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DC4 (8/10)

“Jeezy just outsold Meek Mill in his first week” Uncle Murda just proclaimed on the 2016 Rap Up, and even though that’s an arguable mixtape vs album debate (semantics - it’s all original music and DC4 was put out for sale under Atlantic), the numbers don’t lie - as Jeezy was reported to have sold approximately 30,000 more units than Meek this time around - yet when taking a glance at all the other headlines than that’s probably the least of his concerns.

Though nevermind his split with Nicki Minaj and his infamous defeat to Drake (the latter of which he should always be thanked for, considering what he ultimately exposed no matter if he sabotaged himself in the process), Meek Mill’s artistry had recently been called into question by the Philly legend Beanie Sigel (“you don’t have a ‘Feeling It’ or ‘What Your Life Like’") leaving both mainstream and underground Hip Hop fans in doubt on whether or not the MMG Dreamchaser had the ability to rewrite the narratives.

Thus comes in many ways the most important release of his career, DC4 is critiqued track by track below


On The Regular

“Sell a lot of dope, dodge a lot of cases, stickin to the basics, rock a lot of chains, do a lot of things, bottles by the cases, stickin' to the basics” Always known for his high-tempo intros (full disclosure: The Dreams & Nightmares intro was a lil over rated, just a lil), yet this one definitely delivers in the same way with production from Rara & MP 808, and it’s definitely the vibe I was expecting and more.


Blessed Up

“I got God watchin' over me from courtside, ballin like I'm Jordan cause I'm blessed up, and ***** want me gone but I'm still alive, wake up every morning feelin blessed up” produced by Tarik Azzouz & Streetrunner this is a solid album cut… not mad at this...


Litty ft Tory Lanez

“Litty again, litty again, I got it, we litty again, litty again, litty again, I got it, we did it, we litty again” This is definitely the record with the most internet buzz off DC4, and back on earth it’s definitely a decent record that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be... I’m sure this rings off in the clubs thanks to the solid production from Sound M.O.B. as well at the storyline that revolves around both artists dislike for Drake…



“I'd rather kill 'em all with success and give 'em knowledge, then throw it all away for a sucker cause we the hottest” produced by Tarik Azzouz & Streetrunner this is a fire instrumental yet a rather typical record from Meek (a sentiment that can be expressed far too often) that per usual is both borderline flameworthy and generic. A decent cut regardless tho.


Froze ft Lil Uzi Vert & Nicki Minaj

“I get it now, these ***** mad that she chose the kid, hey, I'm ball in NY, Derrick Rose this shit, hey, I roll around town in a Rolls and shit, I got that bag and we movin' that snow like it's Christmas and Santa, got hoes and shit” A lot goin on in this record... first you have the Philly connection with Meek and Uzi Vert in their first collaboration (not excited) followed by another collab from the superstar girlfriend who just left him (even less excited)… and I’m sleep… this is trash... SKIP!


The Difference ft Desiigner & Quavo

“In the trenches, gettin back at it, with the haters and the backstabbers, head huntin for a wack rapper, head huntin for a wack rapper” Meek trades verses with ⅓ of Migos and lets Desiigner handle the adlibs, and if you’re a 90’s baby you’ll probably love this and as a 80’s baby I must admit this one is kinda alright 👌


Lights Out ft Don Q

“***** do it for the Internet, we ain't really really into that”.... smh... that’s a lie... otherwise the verses from Meek are decent but this is album filler and you can skip this


Blue Notes

“This is my blues... cause I'm back down on my own again” The production by Dolla Bill Kidz and the sample of Snowy Whites 'Midnight Blues' is what makes the record, while otherwise Meek Mill does what he always does… for better or for worse… yet this time it works.


Offended ft Young Thug & 21 Savage

“I just might go 'head and mix me a Sprite with some lean like it's chemistry, goddamn, I had four hoes at one time, they was drilling me” Young Thug’s flows are cool and 21 Savage is still flexin on his ex but this is decent at best and nothing more.


You Know ft YFN Lucci

“Spend a couple hours on your makeup, twenty minutes, I done made that to a mess, and you know like I know, I was your side *****, you was my side hoe” A solid side-chick anthem from start to finish… I like this record…


Way Up ft Tracy T

“Bahgdad on that pussy, bombin' shit, bad bad with that chopper, Osama shit, rockin Givenchy shit, trap at the clear port, *****, we flyin' shit, I'm so way up, way up, way up, way up” this is a cool album cut that’s debatable album filler thanks to a very forgettable verse from MMG’s Tracy T


Two Wrongs ft Guordan Banks & Pusha T

“And it hurt me my ***** to see my day ones acting thirsty 'bout bitches or money, I cut off 'bout thirty of my *****, had thoughts about murking my *****, cause it be the closest of ***** that change on you quick and know most of your business, I put this on Snupe ya the ghost of my *****” Meek actually outraps Pusha on this record and that’s not easy to do, otherwise the production and hook is solid and there’s nothing not to like here - one of the best records on the project.


Tony Story 3

“And then they feel some time of way he disrespectin' the block, but Paulie don't give a fuck, you disrespect him, you shot, live by the chopper law and respect of the Glock” Part 3 of the Tony Story series, like the others this one is descriptive storytelling that showcases some of Meek’s better qualities (moreso than the audemar/wraith raps), where even tho it’s probably less memorable than other records of the same cloth (Juelz Santana’s 'Lil Boy Fresh' for example - classic), it’s still one of the better records off the tape.


Outro ft Lil Snupe & French Montana

“***** want to kill me cause a ***** coming up, want to kill 'em but that shit my really fuck my money up, focus on my grind gotta get the stacks, tryna leave the streets alone but they steady calling back, you ever seen death around the corner, chilling on the block and pussy ***** run up on ya, busting shells at you and they hotter than a sauna, it be hard to think straight when its a lot of ***** want ya” RIP Lil Snupe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 this outro samples Meek’s infamous intro from Dreams and Nightmares and it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 good closure to a solid tape.


Overall DC4 is cool but it’s nothing that elevates Meek’s career at all, at a time when Meek can really use a game changer that can reverse all the headlines that have portrayed him in the negative. Nevermind TMZ and MTV and the mainstream media however, Meek still has a lot more to prove to Hip Hop in general, as in reality he’s still a young MC that should be in the prime of his career. With that being said while DC4 isn’t a game changer by any means, it still has solid records in ‘Litty,’ ‘Blue Notes,’ ‘Two Wrongs,’ and the ‘Outro’ to name a few, which should definitely hold fans over until he drops his 3rd ‘studio album’ sometime later this year.

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