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January 15-22

Legacy Track of the Week: Prodigy - Broken Rappers

“He said he like the rappers when they broke, cause when they get that money, they lose touch with the folks, back up in the hood that made him famous from the getty-up, forgot about the ghettio, that's why you keep gettin' stuck, that's what the first joint is always sold out, and, now they can't give away albums, he only 14 but little shorty know his shit, he do his homework, I value your point of view kid” Prodigy is BACK and this definitely gives you that classic Infamous feel… produced by Beat Butcha this one was much needed


Prodigy - Snakes

We don't believe your books, we got our own connection, with the universal life force, they pass laws, but the law of the land is not maritime law, I'm talkin' etymology, see what I'm tryna say, we not really free, we just are new slaves, yeah, we still slaves, we still slaves, they took the chain off our wrists and put it on our brains” another one produced by Beat Butcha and if you’re cut from the golden era this is another one you need to hear.


Prodigy - Mafuckin U$A

“We live in living color, backstage at the Truman Show, everything not three dimensions, there's so much more to be seen, ppen up your third eye or you gon' miss everything” Produced by Budgie Beats this is another strong cut off Prodigy’s new The Hegelian Dialect (The Book of Revelation) album, which is heat from front to back.


Red Cafe ft Wiz Khalifa & French Montana - God Wanted Us To Be Lit

“DopeGod back off in the city, still keep a stick in case it get sticky, ahhhh girl you gone make me blow a bag, when I kill that thing I ain't gone wear a mask” Red Cafe is one of the most underrated MCs in the game and he’s overlooked for no good reason at all… we support Red Cafe…


Asiahn - Faded

“I had way too much to drink, these bottles keep flying, these hoes keep trying link, but my cup over-flowing, I’m trying not to think about you” who is Asiahn aka Asia Bryant… idk but here’s her Twitter with all her information... she's lit


Asiahn- Role Play

“Cause it’s one of all the crazy things we do, we experiment to keep the fire burning, wanna try something new” see above


Wale ft Lil Wayne - Running Back

“Bitches want money stacks, I just want my percent, she told me to hit the hole, I used to play running back” good record but produced by Karen Civil? Yea i doubt it...


Big Sean - Halfway Off The Balcony

“I'm the livin' proof that you don't need a master's just to be a masterpiece, people passin' faster than I'm passin' weed, my daddy tell me, "stay strong, son and be the man you have to be, holdin' ship down, don't crash at sea" a decent cut off Big Sean’s upcoming I Decided lp

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