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Tru EP (8.3/10)

Promoted as his first project in over 5 years, Lloyd’s fan were probably expecting more than 5 records (with one remix) after waiting all this time. The good news however is the 5 records are all flames 🔥🔥🔥 which I hope indicates that there’s more to come on the horizon - yet all the same this one will definitely hold fans over for now.

Below Tru EP is critiqued track by track below.



“This is me so please accept me for who I am, and please accept me for what I do, I'm just doing everything that I can, cause all I wanna be is true…” The title track, as well as the entirety of the Tru EP, is pure r&b and it’s flames - on this record he addresses transitioning from the Murder Inc period while making it clear he’s still one of the elite talents in the genre.


Heavenly Body ft Rick Ross

"Took you out the ghetto got you sleeping on the beach, love the hood but gotta keep you out these suckas reach” Ross lends Lloyd a smooth 10 bars and Lloyd does what Lloyd does best… not mad at this one…


Holding ft Lil Wayne

“Uh baby girl shotgun, holding down the shotgun, ain't worried bout the outcome, real bitch forever, I'm the only one she down for” A decent Wayne verse and similar to the Ross record… not mad at this at all...



“You can bounce back, roll on it, ride on it baby, the way I like, (Just the way I like it), tell me how low, can you go, on it when you grinding on me baby, I'm so excited (oh I'm so excited baby)...” A hit record… written by Lloyd himself this one is nothing less than a blockbuster / roller rink party smash and you can never tell me otherwise… this one is on repeat for the rest of 2017…


Tru (RMX) ft 2 Chainz

no such thing as cold feet, how can I speak? I didn't have heat for a whole week” 2 Chainz continues his streak of good features and that is officially his lane.


Overall this is a more than satisfying 5 track EP from the former Murda Inc chart topper, stepping up to the plate 5 times and hitting, 2 singles, 2 doubles, and a home run, and that’s definitely a solid batting average. In 2017 Lloyd will have to have more appearances if he wants to really compete for any renewed All Star status, yet in the meantime this is definitely something you need in your iTunes.

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