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January 22-29

Legacy Track of the Week: Joey Bada$$ - Land of the Free

“Sometimes I speak and I feel like it ain't my words, like I'm just a vessel channeling inside this universe, I feel my ancestors arrested inside of me, it's like they want me to shoot my chance and change society” A political record from Joey Bada$$ that touches on it all, and this is easily my favorite record from the Brooklyn MC thus far, whereas I'm certainly looking forward to his upcoming AABA album that will hopefully be his official breakthrough into mainstream relevance. This record is monumental and much needed in every single way - Joey Bada$$ looks ready to make a significant impact in 2017.


BBD - All Dat There

"What you gonna do with all that there... all that there..." The smoothest cut off BBD’s new album Three Stripes, released the same week as the New Edition Story biopic on BET, this record is just one more example as to why Roxbury is home to the greatest R&B group of all time. On this record Ricky flexes and Mike and Ron do what they do best, yet more importantly we’re all just hoping that there will be soon be a New Edition Tour coming to a city near you


Rick Ross ft Ty Dolla $ign - I Think She Like Me

“Santorini, Greece, sex in the swimmin' pool, if her pussy dry, call her Beetle Juice, I'm baby makin' in the Malvides, put up all the yachts, pulled out the jet skis, Khaled hit me on the FaceTime [It's Billy!], I'm the flyest **** on his baseline, she see the sneakers and she see the stones, fat boy run the city, seated in the throne, I'm cashin' in like the Kardashians, my paralyzed homie snuck a ratchet in” Not particularly the best lyrics from Ross but he coasts per usual on tremendous production that heavily samples the Stylistics ‘People Make The World Go Round’ - yet at the moment the producer of this record happens to be unknown.


Faith Evans & The Notorious BIG ft Jadakiss - NYC

"Remember me and you smoking in the Lexus Jeep, you schooling me on how to bless these streets" The widow of the late great Notorious B.I.G. is scheduled to release a posthumous duet album with her late husband and the father of her children (now likely both into their 20s) entitled The King & I… and disregarding split feelings on behalf of all posthumous albums… I’m officially ready for this… especially if it’s done right like this particular record, where BIG’s verses are lifted from an unreleased freestyle known as ‘Mumbling & Whispering, combined with two brand new 8 bar verses from Jada… reminiscent of the Biggie Duets album that unexpectedly had a lot of redeeming qualities.


BBD ft Boyz II Men - One More Try

“Are you willing, to give it one more try…” Mike Bivins recruits his superstar proteges Boyz II Men for this smooth uptempo jam that’s right on time. It’s nice to hear Ricky trade verses with the likes of Nathan, Shawn, & Wanya and this is definitely a nice surprise for 2017 that nobody was expecting.


BBD ft SWV - Finally

“When you finally get it right, finally get it right…” In what seems to be their first ever collaboration, BBD teams up with SWV for another smooth heater similar to their record with Boys II Men above.


BBD - I’m Better

“You don't gots to cry no more, baby, you don't gots to hurt no more…” The second single off the 3 Stripes album was released this week, which is coincidentally the same title as Missy Elliott's comeback record as well, nonetheless this is a nice uptempo record with BBD’s signature sound.


BBD - Run

“Every time I buy you things, you play the game, you run-run-run and you run-run” The first single off three stripes was released last September and just like BBD told us before, the music is ‘Mentally Hip Hop, Smoothed Out On The R&B Tip, With A Pop Feel Appeal To It’ and 30+ years in the game there still giving us that good music to vibe to.


Kehlani - Piece of Mind

“Said I'm tryna break off a piece of mind, a piece of mind that I can't get right” One of the more enjoyable records off the SweetSexySavage album that aslo showcases the CRZY record that dominated the radio last summer.


Alicia Keys - That’s What’s Up

“Ladies and Gentleman allow me my testimony, I'm so blessed, I'm so blessed” A new record from Alicia Keys who following her Here album is definitely as active as any R&B artist in the business.


Royce Da 5’9’’ - Beat Keep Callin (Freestyle)

“I spark fours, that'll arch floors, that'll have whoever acting hardcore, doing parkour, I'ma dog Porter, brought the dog for, recording harsh thoughts for the art form, taking me to your leader is like showing Chuck Norris where the glass door is” Royce floats over two more popular instrumentals heard on your radio, this time Metro Boomin’s ‘Bad & Boujee’ followed by Ben Billions ‘Lockjaw.’


Jacquees - Get Loose

“Uh, so get loose, let me see you drop it low, lemme see you get loose…” Cash Money artist Jacquees can apparently really sing, and on this one he showcases his range with production by Nash B that definitely fits his style well.


Jacquees - 10-4

“You been running your mouth, talking 'bout how it goes down, well baby that's a 10-4 (10-4, 10-4)” One of the more enjoyable records off Since You Playin’


Jacquees - My Bizness

“Girl you're my bizness, oh yeah, yeah yeah, that's why I'm hitting it, (yeah that's why)” one of the strongest cuts off Since You Playin’


Jacquees ft Quavo & Ty Dolla $ign - B.E.D. Pt 2

“I know you wanna love, but I just wanna fuck, and girl you know the deal, I gotta keep it real, I know you wanna see, I know you wanna be, in my B.E.D, grinding slowly” On this one they recreate Avant’s classic 'Read Your Mind', and they do it well.


Migos ft DJ Khaled - Culture

“CULTURE?, how the fuck you fuckboys ain't gon' act ;ike Migos ain't reppin' the culture? they rep the culture from the streets, fuckboy, bow down” 😂😂😂 DJ Khaled speaking on behalf of Migos is hilarious for some reason - the title track of the Culture album is decent at best.


Migos - Get Right Witcha

“Hold up, get right witcha (I'ma get right witcha) bad bitches, fuck 'em then dismiss 'em (bad, woo) I ain't really here to take no pictures (flash) middle finger up, fuck the system (fuck 'em)” Produced by Murda this one is one of the smoothest records off the Culture album.


Migos - Big On Big

“If I pull out a dub, you pull out a ten, how you gon' big on big? If your bitch is a five, my bitch is a ten, how you gon' big on big?” Produced by Zaytoven this one will definitely be a fan favorite for it’s flow and repetition - this one might even have anthem potential.


Migos - Out Yo Way

“You go out your way and break rules, you go out your way, so out your way, you're going out your way, you can't lose, vacate, trips to Cancun, spaceship trips to the moon, never likes to tell the truth, head full of hair, but the cat well groomed, plan a trip to Peru, charter jet, me and you, you going out your way, way out your way, so I had to do this for you, jackpot, hit the right spot, so she had to get a tattoo” The outro and best record off the album is one that has a real message in it - and I really hope they get praise for this record and continue to evolve to a point where they really contribute to the culture… because this is their best record to date.

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