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Jan 29 - Feb 5

Legacy Track of the Week: Syd - Body

“Baby we can take it slow, say my name, don't let go, I can hear your body when I, pull your hair, what’s my name, girl I swear, I can hear your body babe” The ninth track off the debut album from Syd aka Syd tha Kyd and the lead singer from the critically acclaimed neo soul band The Internet (which is indisputably the best creation to come out of Odd Future), is pure R&B soul in every way… it’s the perfect record produced by MeLo-X, reminiscent of the classic sounds of a genre that’s lost its way.


Syd - Smile More

“Tell you what I'm grinding for, just to see you smile more, lately I spend all my time, tryna keep you satisfied” Written and produced by Syd this one is incredibly smooth and mellow and is one of the best tracks off Fin, her debut solo album off Columbia, in which case they have a star in the making.


Syd - Got Her Own

“I heard she got her own, heard she drive a Beemer and she got it on her own, heard she was a dreamer but she sleeping all alone, I just wanna meet her 'cause I just wanna know” Produced by Hazebanga & Isiah Salazar this one is another infectious tune off Fin, one of the first stand out projects of the new year.


Sampha - (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano

“No one knows me like the piano in my mother's home, you would show me I had something some people call a soul, and you dropped out the sky, oh you arrived when I was three years old, no one knows me like the piano in my mother's home” For those who may not know, Sampha is a British singer, songwriter, and producer who has previously collaborated with Drake, Kanye West, and Solange to name a few, and now more recently has released his debut album entitled Process to much critical acclaim. This standout record produced by Rodaidh McDonald and Sampha himself is dedicated to his mother, who he cared for in his childhood home once she was diagnosed with cancer. For that reason this track is incredibly moving and the lyrics and melody are profound in every way imaginable… a perfect tribute within a perfect song.


Sampha - Take Me Inside

“Does he still make your blood rush? these days I'm just not sure how to feel, does he still make you run wild? silence, and your lips were sealed, as if you didn't care, and your love was gone, her love was lost, calm before the storm…” Produced again by the duo of Rodaidh McDonald and Sampha, this is another standout record on Process which is distributed by the record label Young Turks, not to be confused by the online news network that apparently is no affiliation.


Sampha - Reverse Faults

“Took the brake pads out the car, and I flew, smashed this window in my heart and I blamed you, this anger's taking me apart, explosive truths, except this time I went too far and I hurt you” Another solid record off Process co-produced by Rodaidh McDonald, who apparently co-produced a majority of the album


Sampha - Incomplete Kisses

“Those incomplete kisses, were weighing you down with every step, in this house we're sinking, but we're too far numb to really care” Another strong cut off Process in which the lyrics read just as well off the page as the music itself, making Sampha a true artist in more ways than one.


Big Sean - Jump Out The Window

“I think I’m ready to jump out the window...” Produced by famed producer Key Wane this is one of the best records off the I Decided LP, where Big Sean coasts on this even with the Mario Kart/Princess lyrics... that are effective in meaning albeit lackluster delivery


Big Sean ft The Dream - Sunday Morning Jetpack

“This the feeling know that I've been missing some days, this feel like I'm headed to paradise one way, this feel like the family dinners that we used to have on Sunday, with Grandma in the kitchen making rum cake, or this spread she used to do for Thanksgiving, man, this feels like the first time I heard Killa Cam…” A stand out record off the new album, with a decent bridge provided by The Dream over production from Amaire Johnson, this one is definitely good for the vibe...


Big Sean - Inspire Me

“You tried to keep me away from temptation, introduced me to The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and Isley Brothers, dancing so hard the living room shaking, yeah we dance in the house, my mama's the man of the house, Mama you too good for them men, even dad, you too good for him” Another solid record off I Decided in which Sean raps about his mother and his strong family dynamic, significant content even if it’s somewhat repetitive at this point.


Big Sean ft Flint Chozen Choir & Starrah) - Bigger Than Me

“The hood is America's lost and found, where ***** get lost and never found” The last record is one of the more memorable cuts off the new album, with introspective lyrics amplified by the church choir (no matter how many times this has been done before - still fire), and an outro that puts it all in perspective. Far from earth shattering but nicely done.


Jeremih ft Chris Brown & Big Sean - I Think of You

“I gave you the best that you ever had, gave you one dose and got you addicted, I could own that, all night and all day, say you on my plate, girl, you so delicious” “Produced by Yung Berg” (pardon the skepticism but production credits are getting shadier by the year) this one is a fun uptempo record that is sure to get all kinds of spins thanks to all the parties involved.


DJ E-Feezy ft K Michelle, Rick Ross, Fabolous - Got Me Crazy (No Better Love)

“Rolled through the MIA with go-gettas, money talks ***** need Rossetta, cause ya’ll don’t speak it like us…” Loso and Rozay coast on this remake of Young Gunz underrated classic ‘No Better Love,’ which honestly comes across rather rushed and should have stayed on the drawing board… this one has potential but the sample/hook should be revamped before it hits the radio, until then this is a missed opportunity.


Mariah Carey ft YG - I Don’t

“Cause when you love someone, you just don't treat them bad…” Fresh off her major meltdown on New Years Eve, MC is back with YG in a remake of the Donnell Jones classic ‘Where I Wanna Be,’ and this is cool but nowhere near as fire as the original.


Juelz Santana - One of Those Days

“Ayo forreal black, they say ‘Juelz do you still rap?’ ‘I say ‘if you put coke, soda, and water in the pot does it still crack?, he say yea, i say ‘yea, well I’m still that’” Juelz lowkey snaps on this record which is the best I’ve heard from his new releases. We need more where this came from.


Juelz Santana ft Don Q - Ol Thang Back Part 2

“Santana bandana back on tilt, too much sauce might slip on all the swag I spilt” this makes two records in a row where Juelz is snappin on instrumentals… it might be time to make this comeback official…


August Alsina - Lonely

“When I call your phone tonight, I better not have to call twice, girl, 'cause you be playing games I don't like, that's the type of shit I don't like, girl” This one with the Bobby Womack sample is smooth and the best release off the upcoming Drugs album thus far…

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