Coop Chardonnay & Play Picasso do a real nice job flipping the Ginuwine classic on Tory Lanez Chixtape 4 - one of two projects that Lanez put out on January 1st.


Tory Lanez ft Nyce - What’s Luv

“What's love, got to do, got to do with it, babe” Lanez remixes another throwback off Chixtape 4, this time from Fat Joe, Ashanti & Ja Rule…


Tory Lanez - Need A Girl

“This is what I need...pretty, sexy woman next to me…” On this remix Lanez and company do a nice job with the Diddy classic… once again with solid production from Coop Chardonnay & Play Picasso

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