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February 5 - 12

Legacy Track of the Week: DJ Khaled ft Beyonce & Jay Z - Shining

“One ain't enough, I need two, that night I mix the Ace with the D'US', hit a triple-double in the Garden, I done my left wrist like I'm Harden (swish)” At midnight right after The Grammys (where the performances are always good and the awards subsequently mean nothing) the greatest promoter on earth capitalized on the moment with help from the biggest stars in show business, and all parties involved definitely delivered. Jay & Beyonce both float on this record with fire production from Danja - and this one will probably take us through the summer


Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft The Dream & Vindata - Heart Break

“Now I can't prove my love, Heartbreak 101…” The Dream laces a nice hook for Terror Squad’s finest, who are continuing their furious comeback by releasing a compilation album titled Plata O Plomo that drops on Friday


Lupe Fiasco ft Ty Dolla $ign - Ngl

“If they legalize that whole thing, they doin' weed, next cocaine, ***** ain't gon' have no jobs, and Wall Street gon run the dope game, what a ***** gon do?.... Huh? … you ***** gon' lose” Produced by S-X Lupe annihilates this record completely… the best record off DROGAS light and one that deserves a lot of attention.


CyHi the Prynce - Legend

“Its 8'o clock my partner just sprayed the block, now he got the whole neighborhood hot, thanks a lot, I'm with a Heather B and Tracy G, tryna Sway the cop, I laid the plot, told him he was next door at Jason's spot, that's the send off *****, we was bad like Mike Jack with the shinguards *****” CyHi snaps on the first single off his long anticipated debut album titled No Dope On Sundays, which will no longer be through GOOD Music correct? Idk and really care as long as it’s good music all the same.


Jidenna - Bambi

“Oh Bambi I won't lie… if I weren't in this spiderweb of mine. if grandfather never had seven wives. then darling you would be love of my life… oh Bambi it's my design, to run the jungle I must be a lion, or be a cheetah but neither is fine, don't wanna hurt my dear love of my life...” Jidenna aka the Classic Man is set to release his debut album entitled The Chief this Friday, and thus far I definitely like what I hear. Jidenna has a lot of nuance to his style and I’m definitely tuned in.


Smoke DZA - Untitled

“***** dragging their feet, they ain't half as elite as the god, don't believe everything you see on blogs, ***** hate, they be on drugs” DZA….


Rick Ross - Summer 17

“I got a lick boy, I got a lick, 2017 trust me boy, this one is it, I used to smoke the weed until my fingers burn, pool of bitches fucking me, I got em' taking turns” Typical Ross as it’s just what you would expect nothing more nothing less… this one is set to be released off his upcoming Rather You Than Me album, due to hit the streets before the summer with time to spare.


SiR ft Anderson Paak & King Mez - New LA

“Well tonight she got her eyes on me… she know I like what I see” TDE’s newest member just dropped some heat in a 6 track EP titled Her Too, and this one with Anderson Paak is one of the standout records on the project. Based out of Inglewood, California SiR seems to be a perfect fit for TDE, and I look forward to a lot more music and collaborations in the near future.


SiR - The Canvas

“I'm just here to add a little color to the canvas, baby red is for the heart (aye), I'm just here to add a little color to the canvas, your eyes a crazy shade of blue (aye), I'm just here to add a little color to the canvas, can't ever make another you (aye), I'm just here to add a little color to the canvas” Produced by D.K. The Punisher this hook is super fire


Lupe Fiasco ft Rick Ross & Big K.R.I.T. - Tranquillo

“I will pursue felicity, find value in simplicity, altruism and empathy will be the first thing extended to my enemy, clarity will be the trademark of my friendships, just invest in my business and appreciative of the rarity of my existence” tough record that had been anticipated for a long time


Lupe Fiasco ft Rxmn & Salim - More Than My Heart

“When you got popped up and you got locked up, and the block shot up and your girl knocked up, and your kids be like, ‘Who gonna watch us?’ your mama, they nana” Produced by Soundtrakk the outro of DROGAS light is one of the best records on the album… this one is dedicated to Lupe’s mother and is good Hip Hop in every way.


Jacquees & Dej Loaf - You Belong to Somebody Else

“I know you really, really want it, but you belong to somebody else…” The best record off Fuck a Friend Zone, a collaborative mixtape from Cash Money’s Jacquees and… Dej Loaf? Yea idk the story behind this and I’m not really interested, although this particular record is definitely one that stands out amongst the rest. Jacquees in particular definitely has a smooth sound and is someone to watch for in the near future.


The Dream - Code Blue

“The closer I get to you, the more I feel like crying, the further I get from you, the more I feel like dying” Produced by long time collaborator C. “Tricky” Stewart this is a solid record from The Dream off the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, which predecessor spawned one of Weeknd’s most successful records in similar fashion.

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